Friday, August 5, 2016

Stewie Plays a New Game

I tried to get a video recording of it.  I really did, but everything went wrong, so I'll have to just describe Stewie's new game.

Yesterday I was lying on the floor underneath a ceiling fan when Stewie rolled a ball up to me.  He does play fetch pretty well, but when I threw the ball from my position on the floor, I kept hitting things and knocking them over.  So, I just rolled the ball back to him.  Amazingly, each time I rolled the ball to him, he rolled it back to me with either his nose or by kicking it.  He was doing it consistently, so I tried to quietly get up to grab my camera, but there is no being quiet in a house full of deaf dogs.  They feel for vibrations.

No sooner did I get the camera, and both Midge and Scrappy woke up from their naps and paced the floor to tell me they needed to go outside.  I tried to continue playing the game with Stewie and record it quickly, but Stewie was distracted by the other dogs and kept leaving me to play with them.  Whenever Midge gets anxious, Stewie grabs her ear in his mouth and tries to get her to hold still and settle down.  That technique does not work, so I don't know why he keeps doing it.  I quickly locked the other dogs in a distant room just so that I could film Stewie playing our new game, but Midge ruined it by barking repeatedly, which distracted Stewie, and he kept running out of frame to go scratch on the door.

I made several attempts to film him and hoped that at least I could edit down to one or two sloppy rolls of the ball, but when I uploaded the videos, I saw that I had the camera off when I thought I was filming, and had it on while I was chasing Stewie around the house.  That's what happens when you start losing your eyesight.  I'm avoiding doing pet photography jobs now, because my eyesight is so bad and animals require a photographer who can capture their antics fast -- not someone who has to find her reading glasses to adjust the settings, and then remove her glasses in order to see what is happening at a distance.

Anyway, all the dogs finally did get outside.  Hopefully, Stewie will be in the mood to play the ball rolling game sometime in the near future when I have both my camera and glasses within reach, and while the other two dogs don't need anything.

School is starting in our area already.  My plans for the summer were to finish writing my next novel, but between the veterinary care I've had to administer to injured horses all summer, fixing or replacing broken stuff, and having the dogs interrupt me constantly to be taken outside, the novel had to be put on the back burner.  I always think that I'm going to have a blank calendar all summer, and that since I can't be riding my horses, I should have three to four months straight of free time to work on projects, but summer is just turning out to be one big black hole for me.  The heat scrambles my brains so much that I can't think to write, and the heat also puts me to sleep.  Reading books puts me to sleep as well, so trying to read in the summer around here is super slow going.  I tend to choose to do unimportant mindless activities so that I won't feel disappointed when I wake up and find that nothing got done.  I don't like being unproductive, but fretting isn't doing me any good, so I just have to accept the way of the sloth until fall rescues me and restores my energy.

At least if I sleep too much, I've got seven alarm clocks named Stewie, Midge, Scrappy, Rock, Gabbrielle, Bombay and Lostine.

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