Saturday, October 29, 2016


You know what I think would be really cool?  A water park for horses.  It would be a place to play for those horses who love water, and an obstacle course for those who dislike it.  I was watching Bombay dunking something over and over into a water trough.

I thought he might be doing his laundry, since his fly mask was missing, but it turned out that the mask was on the ground behind the trough, and he was playing with a floating beach ball.

A couple of flies hitched a ride on the buoy.  This is the first ball they've had in a long time that they were not able to immediately puncture and flatten.

I had Scrappy on a leash, but he couldn't make up his mind on where to poop, so I put him in the kennel while I took pictures.

Scrappy probably hears the words, "Pick a spot," more often than his own name.

He's so old that simply getting his leash hung up on a weed is enough to stop him in his tracks.  He stood there waiting for me to rescue him, while Rock urged me to remember that he's hungry for dinner.

Rock always makes me smile.  I walk outside and immediately have to yell at Gabbrielle for something, chase off coyotes, clean up poop, fix things that are broken, and then I look over at Rock and see his ears pointed at me and I instantly break out into a huge grin.  He loves the hand that feeds him.

This week has been nuts.  When I went in for my annual physical with one doctor, I walked out with 5 additional appointments for two ultrasounds, an x-ray, a pre-operative clearance with my GP, a pre-operative appointment with the surgeon, and surgery itself.  Then when I saw my GP, he gave me 3 additional appointments for lab work, another x-ray, and a follow up with him.  This doesn't even include all the follow up appointments after the surgery.  That's a lot of footwork just for a quick, outpatient biopsy.  This isn't even the surgery I need to fix my problem.  It's just a diagnostic surgery.  I guess doctors are taking every precaution to avoid malpractice lawsuits, but if I were seriously injured, sick or in pain, there is no way I could have done all that work.

I miss the good old days when my grandparents just went to their doctor for everything including lab work and imaging, and then if they needed surgery, they were admitted to a hospital where the doctors came to them.  I remember when my mother obliterated the top of her tibia, all the hospital did was put her leg in an air cast and then send us on a wild goose chase to all of these medical appointments only to be told that she had a heart condition and could not be operated on.

What was she supposed to do?  Be crippled for the rest of her life with bone dust and fragments floating around in her leg?  I raised hell, and they agreed to do the bone graft if we could get a cardiologist to clear her.  I said I wasn't going to put her through being dragged around, carried in and out of cars and buildings, for one more appointment, so they agreed to send a cardiologist to her in the hospital... only they forgot and were going to just put her under the knife.  Medical care is so screwed up.  I had to stop them as they were wheeling her into surgery and remind them that a cardiologist never cleared her, so there was this mad race to get someone to her before the anesthesiologist put her under.  Of course, the cardiologist saw no reason to delay her surgery, so all that ruckus was for nothing.

My GP felt like all the stuff that my specialist was having me do just for a little biopsy was overkill.  He seemed annoyed that she told me that I wasn't in good enough health to undergo surgery.  He said he saw no reason why she should hesitate with me, and he told me to consider myself cleared for both the biopsy and the organ removal.  It's so hard to trust doctors when they are such polar opposites in their approaches and opinions.

My specialist was annoyed with me for waiting 3 years to have the surgery, but this is precisely why I've been avoiding it.  I was never willing to give up half a year of my life for all of these medical appointments and recovery time.  I want to be out riding horses when I'm young.  So far, things have been working out well for me, because with temperatures being above normal, it has been too hot for me to ride regularly anyway.  Also, I've been super fortunate in my timing.  I keep getting into offices right when a deluge of patients are leaving or have left, so I am able to get right in and taken care of.  On Thursday, I managed to knock one doctor's appointment, some lab work, one x-ray, and a prescription pick up off my list and still have time to stop at a restaurant to get something to eat.  That's highly unusual.  Most of the time there is standing room only in medical offices, and you have to be prepared to be there all day.

I always take a tablet with me so I can read and play games while waiting, and other people who just stare at the wall eventually tell me they wish they had thought of that.  I've even had people sit down next to me so that they could read or play along to pass the time.  That's annoying when they are coughing all over me, though.  One group of older patients ganged up on me and started making fun of me for burying my nose in a gadget, but after they'd been waiting a while, they changed their tune and started pulling out their smart phones looking for some app to keep them entertained.

At the x-ray place, I saw a little girl with her arm in a cast.  She was wearing a cowgirl shirt, and I wondered if she got hurt falling off a horse.  When they called her in, she walked with a hitch in her step like she bruised her hip or tailbone, and I thought, "Yup.  Definitely a horse accident."

After all those appointments, I thought I was going to get a brief respite, but then the surgeon's office called to say that they bumped my surgery date up from December to next week.  I guess the doctor doesn't want to give me time to lose weight after all.  Of course, they scheduled surgery on the morning that my farrier is due to come trim the horses' hooves, but I'm kind of glad that I'm getting it out of the way before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I got suspicious and asked why the sudden urgency, but it turned out to have more to do with the surgeon's schedule than my test results, which is good.

I'm thinking that we are actually finally going to drop down below 90 degrees F permanently soon, because the snakes are coming out.  My flashlight has been dying, and I've been trying to remember to change out the batteries for weeks now, but I keep forgetting.  A couple of nights ago, I made the dogs hold their bladders while I changed the batteries, and I'm glad I did, because last night I ran into a baby rattlesnake on the driveway.  Had it been in the dirt or rocks, or had my flashlight been dull, I would not have seen it and might have stepped on it.  So many hazards, not enough time.


KateRose said...

My horse Henry would love a horse waterpark haha! Hope all goes well with your upcoming surgery :)

TeresaA said...

My horses only drink from the water trough. Rock is a great horse.

Once Upon an Equine said...

My mini mare would love a water park. She is constantly playing in the water trough and knocking it over. But soon the only water she'll have access to is the Nelson automatic heated waterers in the barn. Sigh.

Good luck with all your medical ppointments. Get em done and over with. I'm sorry you have to have surgery. I've been absent again from the blogosphere due to surgery...again. So I don't know if you've posted about your ailment. But best to get in and get it over with. I went in for expoloratory surgery and biopsy in July; resulted in a cancer diagnosis and I was back in the O.R. for a hysterectomy 3 weeks later. Caught early and cancer free now; didn't even need chemo. But another summer of riding lost. Arghh. I know how frustrating it is to miss riding due to health problems. And you are probably entering your prime riding weathe in AZ, right? I missed our good weather and just started riding 3 weeks ago. We still have a few pleasant fall day, but winter is looming. I've got lots of winter weather riding gear. The question is always if roads will be clear enough for me to haul to my Saturday dressage lesson.

Good luck with your surgery. I hope all goes well and you heal quickly and can be back in the saddle soon.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Once Upon - Thanks for telling me. Your story reminds me that even though there have been a lot of false alarms and unnecessary medical procedures and appointments in my life, I still have to remain vigilant. I'm so glad your cancer was caught early and you are back to riding.