Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Breaking News Out West

This is partly why I miss my old hometown.  Here's a Facebook post from the local newspaper:

Muller Lane is closed due to about 100 cows blocking the roadway, according to reports on the police scanner. We will post more information as we hear it.

The comments were hilarious...

What are they protesting?

So no cars are mooooooving?

OMG, it's a dreaded rural gang!

Moovalous dahling!

They're grass fed so they won't eat the pavement.

Gotta love where we live!

Where is Billy Crystal when needed?

It's good that life is normal in this part of the country.

Beats L.A. traffic.

The place has become so citified that I expected to see some complaints about ranchers, so it was good to see that most people appreciated it.

I also saw that someone on Facebook posted our local forecast, and I immediately gathered my boots and spurs to go for a ride while I still can.  Basically, a few weeks ago it was supposed to be in the 70's for as far as I could see.  But then we got one or two days in the 80's and all of the sudden the forecast showed 80's for the next 10 days.  Now, all of the sudden it has jumped up into the 90's with a few days pushing 100 degrees.  This is way too soon for it in mid-April.  I thought we'd catch a break after how long last summer drew out.

If there's one thing I've learned, once we break 100, we don't go back down until November.  I'm not ready to quit riding.  I had so many plans.

Rock has finally gotten good at not only holding still for the mount, but not moving a single hoof until I say so.  I want to continue to experience that pleasure a little longer before he has to be retired for the summer, and we have to start all over again in the fall teaching him to hold still.

My neighbor at the end of the street runs some kind of construction business, and he recently hired a bunch of employees, so we've got this convoy of pickup trucks racing up and down the street multiple times a day.  My helmet cam happened to catch one on film.  I hate it when they show up right when I'm trying to cross the street, because I have to stop Rock, and then the next time we ride, he automatically stops on the driveway and refuses to cross the street until the convoy of trucks passes.  There's nothing I can do to convince him that it's a different day, and on this day there are no trucks coming.

You may have noticed that our windmill is missing from its post.  The wind broke it, as was expected, so now it is sitting in the garage.

Yesterday I was trying to get the dogs to go pee, and one of our habitual lurkers cruised up the street on his motorcycle really slowly to sneak yet another look at the house for sale.  I guess the first twenty times he looked at it wasn't enough.  My dogs had never seen a motorcycle before, because this guy hadn't driven past when they were outside, so they went nuts.  I had to drag them back into the house without them peeing.  I wish people who don't have any business in our neighborhood would just go away.  If you can't afford the house next door, stop doing drive-bys.  It's obnoxious for those of us who have to live here, and it makes me nervous.  We've had a string of burglaries and rapes in the area lately.

I saw that my neighbor tore down the real estate sign because he was mad at his agent for having too many typos and legal mistakes in their contract.  He put up some "for sale by owner" signs in its place.  I don't know if that means the sale is no longer pending or if he's just putting that sign up until escrow closes.  He's been brush painting the exterior of his house and barn all day every day for the past week.  He just did that six months ago, and a year before that.  Fortunately, Rock only gawks at him up on his ladder instead of spooking and bolting back to the barn.  I wouldn't have been able to ride at all this past week if there were the case.

Rock did throw his head up and hesitate about something off in the distance...

All I saw were the flags in front of the school blowing in the wind.  But Rock seemed to be tracking something that was moving.  Even though I was higher up than him, I couldn't see anything.  For the most part, we are alone out there, because not many people ride their horses, hike, or bicycle in this heat.  I did eventually hear dogs barking.  I left about an hour earlier than usual because of the heat, so perhaps I caught the tail end of the trail usage.

My trail riding time has become my "me" time when I truly feel at peace.  When I'm home, I have to deal with the dogs constantly interrupting me and pestering me to take them outside, but when I go for my trail ride, they automatically go to sleep and I can usually return home without accidents on the floor.

I really needed this trail ride after the dogs' breakfast this morning.  I carried Scrappy to his food dish and he immediately dry heaved over it.  I scooped him up to take him outside, and then remembered that I can't leave the other dogs' food unattended or diabetic Midge will eat it and get sick.  Each dog has its own diet for its own health problems, and I put Scrappy's various medications in his food, so that would be really bad if another dog got a hold of it.  I had to put Scrappy down and pick up all the dog bowls to put on the counter before taking him outside, even though the other dogs weren't done eating.  He threw up and then peed and pooed... and peed and pooed again... and peed and pooed again.  There was no end to it, so I went into the garage and sat down to wait because my knees were killing me.  I just kept an eye out for coyotes, javelina, bobcats and rattlesnakes that might try to sneak up on my dog.

Later, the dogs were taking forever to eat their breakfasts and I was starving.  I fixed something for myself and as soon as I sat down to eat, Scrappy and Stewie got into a fight, so I had to leave my food to break it up.  Next thing I knew, Scrappy had descended on Stewie's bowl and Midge had descended on Scrappy's bowl while Stewie was cowering under a pile of pillows, so I had to grab the bowls.  By the time I got back to my breakfast, it was inedible, so I had to throw it out.

I tried going to the bathroom, but the dogs stopped me by insisting that they had to go outside.  After I brought the last one back in, I tried to get out the door to feed the horses, and the dogs wouldn't let me out because they insisted they had to go out again, even though it was just a few seconds after I brought them in.  I don't know what all the nervous energy was about, but I was at my wits end with it, so I shoved them aside and pushed through the door.  I said, "Contrary to popular belief, the world does not revolve around you guys.  I have hungry horses down at the barn.  You'll have to use the carpet if you are sick."

You know it's bad when I prefer that the dogs mess the floor.  I must have warmed up my coffee a dozen times because I had to keep leaping up to deal with dog problems.  I eventually gave up and just poured the coffee down the drain.  That was in the morning.  Then I attempted to drink another cup of coffee in the afternoon, and all the dogs immediately woke up and began pestering me to take them out.  That cup ended up getting tossed too.

It's like living in an insane asylum.  Midge kept us up most of the night because she was restless and pacing.  She'd lie down, start snoring, and then leap up like she had been shocked, run around the house several times, and then pass out again.  We realized that she was having a reaction to too much insulin, even though her food intake and insulin hadn't changed since the doctor's last orders, so we kept feeding her until she finally fell asleep.  I can't even express how difficult it has been dealing with both Scrappy's kidney and thyroid failure at the same time that I'm dealing with Midge's erratic diabetic swings.

All I can do is be thankful that the dogs go to sleep when I ride my horses.  Rock remembered that the last time I rode him I turned him toward the pretty purple flowers so that I could get a photo, so he took me over there again today...

It's like he understands that I need to lose myself in pretty flowers every once in a while.  Either that or he just wanted to eat the dried grass on the other side of the wall.

One of the reasons why I don't advertise my photography business anymore is because photography is physically demanding, and I can't do half the moves I need to perform to get the shots.  Yesterday while I was trying to take a picture of Rock in his bridle without the halter underneath, I crouched down without thinking, and couldn't get back up.  My knees can't lift my own weight, so I had to fall backwards onto my butt, turn over onto my hands and knees without getting the camera in the sand, and then crawl over to the barn railings to pull myself up.  My neighbor was up on his ladder.  I'm assuming he didn't see that, because he probably would have come over to help.  Sometimes I'm amazed that I can still ride horses.  Rock has come to expect me to drag my leg over his rump when I dismount.  He's even used to inadvertently getting poked by my spurs when I do it, and he understands that does not mean to go.  He's also good about holding still when I lose my balance and fall during the dismount, so that he doesn't step on me.  I couldn't ask for a better horse at this phase of my life.

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