Friday, December 30, 2016

Grooming and Booming

With the ground being muddy for the past week, and more rain on the way, I made it a priority to pick out all sixteen hooves and squirt some thrush treatment on them.  I also groomed each horse, but it was too cold to give baths, so the gray horses are still yellow with patches of rust smeared on their fur.

It was hard to get Gabbrielle to look at the camera, because some kids were playing off in the distance and she couldn't take her ear off them.  Despite being anxious as usual, Gabbrielle was really good about picking up each hoof before I asked and holding it in the air for me.  I give her lots of praise for doing that, because it saves my back from a lot of pain.  I probably don't even have to hold her hoof when I pick it out, because she keeps it still on her own.

However, my farrier doesn't like it.  He wants her to wait until he asks for the hoof.  I don't know why that matters.  I can see why someone wouldn't want a horse to anticipate the next move and do it under saddle without a rider's cue, but in the case of offering her feet, she's just being cooperative and thoughtful.  She's not lifting it to kick someone.  I've decided that the next time the farrier chastises her for helping him, I'll let him know that some of us worked hard to train her to do that, and I don't want him to train her not to do it.

Gabbrielle's topline used to be straight, but now she is starting to show signs of aging.  It's hard to believe, because it feels like I just bought her yesterday as a yearling.

The house behind Lostine is where the trespasser lives...

My husband did more work in the arroyo to make the trails more impassable, and I spent most of the day outside to discourage the neighbor from even attempting to trespass.  It turned out that he wasn't even home the majority of the day.  I hoped he left town after pitching his fit over not being allowed to use our land, but I saw lights on at his place tonight, so I didn't get that lucky.

I'm continually fascinated by the way I can see storms move in.  First, I see a wall of clouds off in the distance...

...then the wind picks up and it gets dark and cold.  Unfortunately, all the wind we've been getting lately has blown more cholla balls onto the trails.  I went for a very slow hike while leaning on my walking stick this morning, because I had forgotten to take my arthritis medication, but still wanted to get some exercise, and I stepped on a cholla sticker while trying to golf two others off the trail.  It was a fiasco to get out of the bottom of my boot.  Fortunately, I heard it crunch before putting my entire weight down on it, so I didn't get stabbed to the bone like I usually do.

I do appreciate that the air here is clean and we can see the stars at night.

It's looking like I may have to invest in a dozen or so diapers for Scrappy, because that dog is constantly peeing.  He can't seem to stop.  He even pees in his sleep.  At night after dinner, he asks to go out so often that I can't concentrate on getting anything done.  I spent an hour tonight trying to watch the last five minutes of a Netflix show.  I had to keep stopping and rewinding, because I'd see Scrappy sneaking around the corner of the couch, which means he's going to lift a leg on it, and I'd have to stop him and take him outside.  One time Scrappy couldn't hear me yelling his name, so Stewie ran up to him and barked really loudly to get his attention before he peed on the furniture.  He had already wet all three of his diapers and they were going through the wash.

I'm kind of at a point where I'm just not willing to take him outside this often anymore.  I just want to slap a diaper on him, let him fill it, throw it in the washer, and put a clean one on him every hour or so.  It would be expensive, but so worth it.  Some days my knees just don't work, and I can't keep getting up every few minutes.  I'm in a Catch 22, because his constant need to go outside is what keeps causing me to forget to take my medications, and then my knees and hips get inflamed, and I can't keep taking him outside because all the up and down and walking around is too painful for me.

One of my least favorite holidays is coming up and the firecrackers have already started.  I'll have to give the horses a few days to settle down after all the explosions finally subside.  I'm just thankful that Midge and Scrappy are mostly deaf.  Midge's new insulin level doesn't seem to be working out very well, because she asks to go out half a dozen times a night and drinks like a fish.  I haven't gotten more then one full night's sleep all week, so I'm having to take something to help me sleep between the fireworks and the dogs.  I'll deal with the carpet in the morning.


How Sam Sees It said...

So, just a thought on Scrappy... Our vet insisted Monty didn't have a UTI because male dogs aren't prone to them, but we kept pushing... Not only did he have a UTI, but he had an e-coli infection. We had such a huge problem with him needing to pee at all times, and not being able to hold it more than an hour or so. Monty is now back to normal and I'm actually able to sleep. I hope they settle down for you and you get some much needed rest.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yikes. I can look into that. He usually has bladder stones. They used to operate, but he's too old for that now, so they put him on a diet that is prescription and causes him to poop non-stop instead, which kind of defeats the purpose of stopping the peeing. I'm avoiding prescription dog foods at all costs, because the vets use it to force you to bring your dog in every time you need a refill, and one bag of dog food ends up costing $500 after the vet visit.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

So, I tested Scrappy's urine for a UTI, and it's negative. I think this is either bladder stones or just old age. He's losing muscle control. He's begun falling down. He's at least 17 years old now, so this isn't surprising. What is surprising is that he's lived so long. He doesn't seem ready to go yet, though. He has good days and bad days.