Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Despite it eating up most of my day, Midge's vet appointment wasn't as bad as I expected.

What I expected from past experience:

The vet would focus on twisting my arm to get dental work done and start her on a worming program despite me bringing her in for existing issues.  It seems that all vets in my area want to focus on is preventative medicine, and when you bring in a problem, they ignore it.
What actually happened:
The vet and I were on the same page about the priority of my dog's health problems.  She only glanced at her teeth, mentioned tarter build-up, but did not bring up dental surgery.  Wormer wasn't mentioned at all.  I wonder if I told them in some other appointment not to ever bring those two topics up with me again?  I know I've told vets in the past to drop the subject, but they would still hold me hostage for hours as different people rotated in and out of the examining room trying to sell me on the programs, refusing to take no for an answer.

What I expected from past experience:
The tumor on her back would require surgery and post-op care would be a full-time job.
What actually happened:
They shaved her back and teat and gave me a cleansing liquid to use on those spots three times a day.  They also provided me with a liquid antibiotic that I squirt into her throat with a syringe twice a day.  I didn't even have to explain the trouble I've had shoving pills down dogs' throats.  They just automatically gave me the liquid, and it is so much easier.  Big bonus:  She doesn't have to wear the cone of shame or be imprisoned within a cage.

What I expected from past experience:
I'd be questioned extensively as so how long she's had each symptom, and be shamed for not bringing her in sooner.
What actually happened:
Both the doctor and her assistant were polite enough to know that it is what it is, and did not pester me with such questions.  They treated me with respect and spoke to me as if I were a doctor myself and knew my dog better than anyone else.  The doctor even took the time to explain why she chose to make the decisions she did, and asked if I agreed with them.

It turned out that on the day I brought Midge in for her appointment, there was pus coming out of the tumor on her back, which I had not seen because of all her hair.  I did notice that something different was going on, because Stewie kept sniffing and licking her back.  I did set up the appointment before the pus started up, so no one can guilt me on that one.  The teat was also actively bleeding and swollen.  There previously had been no swelling to go along with it, so I'm glad I brought her in when I did.  Because of all that, she needed to be treated with antibiotics since infections seemed to be setting in.

Because of the two problems happening simultaneously, I thought my dog might have cancer.  However, the doctor explained that 60% of dogs with diabetes eventually experience adrenal failure, and one of the symptoms is bleeding teats.  She drew blood, ran some tests in house, and sent the blood off for lab testing elsewhere.  We'll find out more later in the week.

She did find that Midge's body is starting to fight off the diabetes, so we can now give her a smaller dosage of insulin.  I did not see any evidence of her getting too much insulin, but so far she hasn't had any negative side effects to receiving less insulin either.  Usually, if she's not getting enough insulin, she drinks an excessive amount of water and pees sticky urine all over the house because she loses control of her bladder.  However, she seems to be adjusting to less insulin just fine.

It turned out that she is due for her vaccinations, but the doctor didn't recommend giving those to her while she is fighting off the infections.  That will be another appointment somewhere down the road.  We'll also see if she needs further insulin intake testing and adjustments based on her blood work, as well as if she is having adrenal failure or any other issue and address it at that time.

The antibiotic has to be administered exactly 12 hours apart with food.  We should also be administering her insulin exactly 12 hours apart after meals, but her feeding routine somehow slipped into us feeding at sunrise and sunset, which at this time of year is more on a 10 hour / 14 hour ratio.  I've forfeited my sleep in order to get her on the 12 hour program, and the result is that I get to take pictures of the sunrise after I've fed the dogs and administered medications.  I'm also feeding the horses in the dark, which means that they should finish eating sooner, which means that I should have a better chance of riding them.  They had been previously finishing their breakfast at noon, and I was too hungry then to take off for an hour trail ride, so I would eat my lunch and then fall into a food coma.  Before I knew it, the sun was going down and I never got to ride.

I'm way too stiff and sore in the mornings to exercise, hike, bicycle or ride a horse.  It takes several hours for me to work out the kinks, and I'm not at my height of energy and a lack of pain until around 4:00 PM, but that's about the time I have to start doing barn chores.  I've got to adjust my routine as the daylight changes, as well as my body.  I am now remembering why I don't normally get a lot of riding in this time of year.

I've noticed this super bright light on the horizon and was wondering if someone installed a special floodlight.  My zoom lens showed me that it is actually a Christmas decoration on the roof of someone's house.

There's a ghost of what looks to be a flying squirrel in the sky above this house...

It was probably a bird.  Speaking of birds, we'd had some really loud, odd sounding bird hanging out around our place after dark.  It almost sounds like a duck or goose, but with a wider range of vocalizations.  I call out to it, and it calls back.  I hope I get to actually see it some evening, so that I know what it is.

I got Charity the bunny to eat out of my hand.  I just love how she comes running with her ears pinned forward like she's happy to see me (or see food) when I call her.  She's so adorable.  She runs up to me full speed and sniffs my hand.  She also let me play with her ears yesterday.  Nothing like a good ear massage.


Kathryn Little said...

That bunny is simply too cute and it's awesome how you've tamed her even if just a little.

Linda said...

I love it when vets treat you with the respect of a peer. It sounds like you have good ones!

I have a question you may be able to answer. What is the best trail riding outfit around Scottsdale? We're going for a visit, and I'd like to ride there--preferable in a beautiful location.

Mrs Shoes said...

You wrote:
"They treated me with respect and spoke to me as if I were a doctor myself and knew my dog better than anyone else. The doctor even took the time to explain why she chose to make the decisions she did, and asked if I agreed with them."

Holy Cow Nuz, what a turn around in attitude @ your vet's office! Sweet little Midge, she has such a look on her face, as if to apologize for being any trouble. I hope she responds well to these new treatments.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - The only public stable I've ridden with is the OK Corral, which rides around the Superstitions and Goldfield mountains. The stable is family owned by the Feldmans. Josh and Jesse were on that mining TV show "Ice Cold Gold". I don't know if they still lead rides personally, but they know a lot about the area and are good conversationalists. I've requested them, and they were willing to lead my ride.

Blogger Teresa rode at a couple of stables out here. One was Saguaro Lake Ranch Stable, but she wasn't too enthralled with it. I can't remember where else. I've only been to Scottsdale to watch horse shows. Any ride that is in or around mountains should be beautiful and interesting.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Mrs. Shoes - This was my newer vet, who hasn't given me any problems yet. I'm just so jaded after all the other vets (the bad vets) that I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Linda said...

Thanks for the info! I saw OK Corral on there. It may be further away. There is one company that does a moonlight ride and Friday is a full moon. MacDonald Ranch.