Friday, July 8, 2016

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season to perform first aid.  Apparently, I need to keep the horses busy regardless of the sweltering heat, because if I don't, they beat the bleep out of each other.  Literally every day I find a new injury on a horse.  I've put some sponges and soap in one bucket, and all my first aid supplies in another bucket so that I can quickly grab what I need to stop the bleeding and clean the wounds.

The cuts, bites, and bruises are almost always on the geldings, but I was rather dumbfounded to find Lostine with a bloody hip this evening.  I figured she banged it on a railing running away from Rock, but once I started cleaning it, I could see that it was a hoof shaped cut.  Who in the world would kick Lostine?  She is loved by all, and she stays out of all scuffles.

This fighting among horses began during the fireworks on the 4th of July.  Rock still behaves as if he is suffering from shell shock.  The other day a sudden gust of wind came up and he jumped when he heard it rustling the trees behind him.  It sounded kind of like a firework shooting into the air.  Then today I blew a raspberry at him and he jumped again.  I'm unsure why his PTSD is also causing him to be so aggressive toward the other horses, but if he keeps this up, he'll find himself on Exile Island.  I can't spend the rest of my life playing veterinarian.

I think I'll set up an obstacle course and teach him some moves to take his mind off whatever is making him act like such a jerk.  Bombay is very scared of him.  He does stand up for himself when Rock bullies him, but one time he ran to me and stood next to me quivering after Rock chased him around the arena.  Gabbrielle doesn't seem to have the energy to keep Rock in line in this heat, so I have to get more involved.

It's Christmas in July here.  I like to do my local shopping in the summer months when the stores aren't as crowded, and then I do online shopping in the winter.  My husband and I went shopping just to get out of the house and do something different from cleaning up poop all day.  There's this mall I've been wanting to visit for several years now, but no one wants to go with me because they say the mall is old, small, smells bad, and most of the stores have gone out of business.

I finally got to go today, and the mall was indeed old, small, smelled bad, and most of the stores had gone out of business, but the stores that remained were some of my favorites.  And as a bonus, they were discount outlets, so I got some of my favorite shoes and clothes for a fraction of the full price I'd pay elsewhere.  I usually don't find anything I want or need when I shop for clothes, but today I hit the jackpot and came home with two pair of Easy Spirit clogs, which I live in year round.  They are the most comfortable shoes on earth.  I wait all year just for some online sites to put them on sale, but now I know I can drive to a local outlet and get remainders for very low prices.  I also got some unmentionables for half price and five new tops.  One of the tops came from a store that just opened five weeks ago.

I like shopping in the summer here, because I get a lot of personalized attention and can actually get to know the store owners and clerks.  I found out that one clerk had the same name as me, same rare spelling and all.  I can also give them feedback on their inventory, let them know what I like so they will stock more of it.  I like supporting small businesses, so I made a point of buying something in every store I went into, especially since they made it affordable.  There was this huge new and used bookstore, so I bought a couple of Anne Tyler novels.

Afterward, we went to Cold Stone Creamery as a rare treat and made ourselves sick.  Not really, but neither of us felt like eating dinner several hours later.  That's some rich, thick, heavy ice cream.  I'm not sure I liked it, because both the ice cream and the waffle cone were gummy.  I like refreshing ice cream that is more ice than cream.  I ordered a small cone and felt like I had eaten a four-course meal afterward.

I have to be careful about how and what I eat, because I need to take the anti-inflammatory pills with breakfast and dinner, and if I don't feel hungry enough to eat those meals, I can't take my pill.  I didn't get dinner until 10 PM, and my leg was screaming in pain.  I haven't felt that pain in about a month, and feeling it again made me realize just how much of a miracle this drug is for me.  I finally get to see my doctor next week to find out the results of my x-rays and blood work, and then maybe I can put a name to whatever is going on with me.


TeresaA said...

I'm sorry that the horses are still wound up. I hope that they settle soon.

Cheryl Ann said...

Our air conditioner died 2 days ago in the heat. Ugh. The crew is coming today to install the new one (THANK GOD!). Yesterday afternoon we drove to our daughter's house just to cool down. We left the dog outside (with 2 wading pools full of water), but our indoor cat had to suffer in the heat. We did leave fans on in the house for her...poor thing.

Jen said...

Ever thought about teaching your horses some tricks? It's boatloads of fun, gets them thinking, and really opens up the line of communication between you. I've gotten a bit derailed with that here lately; I'll get back there one day soon. A lot of people think it's stupid, but it's actually quite beneficial for the horses (the girls love to "play").

Allen Pogue at Imagine a Horse is a great starting place if you're interested in taking your horse/human relationship to a new place ;o)

Cut-N-Jump said...

Sounds like you hit the VF factory outlet. They have some good deals. I love the Corningware store in there and now have enough Pyrex to bake and freeze a Ton of stuff and still enough to keep on cooking. The other kitchen gadget store in there had a lot of stuff I could easily bring home. Sadly enough I'm still looking for places like that here

How Sam Sees It said...

VF Factory outlet! I remember it when it was new, and had great hopes for the dog training business that opened in there, but it didn't last. We always got good deals!

I agree with with Jen, summer was my time to work on tricks and ground training with Baron. It was low stress, could be done early and was a great outlet for his energy - especially since he suffered from the heat.