Monday, January 23, 2017


I've been trying to get a picture of Stewie sticking out his tongue for years, and finally got it!  When he's sleepy, he pokes the tip of his tongue out.  It's so cute.

Rock says, "Howdy."

He also says that my camera strap makes a good toy.  I've been trying to train Rock to stop banging the gate as a way of saying, "Hurry up and finish cleaning so you can feed me now."

It's rude.  I wouldn't tolerate children or a coworker pressuring me like that when I'm busy, and I won't tolerate my animals doing it either.  Rock is like a prisoner banging a tin cup on the metal bars every time I try to get my chores handled, only he's not even locked up.  He's telling me to lock him up, because that's the precursor to being fed.

If I get the long whip out of the tack room and crack it at him, he and the other horses will run away and stay away, but that only works for as long as I keep the whip with me.  If I set it down somewhere, the horses will chew on it and try to break it, and I have to set it down because I need two hands to shovel manure.  They are such pests.

So, I needed a new technique to get Rock out of the barn while I'm working.  On impulse, when he began banging the gate, I yanked my shoe off my foot and threw it at him.

I know... who throws a shoe, right?  (Austin Powers reference.)

I nailed him in the neck, the shoe fell to the ground, and Rock didn't even flinch.  He just looked down and said, "Oooooh.  New toy!"

It only took two throws of the shoe for him to get the idea and stop banging.  Hopefully, he'll remember that I'm always wearing shoes, and therefore he should not continue with the gate banging behavior.

We had snow...

Well, not really.  That mountain is actually way off in the distance from where I live...

But now I know where to go next summer when I can't handle the heat.

I've been spending these dark, dreary days playing Skyrim when I can.  It's an old video game based on The Elder Scrolls that has been remastered.  They let your character ride horses and dragons.  I haven't gotten to the point where I can ride dragons, but I have bought two horses.  The first one had Rock's coloring...

It was a super cute horse, programmed to look at me each time I dismounted.  I had enough money to buy a second horse, so I got a Palomino...

All the horses are drafts.  They just come in different colors.  I stole a black and white pinto at one point and was far enough away from people that I didn't get caught and thrown in jail.  The horses are programmed to rear up and fight for you when you are under attack from the various creatures of Skyrim.  I've reloaded old save points several times when my horse was killed, because I couldn't go on without it.  Plus, it's just too sad to leave it there.  Even though they are just animated animals, they are so realistic that it's hard not to get attached.


How Sam Sees It said...

Haha - I may have to try Skyrim!

Camryn said...

I'd get addicted to that game fast. I swear Rock & Pippin are kindred spirits, loveable brats! Stu is adorable.

Crystal said...

Haha what a cute game! I love it when there is horses in my games :)

Linda said...

I don't play games, but that actually sounds fun. What mountain is that in the distance with the snow?

And yes, a shoe works just fine if that's all you have! Good work!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

It's Four Peaks from the Mazatzal Mountain Range.

Unfortunately, I think a dragon killed my Palomino yesterday. Usually, you can fast travel around, and your horse will show up waiting for you at the gate or stables of all the larger settlements, but mine didn't show up. The last time I saw it I was fighting a dragon. I guess I'll have to buy another one. I looked up some information, and apparently the horses come in five colors. It also says that "The Horses of Skyrim are modeled after the real-life Clydesdale horse but have markings of that of a Shire/Gypsy Vanner."