Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hello Again

It has only been a week, but I feel like I've been gone from blogging a long time.  I've been hit by one health problem after another after another and missed some of the best horseback riding weather.  I am now starting to normalize after days of not getting much sleep thanks to the coyotes howling, the horses banging gates, the dogs needing to pee, and my system just being out of whack from traveling and not eating and taking my medications at regular times.  Each night I'd try a different sleep aid in an effort to get one night of uninterrupted sleep.  Drugs that worked well in the past no longer worked for me.  I was starting to have auditory hallucinations and was falling asleep at random times during the day with no warning.  My poor husband had to spend half of his at-home vacation doing my chores, because I was so out of it.  But now I'm good.

The coyotes went on a rampage over a period of several nights.  We kept chasing them off, but then one night after I was woken by all their hysterical hyena-like noises, I went out on the porch to yell at them to shut up, but realized it was all in vain.  I was outnumbered.  One pack was in my front yard, one was in my back yard, one was down in the arroyo, one was on the hill, one was in my neighbor's yard to the south, and one was in my neighbor's yard to the north.  It sounded like at least twenty coyotes all together.  They were screaming so loud that they couldn't have heard me yelling or banging pots and pans, so I just turned on all the outdoor lights and tried to go back to sleep.

The rabbits became sparse during that time, because the coyotes had figured out that the rabbits come out when we feed the horses.  We'd see packs of coyotes roaming our yard, trying to be stealthy about sneaking up on rabbits.  My husband walked around the corner of the hay barn and ran into a couple of coyotes who didn't seem to care that he was there.  We continued to discourage them from making themselves at home.

The worst part was that my baby bunny disappeared.  She was no longer meeting us behind the hay barn at feeding time.  It would make sense that she'd be one of the first to get eaten, because she was brave enough to approach me and let me pet her.  I tried to be optimistic and tell myself that she was just in hiding, or perhaps nesting or off somewhere mating.   This morning I had several bunnies approach me that looked like her, but when I reached out to pet them, they hopped away.  I'd been out of commission for so long that I had forgotten what my baby bunny looked like.  I used to be able to spot her from several yards away, but now all the bunnies were looking alike to me.

After feeding and cleaning up after all the horses, I was pulling the wagon to the manure pile and came upon a rabbit that would not move out of my way.  "Could this be my bunny?" I thought.

I pulled the wagon around her and she followed me.  I stopped, sprinkled some grain on the 2x4 on the ground, and she hopped right up to my hand and started eating.  I stroked her face.  "Ahhhh, yes, this is my bunny."

I was so relieved.  I wish I could put her in a hutch to keep her safe from the coyotes, but I have to leave nature alone.  I've already crossed the line by developing a relationship with a wild rabbit.

The butterflies are mating...

Last weekend I went out of town to photograph a friend's wedding.  The families did a great job putting together such a beautiful ceremony.  The bride rode up on her horse at a lope, dismounted, and then her father, her horse, and her dog escorted her up the aisle to her groom.

It was a western wedding, and my motel room was right across the street from a Boot Barn, so I bought myself some western boots...

They are sitting on the lounge cushion we bought to replace the one that the rats chewed up.  I hope this one lasts, because we had to battle the cashier over the sale price.  She was going to charge us $50 for the cushion after we were told by another employee that it was 50% off.  They never put the sale in the system.  I said that I wasn't going to pay $50 for a lounge cushion that I could buy at Walmart for $20, and Lowe's did correct the price.

The Boot Barn boots were on sale too at $50 off.  They have this faux alligator skin look to them...

They are Ariats.  I didn't want to be late for the wedding rehearsal, so I probably set a world's record on how fast I tried on several pair of boots in search of the most comfortable pair...

I knew I would need a square toe and lots of cushioning, so that narrowed down the field.  I was hoping to get some in teal, but the purple pair out-comforted all the teal pairs I tried on.  Purple is my second favorite color.

The funny thing was that I wandered into the store in clogs, intending to just browse, but I saw so many styles I liked that I asked the clerk if she had a pair of socks lying around that I could borrow so that I could try some boots on.  She disappeared for a little bit and returned with a wadded up, dirty pair of socks.  I suspect that she removed her own socks in order to help me out.

Right before I left for the wedding, Bombay managed to conk himself on the head, and had this large lump about the size of a tennis ball.  I didn't know what had happened to him and never saw the incident, but I knew he had a head injury when I saw him shaking his head and stretching his jaw from side to side.  I held a cold compress to it for a while, and he seemed to appreciate it.  That horse has received so much nursing from me over the years that he just holds still for the mending, and I don't have to hassle with hunting down a halter and lead rope.  The lump was gone by the time I felt well enough to start doing barn chores again.

So, that sums up some of the excitement over the past week.  I'm looking forward to a full recovery, so that I can be active again.


Cheryl Ann said...

I've been taking it easy because of my sprained ankle when Gigondas knocked me down last Sunday (a week ago). I haven't gone up to see the herd AT ALL. I couldn't manage hobbling around.

We DID drive up to Oak Glen to buy some apples and an apple pie yesterday and hubby either came home with poison oak or something similiar. It "sprouted" overnight and I had to drive him to urgent care this morning.

We are finding that if we do ANYTHING, we are both exhausted the next day. Old age, I guess!

I'm glad your bunny is safe...that's WAY too many coyotes!

ellie k said...

It must just be the season for health problems. After having surgery for breast cancer two weeks ago I stepped in a low place in the road and sprained my ankle really bad. It is still in an ace bandage and I soak it in epson salts, hot water at night. That seems to help a lot just before bed time. My body is so tired that I am worn out by evening and I do nothing in the day time to make me tired.

Linda said...

We're getting a Boot Barn. You'd think we'd already have one with half a million rednecks living here. LOL. All of us are chomping at the bit to buy more boots. I feel so bad for your bunny. Happy you found her, but she is in such danger with those coyotes.