Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Small Pleasures

I was beginning to worry that the monsoons decided to pass us by this summer, and we were going to start having more severe drought problems, because it hasn't rained since June.  I have a love/hate relationship with the monsoons.  I love them because they replenish the ground water supply, make beautiful sunsets, and are always a good source of excitement, but I hate them because they are destructive, they scare the hell out of my dog, and they bring out some nasty wildlife and weeds.

Yesterday evening I went outside, and while the sky was blue and uncluttered overhead, I could see a rain shaft to the south, and some mean looking thunderclouds to the west.  I turned on the news to see Phoenix streets flooded and power outages, yet we remained untouched.  My husband got home from work and wanted to take the dogs out to do their business immediately because a wave of clouds and dust had followed him home.  Right when he and the dogs got back indoors, our house got hit hard by a wall of wind and I turned my head to see a haboob blowing dust across the mountains.

We didn't get much rain, but the horses' tails were horizontal in the wind, and we have a chance to get some rain each afternoon over the next few days.  I was glad that we didn't have to deal with a power outage, because I would have missed JoJo's hometown visits.  I wouldn't want to have to make the decisions she's got to make over the next few episodes of The Bachelorette.  Usually, there are one or two good guys who stand out and the rest are easy to pare off, but she's got four really, really good guys to choose from and she doesn't want to let any of them go, because it will break their hearts.  But then, in the real world, no man would tolerate his significant other dating three other guys, so three of them do have to hit the road.

But I digress, here are some pictures of the arrival of our monsoon weather...

I am forever trying to get power lines out of my pictures, but in the time it would take me to move to a location where they are not within frame, the sun would have set.

I finally got some pictures of the road runner through the window...

It was enjoying the shade of the barn until Gabbrielle approached to investigate.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

My prediction about nasty wildlife was correct. I took the dogs out to pee at the crack of dawn and walked them right into a snake. As soon as I saw it, I pulled the dogs away and took them to a different location. Since the snake was quiet and did not rattle with us practically being on top of it, I figured it was a bull snake. I put the dogs away, got out my flashlight, and discovered that it was a Western Diamondback. We were lucky we didn't get bit.

Mrs Shoes said...

Holy cow. We have bears & timberwolves& all manner of scary beasts all around our area, but none that come right up into the yard & cause such a near & often unseen danger; I think I'd be scared to live in the desert.
Lovely photos, as usual.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yeah, I've been lacking in caution this summer because we've been relatively snake-free, but now I have to go back to looking ahead to each spot I'm about to put my feet and hands... and dogs. No more sniffing around in bushes. The female coyote came back for shade and water. The dogs and I flushed her out of the bush off our back porch, and then Stewie growled at the front door, so I figured she came back and tried getting under the hedge by the front porch. I walked out front, and she popped up out of the hedge just about five feet away from me. She didn't see me at first, because she was half-asleep, so I said, "What 'cha doin?" She jumped straight up in the air, looked at me with a horrified expression, then relaxed as if saying, "Oh, it's just you again." Then she trotted off down the road.