Thursday, December 8, 2016

This is What I Signed Up For

The weather today is heavenly.  Rock and I went trail riding in 65 degree sunshine and actually worked up a sweat.  We've got 70 degree F weather for the next week at least, if the forecast holds.  I feel like this is making up for all the awesome riding days I missed in May when I was stuck managing home improvement tasks for my neighbors.  Who knew I'd have to wait until December to get such perfect days again?  This is the weather I signed up for when moving to Arizona.

We didn't have all the mounting issues we had last time.  He did take a couple of steps after I mounted, but immediately corrected his own mistake, stopped, and waited for me to give him the cue to move off.  Our biggest trouble was at the gate.  Steering such a big, slow-to-react horse is like steering an ocean liner, and it's difficult to get him lined up straight to pass through such a narrow opening.  I had to circle him around and make a second attempt.  The posts on each side of the gate are knee height when you are riding a horse, and I've had more than my fair share of knocks on the knees by them.  However, I've learned that when I swing my leg up over the post, I risk dropping my stirrup over it and getting hung up.  Neither is a good situation, so I'd rather just abort a poor approach and try again.

Rock started out hesitant, but eventually picked up speed in both directions, toward and away from the barn.  I was curious why I hadn't run into anyone on the trails, being such a nice day.  I saw my neighbor ride out right before me, and I was at least expecting to run into her, but the desert seemed deserted.  Then Rock swung his head head around and his gigantic butt disengaged and swung unexpectedly around to follow his head, and I was taken off guard.  His attention was focused on a lady jogger coming up from behind us and off to the side.

I got him pointed back in the direction we were originally headed and encouraged him to keep going despite the sound of the slapping feet behind him.  He kept sneaking peaks over his shoulder to make sure the lady wasn't going to turn into a mountain lion and pounce on his back.  Once she passed us, we parted ways and he went back to trucking along.  He was much better going out the gate then in...

I think Rock would make a good public rental horse, because he really badly wants to follow a predictable routine.  He took me straight the hitching post without me steering him there.  I guess that's where I stopped him last time.

He's so well mannered that he won't help himself to peppermints that I leave sitting on the hitching post in front of his nose.  He waits until I specifically hand them to him.

The cuteness level is always off the charts around here.

Midge's blood test results came back a lot faster than any of the blood work I've had done on me.  I think I want to be a pampered dog in my next life.  Anyway, she doesn't have cancer.  She doesn't have adrenal failure either.  She just has an infection, which will clear up with the antibiotics, and she needed less insulin.  She didn't show signs of any typical problems you find in dogs who have had diabetes for several years, so even though we were giving her the wrong dose of insulin for a while, she didn't suffer any side effects from it.  Good news all around.


Camryn said...

He is a cutie. So glad Midge results came back good. I'd had a bitch with mammory issues, so it worried me.

ellie k said...

It is good to see your body healing, your whole outlook says "I am feeling better". Don't over do it, get the rest you need to heal. Rock is a good boy for you and you can ride again, great news.

Grey Horse Matters said...

He's a great horse. Glad you got out on the trails. Perfect weather!

Glad to hear about Midge too. Good news.