Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I Got Sunshine

My other plans for the morning didn't cooperate with me, so I took Rock for a trail ride.  He was super obnoxious about walking off as soon as I climbed up onto the mounting block, but once I was on, he was perfectly well behaved during the ride.  He popped his head up when he first saw the windmill, but then relaxed once he remembered what it was...

Of course, a big wind had to come up right when I was riding past it, but Rock didn't react to it suddenly coming alive.  Three other horseback riders rode near it yesterday and they survived.

There are still a few mud puddles left from last weekend's rain...

I forgot to have Rock look at the windmill coming from the other direction off the trails on the way home while I had him by the lead rope yesterday.  Right on cue, a big wind came up, and the propeller spun wildly as we were approaching it.  Again, Rock popped his head up for a second and then relaxed and walked past it.

What can I say?  It was a perfect ride.  I noticed a new vehicle parked at the trespassing snowbird's house.  I think this is the danish lady showing up to stay a few months.  That means I'll be cleaning out water troughs every day, because she throws bread products out for the birds every day, and the ravens dunk them in my horse's troughs.  Then the horses won't drink the water, so I have to dump everything, scrub the troughs and refill them.  It's too bad horses won't drink out of straws so I could put a lid on the water troughs.  I know this lady tends to go back to where she came from when it gets consistently above 90 degrees, and it's looking like that's where we're headed soon, so maybe her stay will be short-lived this spring.  One can only hope.

I'm trying to solve a mystery problem.  Some animal keeps coming into my dogs' yard every evening at dusk and spraying its scent everywhere.  Then I can't get my dogs to focus on relieving their bladders, because they are so distracted by the scents.  They run around with their tails wagging swiftly, sniffing everything in sight.  We usually have dogs asking us to take them outside every 15 minutes after their dinner for about four hours straight, and it's miserable.  I can't ever see an entire TV show or eat my own dinner without getting interrupted by the dogs.  If I could stop whatever it is that is leaving its scent, we could just go out once an hour and be done with it.

I haven't seen that Pitbull and his buddy around for a while.  I think they are gone.  Either the scent-leaver is a coyote, or its a dog walker's dog, because whatever this animal is, it pees on the tree trunks.  Everyone in the neighborhood seems to come out and walk their dogs in front of my house right around sunset.  The problem is that I'm running around feeding my dogs and horses at that time, so I can't be paying attention to who is doing what.  I decided to just start feeding the dogs and horses before sunset, so that I can sit on the front porch and watch people to see if any of them let their dogs pee on my property.  Then I'll have a talk with them about what a hassle it is for me to get my own three dogs to pee after their dog has peed in my yard.

I know that last year there was a snowbird who would walk her dogs off leash across the desert and come specifically to my house to let her dogs pee and poo on my property.  I guess she didn't want to dirty the hiking trails?  I laid in wait for her a long time, but never caught her in the act.  I suppose she could be back.  If it's her, I'm going to hand her my manure fork and say, "You owe me for all of your dog's poop I've had to clean up.  My barn's down there.  Get to work."


TeresaA said...

That ride looked fabulous! I am so jealous.

Camryn said...

Looks like a wonderful day for a wonderful ride. I was wondering if an aquarium fish net would be of help with straining undesirables from the trough? They're of a very fine mesh, camryn liked to rinse her mouth after eating feed.

Mrs Shoes said...

I use a mesh strainer to clean out the water fountain in between scrubbings.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Come on, you guys. We've been through this before. Mesh strainers and nets won't work because the bread breaks up and scatters into a million chunks. This isn't just one slice of bread. It's usually a whole bakery that's been dynamited. It's not the same as fishing out a whole bird or bits of hay. I don't know if the ravens shred the bread before depositing it or if the bread just falls apart when it gets wet. At any rate, it would take less time for me to dump it, clean it and fill it than it would to fish out each chunk. I've thought about making a contraption that covers the entire bottom of the tank with fine mesh that I can just pull up and out to dump, but the horses destroy anything they can sink their teeth into. Most days I can't even fill the water troughs without the horses yanking the hose out and spraying water everywhere. Everything's a toy for their pleasure.

On another note, that same old couple who has already looked at the house next door half a dozen times is back looking at it again. Their real estate agent must be a saint. I'd be kicking them to the curb as clients for taking up so much of my time and being indecisive. They've been there two hours this morning already and every time I walk outside, they are standing at the fence pointing at things in my back yard or peering at me over the patio wall. I thought I was alone, and I was talking to my horses when the horses alerted on the patio. I looked over and there was this head peeking over to look at me. Obviously, if they buy the house, they won't allow me any privacy. They're taking pictures of everything. I'm almost a point where I want to go tell them something awful about the property or the neighborhood just to make them go away. I mean, who needs to scour a property over a period of three months in order to make up their mind on whether or not to buy it? They strike me as the type of neighbors who would suck up all of my time, because they have no sense of time. If I were their age, I'd be speeding things up.