Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bombay Found Something Blue

Bombay found the knee of an old toy of his that the wily coyotes stole and dragged out into the desert.  It was a knotted portion of blue jeans.  He found something blue, and then he found something pink...

What would any outing be without him finding a stick to chew on?

He began our journey all nervous and snorty, but as you can see by the pictures, he relaxed pretty quick.  Once he realized that we were just going on a photo shoot, and nowhere in particular, he was happy to just hang out with me.

I kept finding a lot of interesting rocks, and I'd pick them up and show them to him.  Then he'd pick up a stick and show it to me.  I forget how fun his personality is.

It was another crazy day in the neighborhood between the power company's helicopter hovering around my house just barely above the tops of the power poles for about half an hour, and the well repairman getting called back out to the house next door by the buyer, because it was still having problems, and more home buyers stopping by to watch Rock and Bombay play in my backyard.  I'm telling you, I should charge admission for the shows those boys put on.  Someone driving past almost always pulls over and gets out to watch.

Stop scrolling now if you don't want to see something gross.  This is all that's left of that rattlesnake that died trying to get under my tack room...

Bone and shredded stuff

Just as I expected, some animal found it and tried to eat it.  It's been stinking all week around my tack room.  I've just gotten into the habit of not breathing through my nose.


Camryn said...

Wonder if Bombay would enjoy a game of fetch. He's to adorable. The barn cats occasionally leave leftovers in the loft. Nasty stench!

Linda said...

ewwww...I hate rattlesnakes!! What do you use for a tack room? I was out shopping for one today. I'm looking at Hickory sheds.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - In our area we have Tuff Sheds. I'd recommend checking your weather almanac for fastest wind speeds, and then find out the wind speed rating for any shed you consider. Mine has held up just fine so far.