Monday, October 31, 2016

A Forty-Minute Mile

Fingers crossed, I think we are officially below 90 degrees F for more than just a couple of days.  We got a nice breeze going along with some cloud cover off and on.  I've been waiting so long for this day, and guess what?  I forgot to take my anti-inflammatory this morning.  Really?  So, that canceled out horseback riding and mountain biking.  Despite the pain, I headed out with my walking stick to see how far I could hike.

In the first few minutes I was out in the desert, I heard a scuffle behind me and turned to see what was going on.  An endurance rider was trotting up from behind me on a beautiful bay Arabian.  The horse was on high alert, but seemed to be so focused on getting back to the barn that it didn't pay any attention to me.  The rider waved hello.  I said hello and waved back.  After she passed me, I saw that the horse did try to turn its head to look at me, but she jerked it back and made it look straight ahead.  There's definitely something to be said about controlling where your horse focuses its attention.  I admire that level of discipline.  In a way, it's kind of like training a guide dog and not allowing it to tend to distractions.  When we are on the job, our boss keeps us on task.  Nothing wrong with that.

I saw a horse trailer off in the distance and made that my goal.  I got close, but didn't make it.  My hip was hurting too much for me to climb over rocks in the last fifty yards, so I turned back early.  My pace was completing one mile in 40 minutes.  That kind of gives you an idea of how slow I had to move.  I was putting a lot of weight on my walking stick.

My new black boots are now dirt colored below the hemline of my jeans...

I pulled my jeans up to show the difference in color/cleanliness and to show some new socks I was trying out with my new boots.  One of the reasons why I often get blisters and other foot pain when wearing boots is because my socks get bunched up and cause pressure and friction, or their seams rub me the wrong way.  A blogger recently showed a picture of Zocks on her site, which are lightweight nylon, fun, knee high boots socks intended for English riders.  I've been looking for lightweight socks with minimal seams, so I ordered a few pair.  I need the lightest socks I can find, because I live in one of the hottest states in the country.

The pair I'm wearing have the image of sunset with horses running on the horizon.  They arrived with a run in them, and I realized that they are essentially panty hose that stop at the knees.  I wondered how they would fair after sliding around in western boots for an hour...

They pilled up and got snagged and ran in places, but I'm sure I'll get several more uses out of them.  It's not like people see them.  They're under my boots and jeans.  They didn't rub me anywhere, and they stayed up where I originally put them, so I'm relatively happy.

I didn't even get a chance to drink a glass of ice water when I got home, because my phone rang.  It was another person calling about my upcoming surgery.  I have had a minimum of two people a day calling me to tell me the same information over and over.  I'm getting frustrated.  The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.  No one is communicating with each other, so I have to keep giving the same information out to my general practitioner, to the surgeon, and to the hospital.  This is one of those things that I have no patience for.  I'll have an appointment that will take somewhere between half an hour to two hours, but I've got to tolerate handling all the phone calls and appointments leading up to that appointment becoming a full time job in the weeks beforehand.

I told the lady who called today that if I'm not allowed to take my anti-inflammatory medication in the week before the surgery, then I won't be able to walk.  She didn't budge on that rule.  She just told me to take Tylenol for pain, which I'm sure won't do beans.  I can't wait for all of this to be over, so I can't get my life back.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ugh. Just had my lunch interrupted by another call from another nurse giving me that same information and asking for the same information she called me about last week. Right off the bat I let her know that she already talked to me, but she went over it again anyway. This is exasperating.

Linda said...

Weird. I guess they're overly cautious! Your boots look like all of mine. I got back from the store today--wearing my good boots--and drove right out to the barn to drop off feed--saw a dirty stall--next thing I knew, I as standing in mudnure in my BEST boots. I was like what the hay??!!?? What was I thinking?? It as too late though. Serves me right for wearing my good boots. There's a good reason I live in my shit kickers.

I think it was smart for the gal to keep her horse looking forward to--if no other reason, it could have tripped him up. Horses aren't very good at looking backwards and moving forwards!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - I'm thinking that these new boots will end up being my shit kickers since they are more comfortable and easier to get on and off than any of my other boots. It's just sad watching them lose that nice, new store-bought gleam. I had been wearing Easy Spirit clogs everywhere all summer, because I can just slip them onto my bare feet and run outside, but they get seriously gross after being worn outdoors for chores. My sweat soaks all the way through the fabric, so the next time I put them on, I'm putting on wet shoes. Gotta love those Arizona summers. Even the tops of your feet sweat.