Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bathing Beauty and Construction

I got myself a mule!  Not really.  That's just Rock when he's wet.

See how his tail dragged on the ground?  Once I moved his hooves off it, I trimmed it...

Rock is pleased that he's not longer walking on his own tail.

I can't believe how good this horse is with everything.  He's the only horse I own who allows me to spray him down with a spray nozzle on the end of the hose.  All the others will only tolerate a light flow of water with no spraying.  Rock allowing me to use the nozzle helps cut his bathing time in half, and I always know that all the shampoo has been rinsed well from his fur.  The other three horses were begging me to bathe them, but I didn't have it in me today.

I had a lot on my plate this morning and was trying to prioritize since I knew there wouldn't be enough hours in the day to get it all done.  I wanted to squeeze in a trail ride, because my neighbor informed me that he's going to be starting a couple of demolition and construction projects soon.  I wanted to ride while I can before big trucks and power tools take over the path I take to get out to the bridle trails.  This is the same neighbor who prevented me from being able to ride last spring about this time, because he was doing a slew of home improvement projects and needed me to supervise them.  His timing is atrocious.

He also informed me that the home buyer who backed out of his contract changed his mind again and is now back in negotiations to buy the house.  I wasn't happy to hear that, because this is that nosy guy who's been loitering along the perimeter of my property staring into my backyard several times a week for the past couple of months.  However, he seems to be the lesser of two evils, because the only other person who showed an interest drives a super loud motorcycle, wants just one and a half acres of the five, and wants to build his own house on it.  If that happens, I'm moving.  I did not chose to live in this neighborhood so that people could subdivide their properties and I could have houses being constructed all around me.

I hate construction.  I just want things to be settled and quiet.  I moved out of my last neighborhood in part because all these city people kept buying houses out in the country and remodeling them to fit their sensibilities.  As a result, there was this constant din of construction noises while roofs were being replaced and RV garages were being built all around me.  Totally annoying.  Every time I look at my old neighborhood from satellite view, I see several more houses with paved driveways, room additions, and rock landscaping.  It's not the ranching neighborhood it used to be.  Most of the barns and corrals have been torn down.  It's sad to see the demise of rural living happen so quickly.

Anyway, I remembered that I promised myself that I would trim Rock's tail before I ride him again, and I didn't want to trim his tail until I bathed him.  It wasn't quite hot enough to do that yet, so I turned in my tax forms at the accountant's office,  and then tried to go to a park to look for painted rocks.  However, I couldn't get a parking spot without pulling an illegal maneuver, and of course there was a cop parked right there watching me, so I kept going to the next park.  But I couldn't get into that park either, because of road construction.  Did I mention that I hate construction?

Of course, this was on a nice road that didn't even need any repairs.  Anyway, I drove to a third park feeling bitter that every time I try to find rocks, as opposed to hiding them for others to find, something gets in my way.  I made it to the third park, but as soon as I started walking across the lawn, they turned on the sprinklers.  Really?  I was beginning to wonder if I should just tuck my tail in between my legs and go home.  I had so many other better things to do, but since I was in the neighborhood, I thought I was actually going to get to go rock hunting.  Since I wasted all that gas driving around, I decided to follow through and finish looking for rocks at the third park.  I got lucky because one artist had just hidden a bunch of them an hour before I arrived.  I found a bunch, but only kept one.

My next big project is to clean out all the wooden pallets so that I can order more hay.  Then the hay truck can come and add to the noise of all of my neighbor's construction.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Rock is a great horse. I'm sure he appreciates his tail being trimmed. Nice you finally found your rock! It's like finding the hidden eggs for Easter!

Crystal said...

It is sad that the rural neighborhoods are going to city. They are actually working on bylaws here about where there can be acrages and the sizes of them to stop them from being everywhere and taking over the farms/ranches.

Oh I wanna bath my horses so much but its way too cold here so far.

Linda said...

Good job bathing Rock and trimming his tail was long!! He's a good boy. I haven't given any of mine baths yet--been too cold. I did go out and buy everything I need though. I set up a cleaning caddy in my new Cowgirl Cave. My mom paints and hides rocks in our area. She is also a member of a page where people post the rocks they find and it seems like someone is finding one of her rocks every day. Today's find was an egg shape rock,painted like an easter egg and placed in a plastic egg. A little boy found it. Yesterday's rock was a painting of a couple of VW bugs. Right after the family found it, they got in a car accident and apparently the little boy was talking the policeman's ear off about his rock. Lol. (Everyone was okay.)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - Your mom must be a prolific rock painter. That's good that people actually do take the time to post about the rocks they found. Usually, when I hide mine, they disappear and I never find out who found them despite the label on the back instructing the finder to post a picture of the rock to our FB group. Although, there have been a couple of times where it took someone weeks to find one of mine, because I tend to hide them in more difficult locations. Most of the rock painters in my group hide in the same spots over and over, so they take the fun out of finding them for other group members, and their rocks get scooped up right away. My favorite part of finding is the hunt. I like a challenge, but if we don't know if someone already found the rocks we are looking for, we can be wasting our time. Our group still has some wrinkles to iron out.