Saturday, October 1, 2016

The First Step

For me, the first step of getting ready for trail riding season is to trim Rock's tail so that it's not dragging on the ground collecting cholla balls.  Today I bathed both Rock and Bombay.

Play fighting and getting all sweaty, as usual.

Mmmmm.  Love the smell of detangler.

Why does that dog keep barking?  Why does that duck keep quacking?  And why does that rooster keep crowing?  Why can't they be quiet like horses?

BEFORE photo of Rock standing on his tail.

AFTER photo following tail trim.  This should last about three months.

So handsome and happy to be clean.

Bombay wouldn't put his ears forward for the photo, because someone was riding her horse on the hill, so I moved around to the other side...

That's more like it.  Donkey ears.

I'm lovin' Mane N' Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.  I picked up a little bottle at Walmart to see if that would help with the dry tangles, and it did.  The comb cut through like butter, and that was after I rinsed the conditioner out.

I was only able to bathe two horses before my body felt like a screaming pretzel.  I'll do the mares another day.  I got a couple of new butterfly photos.  I think these are moths based upon the size of their bodies.

I know nothing about butterflies and moths.  I just take the pictures.  The black ones are quite shy.  When they see me coming, they either fly away or move to the opposite side of the bush.  It was difficult getting this photo.

Baby bunny is still alive and kicking.  She's even fattening up finally.  I almost didn't recognize her today.  Gabbrielle is on a diet, because she's getting too rotund.  I was thinking today that if I were a horse, I'd have a very unhappy owner, because I'm almost always lame, and the cause varies from one hour to the next.  Sometimes it's my spine, sometimes my hips, sometimes my knees, sometimes my ankles, sometimes my feet, sometimes my toes...  I suspect that once I get regularly physically active again and can lose some weight, some of the lameness issues will lessen or hopefully, go away all together.


TeresaA said...

The horses look great. Carmen's tail needs regular trimming as well. I love moths and yours are beautiful

Brenda said...

Great pictures! Bummer you were only able to do two horses before the pain set in. I'm glad your baby bunny is still around. We used to have bunnies all over our backyard but then we got a couple of dogs who liked them a little too much. They still come around, just not in the numbers they used to. We could have as many as 10 at one time.

As for your moth/butterfly...they are both butterflies

From working at the zoo in the education department I knew the antenna differences, but not the body shape or daytime/nighttime activity.

ellie k said...

Does Rocks tail grow faster then a normal tail should or does any of they other horses tails grow like that.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ellie - They all have different tails. Gabbrielle's is short and bushy. Bombay's is medium length, straight and thin. Lostine's is medium length and thick. Rock's is long and thick. His is the only tail that drags on the ground that I have to trim. Some horses self-trim by rubbing their tails on fences because they are itchy.