Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Crazy Storm

Last night we had a crazy storm.  I don't think the meteorologists predicted it, and when I turned on the TV, they didn't have accurate information.  All the reports said that the wind speed was around 7 mph with a few gusts here and there.  However, I thought my house was going to be blown down.  The doors and windows were shaking and patio furniture was flying everywhere.  I checked the radar and saw that we had a red and yellow cell right over us.  I closed all the blinds and turned up the TV hoping that Midge wouldn't hear the storm with her mostly deaf ears.  No such luck.

After the microbursts of wind, the sky opened up and dumped on us.  The raindrops were so big and coming in so fast at an angle that Midge heard them hitting the windows, and she went into panic mode.  I gave her a sedative and locked her in the kennel.  Lighting was flashing all around the house every few seconds, and at times the thunder just kept on rambling and would not stop.  I couldn't take the dogs out to do their business, nor could I let the horses out of their stalls, because everyone would be at risk of getting hit by lightning.  I figured that when the horses began kicking their water troughs, the neighbors would just think it is more thunder.

It seems awfully early to be getting monsoon storms, but I guess the season starts on June 15th.  I went back in my blog to see if we got these types of storms in June last year, and we did.  That was the time of year when our flimsy Rubbermaid shed, dog kennel, and plastic tool rack kept getting blown apart.  I read about how my neighbor had me running in circles to make repairs on her property every time there was storm damage, and I'm so glad that I washed my hands of that job.  Fixing everything that broke over there after each storm amounted to a lot of fruitless efforts, because my repairs were only temporary until the next storm hit.

The last two summers we had were unbearable, but people who lived in this area longer than I have told me that the summers didn't used to get that hot.  I've been hoping those last two summers were a fluke, and we'll go back to a normal Arizona summer.  So far, the heat hasn't been too bad, and we are almost all the way through June.  We did have some record breaking days as far as the temperature goes this summer, but those days were dry.  Now that the humidity has rolled in, it feels a lot hotter than it is.  The newscasters claim that everyone looks forward to monsoon season because the moisture and cloud cover cools everything down.  That may be true from a scientific standpoint, but I find that the humidity makes everything feel hotter, and it causes me to sweat, which means having to change my clothes several times a day and keep tissues in my pocket to wipe my forehead before the sweat drips into my eyes and burns them.

I found a post from last summer in which I was struggling to find a detangler for my hair because I couldn't get a comb through it.  I never really found a decent product.  I tried mousse, gels, creams, and sprays, but nothing worked, so I started borrowing the horses' detangler products.  In the end, what really helped was cutting off most of my hair.

Anyway, last weekend my husband stopped to get his hair cut while I perused the products that the salon had on display.  I found a couple of detangler products, but didn't know if they would work, so I asked my husband's stylist which product she would recommend.  She made a beeline for olive oil spray.  I shook my head.  "No spray."

She didn't understand why I wouldn't deal with sprays, so I'm guessing she's new to the area.  Spraying hair products on your hair in the summer months is useless, because the spray dissipates before it even reaches your hair, and if you do hold it close enough to get some on your hair, it dissipates off your head before you can pick up a comb.  I also refused to use olive oil, because it attracts bees.

So, another stylist stepped in and recommended cream that I can rub into my hair, and I bought it because coconut oil was its main ingredient, which I know does work well as a detangler and isn't as pungent as other scents.  The tube was so small, that I was going to buy two, but then I saw the price.  Ummm, that stuff was more expensive than horse care products.  So far, it's been helping me get a comb through my hair, but it does leave some residue that makes it difficult to get a comb through later on once it dries.

Since I can't ride the horses much over the summer, I try to write a new novel during that time.  However, all that sitting around comes back to bite me when we do get a few cooler days and I want to ride a horse.  On those days I find that I lost all my strength and coordination while I was in hibernation, so I'm making an effort to exercise every day, which I now can do thanks to my PA putting me on anti-inflammatory medication.  I just have to stick to using our indoor gym equipment, because it's not safe to be hiking and mountain biking in the heat.

I was thinking of putting together a little, humorous list called "Only in Arizona..."

Here's the first one, which I thought up yesterday afternoon before the storm:

Only in Arizona can a dust devil deposit a decapitated bird on my doorstep.

