Friday, June 17, 2016

A Jumble of Confusion

Today was weird and frustrating.  First, we were running out of cash and all these things kept happening to cause us to have to give up our cash including one item never making it to the conveyor belt after we purchased our groceries, and getting hit up by a pan handler in the parking lot who was carrying a baby and had three tiny kids.

Then we got home to find a jury summons for our daughter who is out of the country.  She will basically return from her trip all jet lagged from being in different time zones, get very little sleep, and then have to turn around and head straight to court within a few hours of returning to the states.  That sucks.  If she were actually out of the country at the time she needed to appear, she'd have an excuse, but needing to rest after a long trip is not a valid excuse.  Hopefully, the case will get settled and her presence won't be needed.

Then this spam catcher program that I installed on my new phone missed labeling a bunch of spam calls, but did label a legitimate call from my doctor's office as being spam.  Fortunately, I caught it.  I had to call a number to listen to a recorded message about the results of my x-rays.  The lady who recorded the message had a thick accent, so I had to replay the message about ten times.  She spoke so fast and did not enunciate, so I had to fill in the blanks on several phrases she used, but basically, my body is all messed up.  She rattled off a list of problems found on the x-rays.

They x-rayed my right knee, right hip, and lower spine.  I was going to tell the P.A. that an x-ray of the knee was not necessary, but apparently it was.  I have joint degeneration and fluid around the knee, and the same thing in several joints in my spine.  I was rather baffled by this, because it is mainly my hip that hurts.  It sounded like she said that the x-ray revealed an intact hip replacement, and I've never had a hip replacement!  I realized that they probably got my x-rays mixed up with someone else's, assuming that I heard her right.

Once again I am left asking, "What's the point?"

Seriously, why do I even bother getting health care when it is this bad?  Now I have a choice of calling them on Monday and informing them that someone screwed up, or I can just wait until my appointment next month to talk to my P.A., who speaks clearly without an accent.  I'm rather frustrated, though, because I really would like some resolution to this problem.  If we happen to have a nice day where I can ride a horse, I want to know that I can ride without having to worry about not being able to dismount, or worse, having to dismount in an emergency and not being able to walk home.


Cut-N-Jump said...

I would say that healthcare there just sucks, but the clinic I used to go to was run pretty well. Of course the majority of the Dr.'s retired and the younger ones branched out to the own practices and Sonora was one of the worst for any lab work..... try your local Walgreens clinic. You're in and out pretty quick and now besides the pharmacy being right there, many of them have labs next to them too. Haven't had the need for a doctor here so I have nothing to compare.

Cheryl Ann said...

I'm not sure about Arizona, but here in California, you can get a 6 week postphonement for jury duty online or you can call. I did that this year because they wanted me to come in during testing...NO WAY! Anyway, maybe you could check on that for your daughter...