Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Changing It Up

My wish for the sun to come out came true today, and it looks like it should remain relatively dry for a while.  The forecast is constantly changing.  The last time I checked, we were supposed to have rain for the next two weeks, and now we have nothing more than a 10% chance.  I took advantage of it and rode a horse.  It's a miracle!

Rock was being pushy, constantly poking me with his nose to get me to hurry up.  Something happened to mess up the positioning of his cinch, so I had to work on it from both sides for a while.  He was annoyed.  Here he is poking me while I'm setting up the mounting stool...

He kept walking off and wouldn't hold still for me to let me get my other foot in the stirrup.  I finally got him to hold still by flexing his head from side to side, and then I worked him around the property, doing a lot of turns, circles, figure 8's, etc.  I just wanted to do something different to teach him that we don't always rush up the driveway and out onto the trails.

Once we did get out on the trails, I loosened up the reins and let him relax, as long as he stayed relaxed.  However, once he began rushing or throwing his head around, we went back to work.  I'd always turn him in the opposite direction as soon as the misbehavior started up.  Eventually, we had turned so many times that he wasn't sure which way was home, so he just settled down all together.

You done ridin' me now?

Just to drive the point home further, I lunged him with his saddle on in the round pen instead of turning him out with his buddies.

It's that time of year when I have to soften the footing with dried manure, only right now it's not so dry and only half of the round pen has been covered.  This was probably the easiest time I've ever had lunging him, because he was feeling his oats and wanted to run.  That's a rarity for him.

My trespassing neighbor was out on his land spying on me.  Last year he planted a bunch of trees on what used to be just a bushy desert lot, and now he uses the trees to hide behind when he wants to watch me.  Each time I looked directly at him, he scurried off to a different vantage point.  I did notice that he seemed to be keeping his distance from me.  He eventually appeared with a wheelbarrow and was pushing a load of trimmed branches.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from yelling out, "Hey!  Why don't you put those across the trail you've been making in my backyard?"

Last I checked, he hasn't been back to get my note.  I had to put a fresh note out there because the old one got ruined by the rain.

Amazingly, the dogs slept the entire time I was working with Rock, so there were no accidents when I got back to the house.  Also, I noticed that my headache went away when I was outside, and it came back when I was inside the house.  Our game plan is to have my husband investigate the source of the septic smell next time he's home and we run the dishwasher or washing machine.  He pointed out that the cracks in the tile floors are worse, and today I noticed that the kitchen counter top is pulling away from the wall.  It appears as if our house is splitting itself right down the middle.  If it is shifting like that, then we could have broken septic pipe under the foundation.


Crystal said...

Yay way to take advantage and get a ride in :) And the dogs cooperated too

TeresaA said...

That ride sounds like it was just what you needed.

Linda said...

Wow, that would make me want to stay outside all day! I hope you find out what's causing it. Sounds like a great ride--and you were wise to lunge afterward!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

glad you had a good ride and got some relief from the headaches! Worrisome about the septic smell though