Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Call Me Mud

It rained throughout most of the three-day holiday weekend, so the horses were locked up in their stalls.  Gabbrielle is bad about kicking the boys out of the barn when it rains.  I think it's an odd behavior, because not only is there plenty of room for all four horses under the barn roof, but she lets them hang out in the barn when it is not raining.  So, why would she kick them out when it is raining?

I've tried letting everyone out except Gabbrielle, but then the other horses unlatch her gate and let her out, and next thing I know, the boys are standing out in the rain soaking wet and shivering.  Anyway, once we got a break in the rain, I let all four horses out to stretch their legs, and they ended up getting the fitz.  They were chasing each other around, doing all kinds of amazing acrobatics, splattering mud everywhere.

I grabbed my camera, ran out onto the porch, pushed the ON button, only to have the battery immediately die.  Huh?  Didn't I just charge this?  Oh well, it must not have had a good connection.  I ran back indoors and plugged it in to charge it again, and was about to grab my other camera, but the horses stopped their shenanigans and were staring up at a group of four people on the hillside.  The thundering hooves had attracted an audience that included a child yelling, "Look at the horsies!"

People can ruin a good photo shoot every time.  Several hours later, a rainbow formed across the front of the mountains.  This was highly unusual.  Most rainbows form over the mountains.  I had to get some pictures.  I grabbed my charging camera, pushed the ON button only to have it immediately die again.  WTH?  I tossed it down and ran for my professional camera, which I knew had all two of its batteries freshly charged.  I pushed the ON button and nothing happened.  Both batteries were dead!  Apparently, when I put my camera away after charging the batteries, the switch got flipped to ON and drained them.  How unlucky can one get?  I ran for my mobile phone in desperation, but by the time I got back outdoors, the rainbow was gone.

It turned out that my point-and-shoot camera wouldn't charge when it was plugged into the wall, but it would charge when it was plugged into a computer using the same cable.  Go figure.  However, I had to change all the power settings on my computer, because each time it started charging the camera, the computer would go to sleep and the camera would turn off.  Simple things are going to be the death of me.

Anyway, everything is officially charged up now, so hopefully I will have new photos in the future for the blog.

This is the busiest week of the year for my community between the three day weekend and the upcoming annual events happening all over the valley.  We've been struggling to find the kinds of food we like to eat at our local markets.  We often have to go to both markets in one week, because the shelves are depleted by all the tourists.  This past weekend we drove into the next city to use their grocery store, and we still couldn't get half of what we needed.  Even though it was the same store, just going to a different branch resulted in a completely different selection from what we are used to, and the organization of the store was completely different as well.  It didn't help our cause when we kept getting fly-by gassed by a mentally challenged, overweight woman in pajamas who was running around the store with a fresh load in her pants.  We just wanted to get the hell out of there.  I leave the house for an hour thinking that I'm going to get a break from all the dog feces and urine, only to have to deal with human smells.  Nauseating.

I'm hoping that all the rain we've been getting will make some people think twice about coming back next year.  I need to eat.  We're considering paying extra to order food online and have it shipped to us.  Some stores allow you to order online and pick up your groceries, but our local stores don't participate in those programs.  I guess it doesn't matter since they rarely have anything in stock anyway.  I'm thinking that if I ever move again in the future, I'm going to move somewhere boring where no one would ever want to visit on their vacation.  I keep finding these awesome rural locations with incredible views only to have everyone else and his brother discover them simultaneously or shortly thereafter.  It seems that my time to enjoy them is getting shorter and shorter due to the information highway getting the word out faster.

It would be nice if there were some truth to Yogi Berra's words:  "No one goes there anymore.  It's too crowded."

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Camryn said...

I always somehow always get the tail end of the boys antics as well. Warm weather brought the new neighbors & their Yuppers out. SIGH. I'm just hoping they don't leave them out all day while they're at work all summer again.