Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Skipped a Year, But the G.M. is Back

I'm so excited.  After searching high and low for a Gila Monster and not having a single sighting in 2016, I finally saw one today!  I should have known better.  It was the first hot day after a rainstorm, and that usually flushes all kinds of creatures out of their dens.  Still, I went outside without a camera or even a mobile phone, and I ran into him when pulling a wagon full of manure to the round pen.  He was crawling out from underneath my horse trailer, which meant that he was probably under my haystack.

He waddled over to a bush, and I figured he'd be down a hole and gone by the time I ran back to the house to get a camera.  But, at the last second, he veered off away from the bush and it would be a good minute before he reached the next bush, so I ran into my house and retrieved my now fully charged camera with zoom lens.

He was walking away from me into my neighbor's backyard.

I tried zooming in from my yard, but that definitely wasn't the money shot.  You know how I feel about trespassing, so I didn't want to go into my neighbor's yard.  So, I moved around to another vantage point right at the property line, and wouldn't you know it, my neighbor drove into his backyard right then.  This is the same guy who walked up on me when I was photographing a hawk on his roof.  He must really think I'm a creeper now.

Last I talked with him, he hadn't seen a Gila Monster in years, so I wanted to get his attention and let him know there was one in his yard right then, but he had his engine running, and I would have had to run right up to him for him to hear me.  In the time it would have taken to do that, I would have lost the G.M.

Who can resist a face like that?

Of course, I made the selfish choice to keep taking pictures.  I'll explain myself to my neighbor later and send him some photos.

The G.M. decided he had enough of the paparazzi for one day and tried to jam himself into a bush.

Just look at those little tootsies.

Missing video of the horses playing and pictures of a rainbow in front of the mountains in order to discover that all my camera batteries were dead was so worth it in order to get these Gila Monster shots.


Linda said...

That is super cool!! Worth the creeping.

Crystal said...

Great pics and he is kinda cute in a lizardy way

Camryn said...

Wow, I can't even imagine coming across one of those guys! Your neighbor is probably thinking you've got issues lol