Saturday, August 13, 2016

August Around the Ranch

Photo rich post ahead...

One of my favorite cardinals who frequent our yard.

Awesome clouds behind the flag I used to have to repair or replace every few months.  I'm so glad that my neighbors got someone else to handle that job.  Climbing onto that roof was killing me.

My husband got me some flowers.

Our new and improved dog yard.

Pretty lizards. 

My wild bunny.  I named her Charity... 

You see, all the other bunnies who gather around Lostine's feet won't allow Charity near the grain that falls out of Lostine's mouth.  They chase her off, and she was getting super skinny as a result.  I was worried that she wouldn't survive, so I started "spilling" a little grain on my way out of the tack room just for Charity.  That wood block is her dining table.  Whenever I walk outside, she comes out from wherever she's hiding and follows me around until I acknowledge her.  Then she waits at her dining table for breakfast and dinner.  She recently started letting me pet her face.

The bunnies like to lie flat in wet spots in the shade to keep cool.

Fortunately, the bunnies know enough to hide when the coyotes come out at dusk.  We had a whole litter of juvenile coyotes in our back yard.  They were feasting on the manure pile and pouncing on each other.

I was scared for this little gal.  Her bigger brothers kept attacking her, and she was letting out yelps like she was in pain...

(Evil big brother.) 

...but she did get up and walk away just fine.  She let her pack know that I was around, and they all yipped up a storm.

Even the clouds resemble animals.


Allenspark Lodge said...

"then they all yipped up a storm" and you got a picture of the storm! Wonderful post!


TeresaA said...

Thanks for the tour. The bunnies are very cute and I love that cloud photo!

Linda said...

Great photo journey. I hadn't thought about coyotes and manure, but of course! Our dogs love it, why wouldn't they? Fascinating ecosystem you inhabit!

C-ingspots said...

Your home is very interesting, and so very different than what I'm accustomed to. Thanks for sharing your your bunny. Everyone likes kindness and comfort. I think the coyotes are beautiful too, and big bro might be "evil" and too rough with his lil sis, but he is beautiful - those eyes!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

wonderful photos!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I was shocked to see that my local newspaper gave me a half page to display two of these coyote photos! They usually put community photos up in a corner, using no more than 1/6th of the real estate on a page. My husband told me to submit them, and I did, and then immediately forgot about it. Then today I picked up the newspaper to throw in the recycling bin and recognized my photos. I was like, "Wait. This isn't my blog..." then I remembered submitting them.