Monday, July 25, 2016

This is My Post Title

My latest experiment in horse management seems to be working, although the horses have been wreaking whatever havoc they can create.  The resulting issues are small compared to the blood bath Bombay recently got.  I'm still finding puddles of dried blood around the barn and paddock.  I swear, if a human being lost that much blood, he'd be dead.  It's nice to be a horse and have a much larger blood supply, I suppose.  Looking at Bombay you'd think nothing happened.

There was some leg swelling the next day, and he was still limping.  I opted to give him AspirEze instead of Bute, and now he's walking normal and fighting with Rock over the fence.

I took Lostine off her Bute and the results were not good.  She was limping on three legs, meaning that she only had one front leg moving normally.  I gave her a power wash last night and she seemed so happy to be cooled down and clean.  I gave her some AspirEze too, and now you can't tell that she could barely walk the night before.

I've been rotating the horses for individual turnout every 6 to 12 hours.  Apparently, being left out in the arena without the other horses made Gabbrielle nervous, because she left 10 piles of manure for me to clean up in the morning. That's 10 poops in 12 hours.  The other horses each only had 4 piles, so Gabbrielle pooped 2.5x more than them.  I'm not kidding when I say she is a manure machine.  I just look at her and she lifts her tail.  She's so weird.

When I turned Rock out, he made a bee-line for Gabbrielle and teased her through the fence.  She pinned her ears at him, tried to bite him repeatedly, and when she couldn't chase him off, she pooped all over the place.  I think all of her emotions are tied in with her digestive tract.  If she could speak, she'd probably punctuate her sentences with farts.

I AM THE QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE! (Fffffffffttttttttt baaaaaaaarrrrrrup!)

Rock then moseyed over to Bombay's stall and the very second that I walked back inside the house, the two of them began the process of ripping fly masks off each other's faces.  I threw the back door open and they both stood at attention as if totally innocent of any wrongdoings.

What?  We were just standing here... talking.  Right?

I marched down to the barn and pointed at Rock's stall saying, "Your choice is to go back in your stall or give me your fly mask.  Which will it be?"

He stood stock still with his head as high in the air as he could get it, refusing to cooperate with either choice.  I pulled his head down and confiscated both his and Bombay's fly masks before they could destroy them.  As soon as I shut the back door, they were biting each other's naked faces over the fence.  I know I'm going to have more blood to clean up thanks to those idiots.  You'd think they have no pain threshold because they get so much joy out of ripping the skin off each other.

I rode my bike down the street to get the address of the house that has the agave plant leaning on the power lines, and then called the power company to report the problem.  The irony is that the agave plant is on the property of The Mad Pruner.  This is the man who I could not keep out of my backyard when he first moved in, because he was trying to landscape his view, even though it wasn't his land.  He was sick of looking at another neighbor's truck parked on the hill, and he wanted to plant something that would grow fast and cover his view of the truck.  I also caught him pruning trees on public land along the bridle trails, scattering cholla balls to try to block people from using some public trails in front of his house, and planting cactus in a public turnout across the street from his house to try to prevent people from turning around there (and thus pushing the U-turners down to the turnout in front of my house), yet he won't cut down his own plant when it is threatening to bring down the power for the entire neighborhood.

Anyway, when I called the power company, I got an "automated assistant".  I told it I wanted to report a problem.  It asked for more information.  I said I wanted to report a plant that is growing into power lines.  It said, "Please hold while I redirect you to someone who can open your new account."


I just hung up and sent them an email.  As soon as society starts depending on computers to communicate, we're all in deep doo doo.  Although, sometimes trying to get your point across to human beings can be a chore as well.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Holy crap! I just received a response to my email from the power company, and they just told me to call them. How hard is it to just respond to my email? Can't they respect the fact that I don't appreciate having my entire morning wasted by being put on hold and shuffled from department to department? I'm going to cut that damn plant down myself. I hate bureaucracy. The only reason why they want me to call is so that they can sell me something.

TeresaA said...

A frustrating day for sure!

ellie k said...

Verizon turned off my e mail six weeks ago and I am still trying to reopen it. It was in my husbands name and so it is private and I cannot read it, this is ten month after he passed away. Four people have said they would send me papers to fill out and prove he is dead and I am his wife. I finally got one set last week. They need a death cert. Plus four other papers. I would just open a new account but I have things on this one I need. Wonderful computers , it is almost impossible to talk to a real person now and yes I want to hear it in English even if the person is almost impossible to understand.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

ellie - I remember the whole process of trying to close accounts after someone passed was a nightmare for me and took two and half years in total because of all the miscommunications, people making promises and not following through, mistake after mistake after mistake. I finally realized that these companies were purposefully screwing up so that I would have to pay for another month of their service for someone who was no longer using it. You've got to love American greed. No single person offered their condolences, but immediately began capitalizing on my loss. However, I didn't have to re-open an account. I can imagine that's even more impossible.

Crystal said...

Ugh horses, my horse cut his butt up a couple weeks ago what a mess and of course on a Sunday when i was trying to go somewhere. They just know don't they?
And the power company what a pain, might be easier to cut it down yourself.