Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Little Buddy Came to Visit

While I was cleaning stalls I happened to glance up and see my little buddy waddling across my driveway.  All I had was my mobile phone for pictures, and I have no idea what settings the camera was using, so that quality of the photos is not as good as usual.

He didn't hiss at me, but I could tell that he was getting stressed having me nearby taking photos.  The phone's camera doesn't have the same zoom capacity as my Nikons, so I had to get in close.  The GM was trying to get into holes in the ground and the stone wall to get away from me, so I left him alone and he was able to finish his trek.  I was glad about the timing of me letting him go, because shortly after that a pack of coyotes showed up in my backyard.


Camryn said...

A face only the another could love 😖

TeresaA said...

oh how cool! What does he eat? bugs? Mice? Snakes?

Brenda Lacy said...

Yay! I'm glad you finally had a visit from another (or the same) Gilda Monster. You really have the Midas touch in spotting our native reptiles. When I'm out looking for the wild horses all I ever see are roadrunners and a rare coyote. No snakes. No geckos. No Gila Monsters. I'm glad this one was able to get into a hole before the coyotes appeared.