Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bombay's Day

Bombay has been standing at the gate all week begging me to spend time with him.  I kept promising to ride him and then forgot or get busy doing something else.  Today I remembered.  It's 85 degrees F.  The weather did what I was worried it might do.  It stayed wet and cold most of the winter and then suddenly jumped up into the 80s.  So, we are sweating like pigs and not yet acclimated to the heat.  The horses still have a lot of fur to shed.

I wanted to ride in the arena before my neighbors bring in their friends and gardeners to get rid of all the weeds in their yard, which is something they do every spring that takes several days.  Some years they bring in a bulldozer.  This year they are spraying poison.

I had to clean up all the manure out of the arena in order to ride there, and that tired me out right away.  I pushed through my exhaustion and wormed each of the horses.  Gabbrielle was being a stinker, undoing everything I was trying to do.  For instance, when I finished cleaning one end of the arena, I'd move to the opposite end to clean, and Gabbrielle would walk to the point furthest away from me and the manure wagon where I just cleaned and leave a fresh, steaming pile for me.  I was already melting, feeling like I couldn't take another step, and I'd have to walk all the way back to clean it up.  I was also locking horses in stalls as soon as they went inside, and Gabbrielle was coming up behind me, letting horses out of the stalls.  I thought I was never going to get to ride Bombay.

When I led him to the hitching post to groom him, he was breathing rapidly and looking around nervously.  I was like, "Seriously?  I just took you 20-feet away from the barn and you're freaking out already?"

So, I lunged him in the round pen until his nerves settled.  Then I rode in the arena.

I had to clean a dried up bird turd off the seat of the saddle.  I have no idea where that come from, because there shouldn't be any birds in my tack room.

Bombay spooked once when Gabbrielle grunted at Rock for biting her right when Bombay and I were riding past a bush that he was convinced had a mountain lion behind it.

It's so green outside of the arena that I considered buying a portable pen that I could move around and let the horses graze in.  However, with this heat, most of the grass will be dead in a few days.

Bombay and Lostine kissing...

See all that lush grass?  Despite pooping in all the places I cleaned right after I cleaned them, Gabbrielle still managed to dirty her stall faster that the other horses.

After our ride, I led Bombay to the front of the house to watch the windmill again...

He was like, "I'm okay with it, Mom.  I promised I won't spook anymore.  Look, I'll even help you pull weeds right next to it..."

Back to the barn...

It actually would have been a perfect day to bathe the horses, but I didn't think of it until I was in the saddle.  I only had the energy to do one or the other.

The other day I left Gabbrielle in the round pen after lunging her, because I wanted her to get used to being separated from the herd.  Once the heat sets in, she's going to start beating up the boys, so the round pen is going to be her new home.  I went down into the arroyo, called out her name and waved to her.  She flipped out and started running around with her tail up over her back, neck arched, nostrils flared, snorting and crashing into the railings.  I hoped my trespassing neighbor was sitting on his porch watching, because he claimed that he doesn't spook my horses when he's down in the arroyo.  Gabbrielle clearly knew it was me, because she could see me and hear me calling her name, and she was still freaked out.

Then I went up onto the porch of my house, which is the same distance away as where I stood in the arroyo, and I called her name and waved at her, and got no reaction at all.  Unfortunately, it turned out that the trespassing neighbor wasn't home to witness it.  He came home later and set off his car alarm right when I was leading Bombay past the back of his house.  I suspect he did it on purpose.  Now that I've told him that he spooks my horses when he trespasses in the arroyo, he's been trying to spook them on purpose.  Bombay didn't react at all to the car alarm, so the neighbor didn't get any satisfaction out of his actions.


Mrs Shoes said...

I will take the ride before the chores any day now; I used to do the chores first & found that sometimes I left the riding for too late. The older I get, the more I believe it's okay to put enjoyment in front of tedium; which is not to say the chores disappear, just that I know the poop will still be there when I get back, & I'm okay with that. :-)

Mrs Shoes said...

p.s. That asshole neighbour who is TRYING to spook your horses deserves a kick in the junk. What kind of jackass purposely tries to get you hurt?

Crystal said...

Ugh your neighbors.

But glad you got a ride in anyways

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I agree with the ride before chores method, except for where there are piles of poop right where I need to ride and the horse I'm riding evades stepping in poop by veering to the side or jumping it.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

why in the world would someone "Try" to spook your horse? just a jerk?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sherry - You would have had to read earlier posts. Long story short, the guy was trespassing on my property daily, I kicked him off, one of my many reasons being that he kept spooking my horses, making it dangerous for me to work around them and ride them on my own property. Now he's focused on getting revenge on me for taking his hiking route away from him.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

what a jerk! Yes I missed that I have been a bit out of the loop of late