Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I fed the horses early yesterday since I had to lock most of them up in their stalls to avoid further bloodshed, and when I emerged from the tack room with a bucket of feed, I saw my bunny come cottontailing it up out of the arroyo, across the round pen straight up to me to say hello (and beg for a pinch of grain).  Apparently, bunnies have good hearing.  She had to be at least two acres away and she knew the sounds I make.  I was worried she might have been eaten by a coyote, because I hadn't seen her in a couple of days, but I suspect she's out looking for a boyfriend or something.  She let me pet her body the other day, but made it clear that she didn't want me touch her ears.  She kept hopping away, flapping her ears and glaring at me with a pissed off expression, then coming right back for more.  I get a kick out of her.  My husband is waiting for me to get bit, but I think she likes me too much to do that.

Oh yeah, after taking great care not to let Bombay jig on my feet yesterday, I sprained my pinky toe on the clothes hamper after getting out of the shower this morning.

While out picking up more pellets at the feed store, I stopped at a couple of other places to look for a tall, narrow vase.  All of my vases are too wide and short for a normal bouquet of flowers.  Only six dozen roses cut way back on the stems would stand up in them, yet if I ever get six dozen roses, it will probably be at my funeral.  Here's what I found...

The cowgirl boot doesn't exactly fit my criteria, but it was seriously cute and at the very least I can use it to hold pens and pencils.  The vase on the far left might serve better as a super tall shot glass if I ever take up drinking hard liquor.  The two on the right look good sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets until I have flowers to fill them.

While driving home, I pulled over to make sure that the bull snake in the road was alive.  It was.  I wish I had taken the time to dig out my mobile phone to take a picture, because its coloring was so beautiful.  That gold, black, and white tail they have carried its vivid coloring and markings all the way up to its midsection.  It's a good sign to see a snake in the road.  It means that the reptiles think we are on a cooling trend.  It's unusual to see snakes once it gets above 95 degrees.


Linda said...

What a sweet thing that the bunny is trusting you like that! I love the boot! Hope you get some cooler temps.

Mrs Shoes said...

I have a similar ceramic cowgirl boot that I really wanted to display. I put a few rocks in the bottom (because it has no drainage hole), added potting soil, panted a few spears each of Goldfish plant & Ivy, then topped it off with a bit of moss. Though Mr Shoes doubted whether the plants would thrive, he has been proven wrong as the plants took ahold great & the Goldfish is even flowering steadily (just like my larger Goldfish do). For the gal whose home decore leans toward the Western flavour, a cowgirl boot makes a really lovely planter!