Monday, April 17, 2017

Two Horse Tack Western Bridle and Reins

I am honored to have the opportunity to review Two Horse Tack's western bridle (full browband) made with Beta BioThane with bling.  The great thing about Beta BioThane, besides that fact that it is durable, waterproof, and low maintenance, is that it can come in a variety of colors.  I've always admired blogger Lytha's white tack, so I chose white with blue rhinestones for bling, even though I knew it wouldn't match my leather western saddle and brown and tan saddle pad.  I didn't care.  I wanted white and blue.  After taking pictures, I realized that I have so many purple accessories -- purple horn bag and purple quirt -- that purple would have matched.  But I was in the mood for white and blue.  This tack is affordable, so I can always get purple later.  Check out all the colors on their webpage.

I had Rock model his bridle and reins after his bath.  He was quite the ham.

Look at that flirt.  He's pushing centerfold material here.

I really like the roller buckles, because I'm a spaz and it takes a lot of fumbling for me to do simple tasks that require small motor skills.  I can use all the help I can get.  My bridle came with Chicago screws where you attach the bit, but you can swap those out for other options, such as roller buckles, leather ties, or quick change snaps.  The bridle is customizable in so many ways.  There's no point in picking up whatever is available in your local feed store when you can custom order what you need online and have it shipped to your door in a few days.  You can even switch out the no-rust stainless steel for brass.

The throatlatch and cheekpieces are adjustable.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to return bridles to stores because the throatlatch wasn't long enough to wrap around Rock's big jowl.  This one had room to spare.  They have many different sizes, so if your horse isn't just a common "horse" size, you can get something bigger or smaller.  They even allow for a custom size, but they offer so many variations, you probably won't need it.

You can even pick between a black or white thread color for the stitching, and the product is hand-stitched!

I was hesitant about ordering rhinestones, because I was worried that the metal on the back would get hot in the Arizona sun and burn my horse when it touches his skin, however the rhinestones are completely inlaid.  It's just pure Beta BioThane against your horses skin, and that material is soft, smooth, and pliable.

You can get matching reins, breast collar, curb straps, and curb chain.  If you click on their "Other Items" page, you'll see that they can also make cruppers, cavessons, hobbles, girth extenders, martingales, lunge lines, and even saddle pads.  There's a special section for harness gear as well for those of you who like to drive.  I was only expecting to receive the bridle to review, but I was so happy to also be provided with the matching reins.  What more was there to do but to go for a spin and try them out?

Rock was ready for his trail ride, but he was also willing to ham it up for a full tack photo shoot.

The reins they sent me were perfect for my type of trail riding.  They were single loop ten-footers.  I like that the rhinestones add a little weight up by the bit.

I wasn't sure if switching from yacht rope reins to Beta BioThane would feel weird or not, but once we got going, I didn't even notice them in my hands.  It felt natural.  I rode both with two hands and one hand on the reins, and it was easy to grip them either way.  In fact, it was probably easier to grip them than with some other reins.

I know that a couple of times Rock misbehaved and stopped to graze on something, but I didn't lose the reins when he ducked his head down to the ground.  I was able to pull his head up quickly and keep moving.

I used to ride in split leather reins years ago, and then switched to yacht rope loop reins because the split leather kept slipping out of my grip.  That was about the time I started having trouble mounting from the ground, so if I lost a rein and no one was around to help me get it back, I had to dismount and walk home.  Of course, now I know the simple solution would have been to keep treats in my horn bag and get the horse to reach back toward my hand to get the treat so I could grab the rein.  I still had problems with the yacht rope occasionally getting away from me, but the single loop saved me.  I usually had time to grab it before  it got over the horse's head.  So, it's nice to have rein material that's easy to grip and not so quick to slip out of my weak grasp.

Another thing I liked about the Beta BioThane reins was that the excess didn't keep looping itself over my saddle horn the way the yacht rope reins did while I was riding.  I think I'll make these new Two Horse Tack reins my go-to set.

I had to show you one more shot of just the bridle without my rope halter underneath...

So pretty.  As far as cleaning goes, they say that soap and water should do the trick, but you can also run this tack through your washing machine inside a laundry bag or pillowcase, or on the top rack of your dishwasher with no dry cycle.  

If you would like to sign up for the Two Horse Tack Newsletter, you can do that by clicking on the link.

Just by reading this review, you have earned yourself a coupon for 10% off, which is good for any item in the store.  Have at it!


Linda said...

Anything looks good on Rock! He's quite the model.

TeresaA said...

Rock is looking snazzy! I think that he likes it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a handsome ham! The perfect model for those reins and bridle.

lytha said...

Hey, I was reading your post from today (22nd April) and said, "Is that a white bridle!!??" YAY! I have to tell you, in the year 2002? I saw my first white biothane bridle, and it was a friend of mine's. She had it on a bay Arabian with a white blaze and 4 white feet. I laughed at her at first, "Are you going to a wedding?" And then a moment later fell in love with it. Now it's much more common, but I still love the white.

My white is no longer white, it has faded to yellow, and I'm pissed cuz it's only 3 years old and the company refused to exchange it. So I need a new manufacturer. Perhaps yours. I also like the stainless roller buckles, gotta have stainless on white, learned the hard way. I wonder if your reins will become slippery if it rains or if your hands sweat. I have one set of beta biothane reins with no grips and I can only use it if it's dry and cool out!

People say "White on a white horse" and I recently figured out that chestnuts can wear brown, and blacks can wear black, so why not: ) I wash mine in the sink.

The bling is so Rock, with his mane and tippy ears.

Candace Keach said...

I'm a huge fan of the Beta Biothane. I'm an even bigger fan of Two Horse Tack. I love their product and its so affordable. My horse wears the black biothane with red overlay and it looks stunning. What iove too, is that it's all a matched set: bridle, reins, breast collar, and crupper. If I could post a picture I would. You will not be disappointed with beta biothane, not even for a minute.
Not only do I have what is listed above but I also have two bitless bridles in brown and black. I'll keep my leather saddle but I'll never go back to leather tack. This biothane cleans so easily, it's soft and supple and so easy to hold on to. Can't say enough about it. Go check out Two Horse Tack. They make your product when you order it and still get it to you in just a few days. They are also very helpful.