Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Nasty Full Moon

After yesterday I was wondering if we were close to a full moon because so many crazy things were happening, and sure enough, I saw a nearly full one last night.

I wasn't able to go for a horseback ride, because Midge had to be taken outside constantly.  She had completely lost control of her bowels.  I always try to be optimistic when bad things happen, and I stupidly thought,"Well, at least we have water, so I can clean up all of her messes."

Last night she was a little better, and then she managed to sleep for several hours this morning without any accidents, so I thought it was safe to go for a quick trail ride.  On my way out, I used the bathroom and noticed that the toilet was making a strange sound and the water pressure in the sink was low.  I remembered being woken in the middle of the night to the sound of water running, and being sure that I had shut off the irrigation system before coming in for the evening.  I was too tired from not getting any sleep the night before because of the dogs and horses, so I couldn't bring myself to get up to go investigate.

However, in the morning when I discovered that the water pressure was low, I checked the well and saw that we did have water.  I did a few things to trigger it to fill, and it did fill, so I thought we were okay, and I took the dogs out one more time, and then left for my trail ride.

I had one of those pesky one-in-a-million type ridiculous things happen to me while leading Rock to the mounting block.  Somehow, he lowered and raised his head in such a way that he looped the lead rope under the heel of my boot as I took a step, and then he threw his head up into the air, throwing me off balance.  Fortunately, I didn't eat dirt, but it hurt to have my bad leg yanked like that.  I swear, I could not have made that happen if I tried.

The oranges are ripening and falling off our orange tree in mid-December.

I normally avoid riding around noon because all of my neighbors at the end of the street come home from work for lunch, and there is always a caravan of vehicles.  I caught the tail end of it when crossing the street, but they were polite and slowed down for me.  Once we got around the wall, Rock threw his head up and stopped.  There were a bunch of people in the street with dogs running loose.  I urged him to keep going before the dogs spotted us, and Rock tripped over his own feet, jolting me forward in the saddle.  With my luck, if I fall, I'd probably fall onto asphalt, but this time I stayed in the saddle.

Rock was still focused on the people and dogs, but I was more concerned about the thing that looked like a rattlesnake up ahead.  Fortunately, it turned out to be a dead cholla branch instead.  We rode for a short time and then I spotted something in the driveway of my house off in the distance.

It turned out to be a delivery truck.  We try to bring in our packages A.S.A.P. because there are creepers who follow the delivery trucks around and steal the packages right off porches after they are delivered.  So, I had to head back home early.  On my way there, I spotted my friend's truck coming up the street, and I realized that no one would steal the package as long as her truck was in my driveway.  She's working off some money she owes me by cleaning stalls, so I was able to ride a little longer before heading home to chat with her.

She opened the gate for us and I made Rock ride around the arena a couple of times.  He clearly felt that was below him.  The arena is like kindergarten to the horses.  He just kept trying to get over into some shade so that he could sleep.

When I went through the house to get the package, I discovered that Midge got sick all over the house.  It was everywhere!  There wasn't a clean floor in the house.  She even pooped in the kitchen.  I couldn't get the mess up cleanly, so I needed a bucket of water to scrub the carpet and mop the tile floors.  However, there was no water!!!

I called my husband to see if he heard the water running during the night, and he said it was just the water softener.  So, I called the pump company, and they came out within five minutes.  That's amazing for them.  We usually have to wait several days for them to even call us back.  They found that everything about the well was in order, and said that we had a leak somewhere.  They had me check out all the toilets and the water softener, but I couldn't find a leak.  Then I noticed that the stone wall below our deck was wet.  It turned out that a pipe to our irrigation was running, and he could tell it had been running non-stop for at least five days.  He shut it off and said that we just don't need to water any of our plants during the winter while we have storms coming through.

Unfortunately, because we had that leak, our well ran dry, and it won't be back to normal operation until Friday.  That's three days where we have to be conservative in flushing toilets, taking showers, and we can't wash dishes or do laundry.  Oh, joy.  I swear, if this bad luck keeps up, I'm canceling Christmas.  There's no way I'm going to have guests in my house with it smelling like a sewer and not being able to clean it.  I remember one of the dogs got sick in the house right before our guests arrived for Thanksgiving this year.  I may have to just take a break from hosting holiday activities until my two older dogs pass away, or maybe pay to put them up in a kennel, so that I can have a day off from all of this.

When I came back indoors after dealing with the well repairmen, I found Midge smearing her dirty butt all over my brand new pillow!  I wanted to cry.  I just bought a new pillow, because I washed the old one so many times that it was too lumpy to tolerate.  I've been laying hard and lumpy objects on and around the new pillow to keep Midge off it, but today she just pushed them aside.  I guess I'm going to have to put it up on a shelf somewhere or hang it from the ceiling on a hook.  I can't put it on the patio, because the birds will poop on it.  It just seems with everything around here, I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.


Cheryl Ann said...

We already cancelled Christmas. We had to trim our cottonwood tree because the neighbors threatened us with a lawsuit if we didn't. They were AFRAID it would topple over. BULLSHIT! So, that cost us $1,700. Then, the cleanup was ANOTHER $1,500. And, now we need a new gate since they had to take down our fence to get into the back yard with a truck and a lift. That's another $600. So, yes, Christmas is cancelled. NOBODY is getting a present this year.
Cheryl Ann

Camryn said...

The full moon may explain Grandsons coloring on the carpet last night. Thankfully with washable markers!