Thursday, October 27, 2016

From the Bunny Journal

I could have sworn that I came up for a name for the wild desert cottontail who lets me pet it, but I can't remember which name I chose.  I still call her Baby Bunny, even though she's not a baby anymore.  I know I'm calling the bobcat Betsy.  If anyone remembers the name I started calling the bunny, or if anyone wants to come up with a name, let me know.  I tried looking it up in old posts, but I'm just too prolific.  I don't have the patience to sift through my own words.

Baby Bunny still manages to dodge all the coyotes, and still comes out to greet me each morning and evening while begging for a handful of Safe Choice Senior.  Unfortunately, a group of other wild bunnies has caught on to this routine and they too come out demanding food.  They wait in the wings for me to walk away, and then they descend upon the little handful I gave to Baby and she doesn't get more than a couple of bites.

So, I set up my chair next to her dining table and now sit beside her for a few minutes to keep the other bunnies at bay.

She eats like a bird and I usually don't have the time to wait for her to finish each morsel before I have to move on to the next chore, but I'm finding that sitting in the shade for a few minutes helps me to enjoy the space more and notice little things that are going on around the property.

I keep the dining table close to several escape routes in case a coyote comes along.  I put the wheelbarrow behind her, so they can't sneak up on her.  A couple of nights ago, I took the dogs out on leashes in the dark, and Stewie kept standing on his hind legs sniffing the air.  He wanted to see what was on the other side of the wall.  I said, "It's probably a coyote.  Just ignore it and pee."

Stewie could not concentrate, and just as I was dragging him back into the garage, a coyote came running around the wall toward us.  Stewie lunged at it and barked, and it ran off toward the desert looking over its shoulder.  It wanted the dogs to chase it so that it could eat them once they got away from me.  That's why you have to keep your small dogs on leashes.  With all the coyotes and their wily games, your dog could be gone in an instant.

Baby Bunny has petite features -- a tiny head, dainty face, and light grey, soft fur.  These other bunnies who try to steal her food are bigger with large, angular heads and gray fur streaked with red and black hairs.  They almost feel like two completely different breeds of rabbit.  A couple of the rabbits are rather aggressive, outright biting my bunny on the rear to chase her away, so I've dubbed them "The Bully Bunnies".  I'll have to remember to take my camera out and get pictures of them.

There is another bunny that looks more like Baby Bunny, just a little bigger, who is polite enough to share the food, so I allow that rabbit to approach.  However, sometimes Baby Bunny doesn't like having another rabbit in her bubble, and she hops over to me to pester me into chasing the other rabbit away from her food.  She has me well trained.

This morning several rabbits, including The Bully Bunnies, decided that they were no longer scared of me, and they bounced right up to help themselves.  So, I have a new rule.  Any bunny who lets me pet it can stay and eat, while any bunny who does not let me pet it must vacate the premises.  I am the landlord here.  Bunnies must obey, wild or otherwise.


lytha said...

What a great rule! I would do it too, if I felt safe enough to pet them. I can barely pet my own cat so you must be a rabbit whisperer.

Mrs. Huckleberry said...

Charity is what you called her back in August.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks for letting me know, Mrs. Huckleberry!

Mrs. Huckleberry said...

My brain is filled with completely useless knowledge. hahaha