Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Another Nosy Neighbor

This afternoon I was walking past the window when I saw the horses on ready-to-spook alert.  I scanned the direction they were pointing and saw something large and black climbing up out of the bushes in the arroyo.  The black thing turned out to be the ski cap of my snowbird neighbor.  We had dragged tree branches across the trails they made in our backyard and sprinkled cholla balls specifically to keep them off our property, and here was this woman climbing right over everything.  She even reached down, picked something up, and put it in her pocket.  Whatever it was, it didn't belong to her.  It was on my land.

I was torn on what to do, because if I went out on my porch and yelled at her, she couldn't hear me.  I couldn't hike all the way out there, because with all the dog chaos, I had forgotten to take my meds, and my leg was acting up.  I really need a bullhorn.

Anyway, she climbed right up to my No Trespassing sign, turned around and stared at my house.  Then she raised her walking stick and pointed it right at me, as if to say, "I see you standing there in your window."

She then pointed the stick at my horses and poked it four times in the air, as if counting my horses to see if I had a legal number of them based on the size of my property.  I wondered if she even knew what the size of my property was, and then she proceeded to point the stick at her own house and sight down it, as if measuring the distance.


I wondered if she was trying to measure the distance between my manure pile and the arroyo to see if it was legal.  Those shits better not cause me any trouble.

Does anybody have any other ideas on how to keep these people off my property?  I'm not going to spend tens of thousands of dollars to build a wall, and I can't legally do that in an arroyo anyway.  They obviously ignore my No Trespassing signs, and they ignore me when I've yelled at them in the past to get off my property.  There's no point in calling the police, because the trespassers are here and gone in 30 seconds.  I don't need anymore dogs.  My other neighbor used to collect guard dogs and sick them on trespassers, but since the fence kept her dogs contained, the trespassers didn't care.

What bothers me is not just that they don't respect my space, but that they then get to the top of the hill and look into the windows of my house.  They snoop and assess what's going on in my backyard, which is none of their business.  And the big one, is that they spook my horses, which makes it unsafe for me to ride them or even work around them.  I paid good money for this property in an effort to get some space where I could ride my horses without neighbors interfering, and I'm right back in the same situation I was in when I lived in my old house.

I sat out on my porch with the dogs to try to catch her on her way back down the hill, but she must have gone around the block.  Someone else did ride up on a bicycle, though, and stared at me on my porch for a good five minutes.  I was about to get up and go get my camera to video him staring at me, but fortunately he made the decision to leave before I had to do that.  There were also two ATV drivers trespassing on my neighbor's property.  I'm hoping this is just a short-lived problem that will go away once the holidays are over, but somehow, I doubt it.


Camryn said...

Shoot, no answers here. I feel your pain though.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

so frustrating, I had hoped that the move to Arizona would alleviate the nosy neighbors issue, but I see it continues

Grey Horse Matters said...

Is it feasible and safe to put up barbed wire or electric fencing where they trespass? Or maybe you could just go over and have a civil conversation with them about your concerns and how dangerous they make it for you with the horses. Or you could always sit there with a shotgun across your lap...just kidding.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Last year I actually set up a chair down in the arroyo where they sneak onto my property, and I'd sit down there until I couldn't waste anymore time waiting for them. I never ran into them. The chair is still there, but it doesn't deter them. From my house I can't see anything on their property, but they can see everything I do on my property from their house. So, they could see me go down into the arroyo, but I can't see them do it. The other problem is that this is a rotating vacation home for a bunch of relatives, so when one set leaves, another set moves in, and they all trespass. I've talked to two of them in the past, and they are strange people who think they have the right to go anywhere they want because their house was the first one built in the neighborhood, and they paved the street themselves. That would be like if I let myself into my old house, slept and ate there while I am renting it out to a family. Not appropriate. If they wanted to use my land, they should have bought it themselves. This is an argument I've had with a lot of people in this neighborhood. They truly feel that because they have lived here for generations, longer than me, they have the right to use my land, even though I paid for it. I don't know how to tweak their logic. This one man spooked Gabbrielle and saw her knock me ten feet in the air, and he still keeps trespassing. They just don't care. Other people who own a lot of land around here have the same problems I do. I don't think it is worth it to buy land in Arizona between the snowbirds and off-roaders doing whatever the hell they want, and the illegal aliens passing through private land to try to sneak into our country.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

So, when the sun came up, I went down into the arroyo to follow their footprints and see the path they are taking to get onto my property. They basically went around all the tree branches and followed a wildlife trail, so I laid a line of rocks across that trail and set a "Private Property - No Trespassing" sign there to make it a little more personal. Based on the number of footprints, they've been obviously cutting through my land all week. I just happened to catch sight of one of them yesterday. So, when they head out for their walk today, they will run into a sign that wasn't there before, and they will know that I know what they've been doing. If that doesn't change their behavior, I'll move another sign down to the place where they enter on their property line to make it even more direct. What I'd really like to do is just start walking all over their backyard while they are sitting on their porch. One lady specifically came over to my house to tell me that they don't want people trespassing on their land, so that would really get their hackles up and make them realize that turnabout is fair play. Sometimes people just need to get a taste of their own medicine.

Brenda said...

What a nut job. I am a tad worried about the horses in conjunction with her behavior, though. I wish I had a suggestion for how to put an end to this.

ellie k said...

Maybe you should plant the arroyo full of blackberry vines or poison ivy or what ever vines grow there that carry thorns and grow fast. Or a poison that will make a rash and itch. You need to find something that will grow in there and take over, keep your side pruned and the other can just grow. An electric fence sounds good also.

Ian H said...

How about a big sign..."Danger keep out..Rifle range" And buy a bunch of BIG firecrackers. Set them off in a metal garbage can for better effect.

TeresaA said...

How about setting up sign that says walkin passes can be purchased - call (insert phone number). :)