Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Touched by an Angel?

Yesterday had to have been one of the weirdest days of my life.  I was supposed to have my post-op visit with my surgeon exactly two weeks after my surgery, but the Thanksgiving holiday got in the way, along with another doctor's appointment.  The day of my post-op, I developed a fever.  I hesitated to go into the doctor's office because if I was coming down with a virus, I didn't want to expose pregnant ladies and newborn babies to it.  However, if I rescheduled, I'd have to wait longer to find out if I had the go ahead to start exercising and lifting things again, and I'd been anxiously awaiting that day.  I couldn't keep asking other people to do my chores, and my horses were going stir crazy not having anyone ride them.  I needed to get on with my life.

So, I went in for my appointment, but told myself I would stay away from people to avoid exposing them if I had a virus.  Right off the bat, I had to help a lady with a baby in a stroller get off the elevator.  Then she got stuck in the doorway to her doctor's office, so I held that door for her.  She glanced back at me, but didn't say thank you.

I then got to my doctor's office, and a patient was standing at the front desk being helped.  I looked around for the sign-in sheet, but didn't see it, so I stood back behind her and kind of off to the side away from a pregnant lady sitting in a chair.  Another patient came out a side door, stepped in front of both of us and got her needs taken care of.  I thought that perhaps outgoing patients get priority over incoming patients, so I didn't think much of it.  This was a small office with one reception desk and one receptionist.

Then I heard the door behind me open, and a middle eastern woman in a beautiful head scarf floated in past both of us right up to the counter.  She picked up the sign-in sheet, which hadn't been there previously.  The receptionist must have just set it up on the counter right when this other lady walked in.  The woman signed in and started to go in the side door.  I began signing in and she turned toward me and said, "Oh, you were waiting to sign in?  I'm so sorry.  I didn't know.  Please forgive me."

I told her it was no problem, and she went inside.  A short time after that, she came out, walked right up to me, sighed, and said, "Again, I am so sorry.  I thought we didn't have to wait in line to sign in."

I said we didn't.  I just didn't see the sign-in sheet on the counter, so I waited in line.

She said, "I was nervous.  I had trouble on the freeway.  I was late.  I wasn't thinking.  Please forgive me."

She was speaking to me so respectfully, and acting like the future of her soul depended on me forgiving her.  I was charmed by her good manners and the serious way in which she viewed trespasses against others, even if they were honest mistakes.  I have to deal with asshole neighbors trespassing on my land and making noise and air pollution all the time, but they never apologize.  They act like it is their right, and they are willing to enforce what they view as their freedoms with the use of guns.  Then there's this angelic woman begging for my forgiveness because she cut in line by accident.  I was touched.

This was such a huge contrast to the woman pushing the baby carriage who didn't even thank me for holding two doors for her.  And quite frankly, someone cuts in line in front of me pretty much every time I go to a doctor's office, but I've never actually had someone realize her mistake and apologize to me for it before this.  It would be so refreshing if the American society could brush up on its manners and people would start actually caring about how they affect others.  She nearly brought me to tears, and she inspired me to be more respectful of others.

But I also felt like something was happening on a grander scale.  I felt deep in my heart that this went beyond just a super polite woman apologizing to me.  I felt as if she were from the realm of the gods, and she was trying to tell me something more.  I felt blessed and calmed in her presence.

Interestingly enough, by the time I got into the doctor's examining room, my fever had completely disappeared.  The nurse informed me that my temperature was 98.6.


Camryn said...

Sounds like a truly lovely woman, I always appreciate good manners. Lincoln at 3 has better manners than most adults. We all joke that it's not hereditary. So, are your real eased to ride?

Linda said...

Some people are blessed with a certain spiritual presence. They are rare.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Camryn - Yes, I can ride, but the symptoms I currently have shouldn't be happening and the doctor is at a loss as to why they are happening. It turned out that she was never able to do the biopsy because she was blocked by two masses. She excised one and got a small sample of the other, and they both tested as being benign, but she never got a sample where she needed it, so my journey has not come to an end yet. Nothing can ever be simple.

ellie k said...

Sometimes when I hold a door or let someone in front of me and they don't say thank you I just look at them and say oh you are welcome. It surprises me how many people say thats ok like I was the one being rude.

Grey Horse Matters said...

As someone who was actually brought up with manners and to be respectful to others I'm constantly surprised by how rude and self centered so many people are these days. I had a twenty something yell at me to get out of her way a while ago when I was standing under an awning by the door to a shop waiting for my ride. She slammed open the door into me and pushed her way inside. I was shocked by her behavior. I guess some of these ruder people were raised by wolves! Anyway, glad you net one of the few polite people there are nowadays. Hope your health problems resolve themselves soon.