Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trespasser Wars

One thing that derailed me from being able to ride today was our local trespasser.  Since we had a sunny day, I went down to the arroyo to see if they were respecting the new location of our "Private Property -- No Trespassing" sign.  Nope.  Someone stepped right over it and removed all the branches we dragged across the trail to block them.

In my fury, I dragged all the branches back across the trail and went back to the house to write a very personal note to our trespasser.  It was a fairly respectful note, but I did call a spade a spade.

When I finished writing it and headed out to tape it to the sign, I saw that the horses were alerting on the arroyo.  My trespasser had returned, and I was about to catch him or her in the act.  I thought, "Good.  This will save me the trouble of having to tape the note to the sign.  I can just hand it to him."

As I approached the arroyo, I could hear rustling in the bushes.  He was gone by the time I reached the trail he'd been using, but he managed to throw all the branches back off the trail.  Not even a half hour had passed since I dragged them there.

Obviously, this person was watching me do it, and now he is toying with me.  The only neighbors who can see me go down into the arroyo are the snowbirds two doors down who I've seen trespassing already.  So, now I am sitting on my porch waiting for them to return to retrieve the note.

At least now I know that these people are assholes, and this is not just a matter of them innocently believing that we are okay with neighbors using our backyard for their recreational purposes.  That gives me a better idea of how to handle them.


Camryn said...

My first thought was taking up skeet shooting. Then I remembered the horses. I know I'd be seeing red in a big way & I don't anger easily!

Ian H said...

How about getting a trail cam and then sending the photos to the local constabulary?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ian - I've put a lot of thought into that one, and it would be really difficult to hide a trail cam with the types of vegetation we have around here. I suspect the trespasser would steal it or destroy it. My neighbors did that several years ago to try to catch a guy who had been dumping ATV tires on their property, and he found every trail cam and destroyed it.

I think I scared this guy enough by almost catching him in the act. He hasn't come back today. In fact, he drove off in the early morning and hasn't returned. Hopefully, he threw a tantrum over not being able to do what he wants around here and decided to go back to where he came from.