Friday, September 16, 2016

Horse Stories

Here are a few little ditties regarding some of the silliness going on around the barn in recent days:

Where Are My Pants?
The horses have been having a jolly old time playing tug-o-war with my old jeans.  However, the other morning the jeans were nowhere to be found.  I looked in all the water troughs and food barrels, I patrolled the perimeter of the paddock thinking they threw it over the fence, but the jeans were gone.  I suspect that coyotes dragged them off into the desert and I will find them while out hiking, biking or horseback riding some day.

A Present For Me?
My birthday was yesterday, and part of my gift was to go on a shopping spree.  I didn't go nutzo or anything like that.  I just got a new pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a dress.  I took two dresses down to the barn to show my friend, and I was immediately mobbed by Rock and Bombay, who thought that the dresses were for them -- replacements for the jeans the coyotes stole.  I had to get the dresses out of there quickly, because one horse would try to distract me while the other horse would reach around from behind me and try to snatch the dresses right out of my arms.

Another Present For Me?
I was given a bag of candy for my birthday, so I took some to my friend down at the barn.  They were chocolate bars, so we had to eat them fast before they melted.  The whole time I was eating mine, Rock was sticking his muzzle in my face trying to eat the candy right out of my mouth.  He kept pushing into me, practically climbing into my lap to get the candy wrappers out of my hands.  I guess Rock figures that anything I eat is fair game for him.

Break It Up!
Rock ripped Bombay's fly mask off his face again.  I never see him do it, but since the Velcro is still attached, he has to be pulling it at the poll over Bombay's ears in one fell swoop.  Anyway, they were playing tug-o-war with the fly mask, so I came flying out of the house down to the barn to stop them before they ripped it again.  I do like sewing, but not every day.  Gabbrielle saw me coming and immediately knew my intentions, so she raced out of the barn right in between the geldings to break them up.  The fly mask went flying and landed in the sand.  Bombay tried to run over to pick it up again, and Gabbrielle inserted herself in between him and the mask.  I was impressed -- not only that she was helping me, but that she disciplined the boys without kicking them.

I had given her one hour of turnout with the boys under my supervision, and she managed to go the whole hour without kicking anyone.  I was so pleased to not have any wounds to mend, however last night I let Lostine out by herself and heard some crashing around.  I was too exhausted to be able to totally wake myself up to go investigate, but in the morning Lostine had cuts all over her front legs.  I know Gabbrielle wouldn't kick her, so she must have either kicked herself running from something, or she got cast and scraped up her legs on the railings.  They'll always find a way to make me clean up open wounds.  It's a good thing I'm not afraid of blood, because I've had to deal with a lot of it this summer.

Something was going on last night in the neighborhood.  Every time I walked outside, I could hear voices talking.  It sounded like it was coming from my backyard, but sounds do carry easily around here, so I didn't think much of it.  However, when I was still hearing people talking loudly at 4:30 in the morning, I had to find out who and where they were.  I've been seeing more homeless people in my neighborhood, and I don't want them setting up camp on my property.  Every time people start trespassing on my property, I get hurt.  Usually, they pop up out of bushes, spook my horses and I get knocked down and/or trampled.

I went into my backyard with a flashlight, and the talkers immediately shut up, so I couldn't follow the sound to find out where they were.  Only one of my neighbors had his lights on, but I know he didn't have company over, because he had no cars in his driveway, and this sounded like a small group of people having a little party.  Hopefully, I'll eventually find out the source of those voices.  Sometimes neighbors let friends and relatives camp out of RVs on their land, and they sit around bonfires all night getting drunk and talking, but I didn't see or smell any fires.  I didn't see any porch lights or flashlights on.  It was just people sitting in the dark.  It's a mystery.  All I know is that I'm going to have to start locking my tack room again since we've got strangers around again.  Pretty much everyone's house guests eventually end up in my backyard.

I'm seeing a trend in which there are less people living up north three seasons out of the year and coming to Arizona in the winter, and there are more people living in Arizona three seasons out of the year, and leaving just for the summer.  So, the snowbirds are turning into sunbirds.  Instead of fleeing the snow, they are fleeing the heat.  Once Labor Day got here, the people started pouring in.  The population should steadily multiply until about March, then peter out.  I was hoping to get the desert to myself for at least a few weeks before people took it over, but I'm having no such luck.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthdays! Sounds like you got a lot of nice presents. Sorry to hear about your summer of scrapes and wounds. They do find ways to get into trouble no matter what you do to try and prevent it. Wonder if the homeless folk stole your jeans? Just kidding. I hope that's not the case and it was just teens partying but be careful going out there by yourself, take your husband with you.

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday! nice to have shopping spree :)

Thats too bad about all the people visiting, I will never live in a tourist place again, weather its snowbirds or stupid summer tourists, they are awful have no consideration or thought that people might live there all year round.

ellie k said...

I love your writing style, even Where is my Pants" makes me want to hurry and read the article. Thanks for a great blog.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thank you, everyone!

Linda said...

Happy birthday!! It sounds like you and your buddies had a great time together. I always enjoy a good shopping spree--birthday or not!! I'm due for one!!