Monday, January 2, 2017

Rock Displays a New Talent

The neighbors rang in the new year with "firecrackers", more like explosives, Scrappy rang in the new year with vomit, and I rang in the new year with a sinus infection.  I staggered down to the barn in the morning to find two injured horses.  Lostine was limping and Rock had a cut with dried blood running down his leg.  The neighbors were more obnoxious than ever.  It sounded like they were exploding dynamite right next to my barn.  I was too sick to sit with the horses, so they just had to ride it out on their own.  The animal shelter reported in the morning how many cats and dogs were injured in relation to fireworks in our area.  That number didn't even include all the pets that ran away from home.  Why do we do this again?

It rained most of New Year's Day.  I went down to the barn in the late afternoon to clean, and allowed the horses a couple of hours to roam free and get their ya-yas out.  Rock was biting and chasing everyone, which led to an upheaval, and he found himself being attacked instead.  Bombay was chasing him, and Rock was running along the fence with Bombay at his flank.  He came upon a water trough blocking his path, so he jumped it.

It was the most beautiful, perfectly executed jump I'd ever seen from any of my horses.  The water trough is between 2 and 3-feet high and about 3-feet long.  Rock looked like a Grand Prix horse.  Years ago, I use to set up little jumps at my old place and both lunged and rode the horses over them.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm thinking that if I can keep that trespassing neighbor off my property, I'll try doing that again now that I have a bigger arena.  I've been losing interest in trail riding because all the storms we've had this year keep blowing cholla balls onto the trails.  I spend more time golfing them off than I do riding.  It's kind of like trying to part a sea of porcupines.  I don't have to worry about that in my arena.


Linda said...

Wow! He's talented. We let off some fireworks at our place--we live way out away from the city--and we were surprised that it did work up our horses. We only let off 3 and the dogs and horses were made extremely nervous. We'll never do that again. Happy New Year! I hope it gets better from here for you!

Crystal said...

Oh a jumper! that will be fun, me and my friend Susan are gonna do some fun jumping this summer...I haven't done it for years!

Camryn said...

Oddly enough it's the big show barn that has the largest display of fireworks here! I've learned to bring in early and double up on fan noise on the fourth. I'm glad they don't feel the need other holidays.

Mrs Shoes said...

That's a great idea to set up your own little obstacle course! From scratch, we have cultivated a trail system that meanders through the bush all around our property. Mr Shoes grooms the trails when needed, but in the meantime, I have diy'ed little jumps & obstacles on some trails so that we can switch it up - maybe an easy trail one day and something challenging the next, whatever we feel like. So fun to have variety; I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with.