Thursday, November 3, 2016

Riding the Storm Front

I noticed the horses looking up at the house expectantly, and it wasn't anywhere near feeding time, so I stepped outside to investigate.  Gabbrielle kicked a water trough letting me know that it was empty.  I said, "You need that to be filled?  Okay, be right there."

As I was leaving the porch headed down to the barn, I noticed that the air was stock still, which was odd since the rest of the day had been windy.  I looked up to see two dust storms and a thunderstorm headed our way on the horizon, and ran back inside to get the camera.

You can see the gray thunderhead and just below it is the brown haboob.  It's unusual to get a haboob in November.

I stayed outside filling the water troughs, and then the still air suddenly changed as I saw trees and bushes in the distance waving.  I yelled, "Here it comes!"

The horses stood around waiting to see what I was talking about.

Then we got hit with a wall of wind and dirt, and the horses ran out of the barn in a tizzy, wind blowing through their manes.

I tried to get a close up of Gabbrielle's mane, but got this instead...

The horses are really bad about chasing each other out of the barn when rain is on its way.  I don't understand the logic, because there is plenty of room for all of them to take shelter.

Right when I finished filling the last water trough, lightning hit, and then it poured.  Poor Rock is the one standing out in the rain getting drenched at the moment.  He's a water horse.  He doesn't mind.

In other news, I saw Betsy the bobcat again the other day.  I noticed Rock was focusing on something on the hill, but I didn't see anything.  I asked my friend if she had seen horseback riders up there, but she hadn't.  A short time later, Gabbrielle tattled to me that something was up by the house.  I looked over in time to see Betsy slinking away from the porch headed under the fence into the neighbor's yard.  She must have been up on the hill and sneaked past us.  I hope she doesn't start causing trouble, because she is obviously not afraid of people, so it might be difficult to run her off if we decide that her company is no longer welcome.  So far all she's done is try to eat a few birds and rabbits, which is expected.  I just don't want her to eat my wild bunny Charity.

Please don't eat me.  I'm too sweet.


TeresaA said...

Wow that was a spectacle! I too hope that your wee bunny isn't eaten!

Camryn said...

Awesome shots. I'd never heard of a haboob prior to your move!

Linda said...

Great photos!! I hope your sweet bunny doesn't get eaten, too! Of course, I have enough to worry about keeping my cats alive!

Brenda said...

We have definitely had some odd weather this year. Huge dust storms in November are definitely not normal. You got some great pictures. And the storm we had on Thursday, I think it was, was unusual in the time of day it was. The storm surprised me. Even though it had been super windy as I drove to work that morning, it had mostly quieted down until around 5 or so and then when it hit, it hit big.