Yes, that actually happened.


Cut-N-Jump said...

On the detangler, here's an easy one for you. Just wash your hair as normal and while its wet with the conditioner in it- pick it out with your fingers. Mostly just run your fingers through it as if they were a brush. Rinse as usual and then put a small amount of conditioner in as a leave in... you can also skip the part about rinsing and just do the small amount as a leave in conditioner.

If more is needed later you can dilute it in a spray bottle and spray it on. You don't have to soak your hair, just dampen it is fine. Let it sit for a minute or two and pick thru with your fingers. I learned this with the horses and I have used it to this day on them, myself and the kids. No need to buy anything else, its just the same conditioner you already use...

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

CNJ - I actually used a similar technique with conditioners for many years, but now that I'm approaching menopause, my hair has changed and has different needs. It's very dry and brittle and kinky and hard to dye. Just running my fingers through it causes chunks to come out. I can no longer shampoo it every day, because it dries out and breaks, so I just condition it, but the conditioners leave a residue that makes my hair sticky and tangled, and thus the need for detangler. You'll probably see for yourself in a few years.

Linda said...

Ewww, not sure I'd like Arizona. LOL. If you find a good detangler, let me know. I've tried to find a good leave in cream for my natural curly hair that does not leave it stiff as a board, but I haven't been able to find one of those either.

Mrs Shoes said...

I hear you on the humidity Nuz - we live in the province called 'land of a thousand lakes' between Lake Winnipeg & Lake Manitoba - those are just the big ones - there are literally hundreds of smaller lakes all around. When the radio guy announces "85%" humidex I die a little inside.
It's also called "the windy province'... which is what the GD license plates should say, but that's another rant...
It is also the hottest place I have ever lived, frequently hitting well into the 90's over the summer; coming from a temperate province I just call it "HELL".
Thunderstorms, lightening strikes, yearly flooding, enormous hailstones & TORNADOS too!
Jebus Cripes - if I'd known all this shit before I agreed, there wouldn't have been a thing that Mr could have said to convince me!

I've used Mane & Tail on my own hair & liked it fine. You can buy coconut oil even in grocery stores here, which is good for your skin too. But my daughter (who would probably sooner harikari than she would use Mane & Tail herself!) swears by something called Morrocan Argan Oil, which you can read about here:

Yesterday there was a magpie on the path to the shop - he was mostly plucked, & he looked kinda wet, but no one claimed him. 2 cats 2 dogs & 0 creatures seemed to notice the dead bird. Odd. One less dang magpie then. I picked him up & chucked him the the garbage can.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Regarding horse hair detanglers, I swear by Absorbine ShowSheen most of the year, but need something that doesn't evaporate right away in the summer, so I bought some Cowboy Magic since it is much thicker and heavier on the gel.

Cut-N-Jump said...

From all of my years in the show barns, yes Show Sheen and the similar concentrate Laser Sheen do work as detanglers, however they were used sparingly because they will DRY out the hair.

What was used for day-to-day was regular conditioner in a spray bottle with water and they added in baby oil which is for the most part, scented mineral oil. It's a tough call to say if the baby oil did anything or not, but it did give dirt and dust something to cling to if nothing else.

The conditioner as a detangler has worked for me and yes, my hair has changed over the years too. It comes out seemingly in clumps sometimes and went from relatively straight to now I have ringlets in the back if I leave it to its own devices. Still I pick it out with my fingers as this is less damaging than brushes or combs.

The hair condition is absolutely a health and hormonal thing. If it is now dry and brittle, there is certainly something lacking in the diet or an imbalance somewhere in your system. In horses we would look at any dietary changes, workload changes and what else may be causing it. We also brush them to bring out the natural oils in their skin and coat to give them that healthy shine. When things upset their system, the coat is the first thing to 'go' being dull and not looking so great

Cheryl Ann said...

We've had monsoonal moisture here in the Coachella Valley now for 3 days. I caught a microburst yesterday morning while driving from Palm Desert to Indio. There was lightning and thunder. Our 3 year old granddaughter heard the thunder and told me ALL about it! Cells were moving through the valley all day and Joshua Tree got a good soaking. More of the same for today, too, then things should clear up. Yup...this moisture is moving in from your area!
~Cheryl Ann~