Sunday, October 9, 2016

I Found My Pants While Wearing In My Boots

I took over a mile hike this morning in an effort to wear in my new western boots.  I figured I wouldn't get very far before they started rubbing me somewhere, but they we comfortable as can be for the first mile.  It was only when I stopped moving that I started feeling the rub effects.  Why did I stop moving?

Well, I found my pants.

Or at least one leg of them.

These are the jeans I gave to the horses to play tug-o-war with and the coyotes stole them weeks ago.  I knew that if I just kept hiking out in the desert, I'd eventually stumble upon them.  They were close to the spot I expected them to be.  There's a coyote den that I know of near my house.  This section of my jeans was just up a gully from that den.  I hiked around in search of the rest of the pants, but haven't found them yet.

I was kind of worried about someone stumbling upon my pants in the desert and assuming that someone was either mauled by a mountain lion or raped.  I hoped the knots in the knees of the jeans would help people deduce that this was a pet toy.

As I was hiking back home with the pant leg hanging from my hand, I noticed a coyote stalking me.  I turned to face it and said, "I see you!"

It ran to another hiding spot, stopped to watch me, I turned and said, "I still see you!"  I'm pretty sure it was following me to see where I was taking its pant leg, so it could steal it back.

I let each horse sniff the jeans to see their reaction to being united with their old play thing...

While I was out hiking, a horseback rider followed me on an adjacent trail.  I think the horse thought I was riding a horse, because it kept calling out to me.  When the rider tried to pass me in the distance, the horse got nervous having me behind it, and tried to bolt.  The rider pulled it around and made it face me.  The horse continued to call out to me.  I was tempted to whinny back.

Most horses on the trails are fractious this time of year because they've been sitting around the barn all summer.  In a few weeks there will be hikers and bikers and horseback riders everywhere, so now is the time to be out gradually re-introducing your horse to the sights and sounds of the desert.  I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to there being more traffic on the trails, because they are getting so overgrown.  Some of my favorite trails are disappearing due to a lack of use.

Stewie says hi.


Mrs Shoes said...

Hooboy, I know that look. His face is so expressive that I have to laugh.

TeresaA said...

that's one of the funniest blog titles I've seen in a while. :D That poor coyote- you stole his treasure.

Janice Grinyer said...

LOL Stewie is such a critter! That look!

Linda said...

What were the chances of finding your pants! Pretty funny. I also like it when people use our trails more for the same reason. It's so weird that your busy season is starting now, when ours is just ending.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The last time I took Stewie in to the vet, she had a hard time giving him his vaccinations because she said, "His eyes are so penetrating. I can't give him a shot when he looks at me that way."