Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Hiking We Will Go

We had a couple of unseasonably cool days this weekend and took advantage of them by taking a couple of short hikes.  The first one was along some trails just beyond a park.  A lot of horseback riders use these trails, but my husband and I were the only ones using them that day.

The second trail we took headed up into the mountains toward a cave I can see from my house, but we only went halfway, because the trail gets super rocky and treacherous in the second half, I already had blisters from my hiking boots, and it was all I could do to keep my knee from sliding around and zapping my nerves.

Sniff it.  I dare ya.

There's always somebody who has to build a house in the middle of a pristine area.

The stripped land is Mt. Trashmore, our local dump.

This is where the trail got too thin, snaky (as in rattlesnakes), and rocky, so we turned back.

Nobody died here.  It's just a trail marker.  Although a lot of people have died hiking these trails over the years for various reasons.  We met a couple of teenage boys who were carrying a large supply of bottled water and who offered us some.  We had our own, but a lot of locals do bring extra water for tourists who don't realize how fast you can get dehydrated in the desert.

A rare selfie.

Raven enjoying saguaro bloom.


Camryn said...

My daughter recently had her first venomous snake ncounter. A very large cottonmouth trapped under landscape netting along the road in a neighbors yard. It's now crossed to the other side. Love your selfie,

TeresaA said...

Nice to see your selfie! What a beautiful trail.

Crystal said...

I love cactus blooms! Love the selfie you look so happy :)

Linda said...

Love the selfie!

It seems like all the beautiful things in the desert also have a prickly side. Lol. So yeah, we were the tourists who forgot water last December and noone brought us any. :( I was not a happy camper, and I cut our walk short because of it.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - Before I moved here, I was also the tourist who didn't bring water. I thought I was going to find a quick letterbox near the parking lot, got several miles into the preserve before finding it, the sun started setting on us, and we had to find our way back to the parking lot at dusk with no water. The person who hid the letterbox didn't do a good job of explaining how far into the park it was located, and with it being February, I didn't expect to get dehydrated. I remember we found a Snapple dispenser machine at a motel, and that was the most delicious and appreciated drink we ever had.

Brenda Lacy said...

Great selfie! I'm surprised to read some of the locals in your area are bringing extra water for tourists when the locals who hike in my area (Papago buttes and camelback mountain) don't bring enough for even themselves.

Linda said...

I took a shorter trail because I was worried we'd get lost and the same thing would happen.