Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Bird's Eye View

Stewie is feeling better and eating now, as opposed to running away from his food and asking to go outside every few seconds.

The home shopper who stood on the hill behind my house for half an hour pointing at stuff in my yard came back the following day and spent the entire morning scouring the grounds of my neighbor's place with a real estate agent.  He leaned against the fence and pointed at stuff in my back yard while discussing it with his agent for quite some time.  I think his wife was embarrassed, because she kept sneaking peeks into the windows of my house trying to see if anyone was watching, which I was.

My husband had gone out to talk to them before the real estate agent arrived, and he found out that they are ranchers from Arkansas and looking for just a winter home.  I was like, "Hallelujah!" because if they bought the place, it would be empty half the year, so I could have my peace and quiet and privacy restored.  Of course, I'm sure I would probably get wrangled into taking care of the property while they are away.  I was also happy because I've never met anyone from Arkansas I didn't like.

Anyway, I said to my husband, "Why are they looking at our place?  It's not for sale."

He said, "Because they like our place better than the one that is up for sale.  I wouldn't be surprised if they made us an offer.  He said our property is beautiful."

That made me feel better.  I never know if people are pointing at my manure pile saying, "That's illegal.  It's too close to x, y and z."  Or if they're complaining that the sand from my arena will blow into their house.  Or, worse yet, they could be saying that I don't take good enough care of my horses.

Anyway, he said that they have three horses, but didn't say anything about dogs.  I'm hoping that people who have horses will move in minus the dogs, unless they are quiet dogs that stay on their own property.  I'm not happy that they have an ATV, but they don't strike me at the type to race it in circles or up and down the street for hours on end.  I think they just have it for utility purposes.

I don't know if they're making an offer on the house or not.  They must have a lot of money to be looking at such a generous winter home.

I took Bombay for a quick walk out in the desert just to relieve his boredom, and he jigged and barged all the way out.  I dealt with it by stopping and letting him jig circles around me until he snapped out of it and said, "Oh yeah.  I'm supposed to be paying attention to you."

He was such a great hiking partner in years past.  I don't know what got up his butt to make him so nervous.  I guess it was those loose dogs that charged us a few weeks ago.  Lostine and Gabbrielle are also nervous wrecks when I take them anywhere.  It gets tiring having such neurotic horses.

I stopped at the mailbox on the way in, and while I was getting the mail, Bombay jumped back, puffed himself up, and looked like he was about to explode.  I looked over and saw my husband walking toward us.  Seriously?  My husband walks toward the horses all the time, but I guess because we were in the front yard rather than the back yard, it was a totally terrifying experience for Bombay.  Behavior like that makes me want to just focus on riding Rock and not waste anymore time on the Arabs.  Every year I have to start over from square one with their training, and I just don't have the time or patience for it anymore.  I had been paying horse trainers to get the Arabs over that hump each winter, but I'm just not willing to put money into it anymore either.  What's so sad about it is that Bombay has had such extensive training that he'd be the perfect horse if he were fearless, but his fear makes him useless.

This guy was perched on my neighbor's roof the other night...

I was moving around trying to find better light and less background noise, and my neighbor came around the corner of his house, saw me acting like a creeper, and he ducked back inside.  Oops.  I keep hoping to run into him so that I can explain that I was taking pictures of a hawk on his roof, and not pictures of him or his house.


TeresaA said...

Horse people for neighbours sounds good! Unless they are crazy horse people......

Camryn said...

If love raptors, though a red tailed hawk swooped down towards Ivy last week. She's our Cardi girl, feet out & ready. Fortunately, it realized a foot from her she was to big. Nearly shat myself! Wondering was it your creep neighbor who saw you getting the pix?

Mrs Shoes said...

Beautiful bird.
Haha, maybe that neighbour is getting a touch of how YOU feel being spied upon all the time!

ellie k said...

If the people are ranchers you might get a riding partner. Most ranchers can ride a horse probably. Does the house have a stable or pasture? Good luck on getting some nice country people in there that know how to act around horses and not scare them and be watching you all the time. Maybe it will be one for your side of things.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh, sorry. This was my nice neighbor, not the one who is nosy and trespasses.

Yes, it's a horse ranch with an 8 stall barn and several dry lots.

appydoesdressage said...

How cool would it be if they made you an acceptable offer on your house? You could move and try to find an even better, more remote location. I hope it works out for you!

Crystal said...

How nice it would be to have decent neighbors move in!
Great pic of the hawk they are so cool!