Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Sunday Ride

I was looking forward to Sunday because our temps were forecasted to drop drastically.  On Friday we set a record high at 107 degrees for May 5th.  However, on Sunday a cold storm moved in, dropping the temps down into the 70s, and busting my belief that once it gets into the triple digits it stays there for the next 4 to 6 months.  The temps have been really extreme and unpredictable this year, offering one more argument that global warming is happening and is an imminent threat to life as we know it on earth.

In addition to the drop in temps, I was looking forward to Sunday because my neighbor who has been fixing up the house next door for the past four weeks was scheduled to fly back to his new home, which meant that I would no longer have to contend with him popping out from behind things, climbing ladders, and running power tools right when I ride past his house.  However, wouldn't you know it, the neighbor on the other side of me decided to do some work on his well, which is right next to my driveway, on Sunday morning.  Weekends in general are usually not a good time for me to ride, and then add in that we are in that time of year when cool temps are few and far between, so when it is nice out, everyone and his brother is out.

The dogs got me up before my body was ready to wake up, and they were peeing on the carpet while I was trying to gather them to take them outside.  There was no time for me to get dressed, use the bathroom, or brush my hair before taking them out, and sure enough, I ran right into my neighbor at 6:00 AM.

I caught a break in the activity when Rock finished his breakfast.  He was a stinker about holding still for the mount.  All it takes is one week off from riding and we have to start all over with that training.  Once I mounted, he rushed up the driveway and ignored my cues to stop so that I could get my boot in the other stirrup, so I pulled his head around and made him walk around the property a little bit.  I wasn't happy about having to do that, because I heard a rattlesnake rattling while I was mounting, but could not locate where it was.  The sooner we got off the property, the better, but I couldn't let Rock get away with calling the shots.

Once out on the trails, I was frustrated to see that someone tore up the desert on his ATV, which is illegal in this location.

All the places where the tire tracks veer off the trail and where the axle width is narrower than that of a truck is where they drove.  There were several places where they did donuts over and over and just completely shredded the plant life.  The only way someone can get into this part of the desert is if they cut a fence.  I had heard an ATV engine one night in front of my house, but didn't investigate, because sometimes those engines can be so loud that they may be a block away driving up and down a street and sound like they are doing donuts in front of my house.  Well, this time I probably should have investigated.  Oh well, now that I'm aware of the problem, I'll be ready for them next time.

There's just no excuse to do that, because there are so many designated locations around here where people can legally drive their ATVs away from horseback riders.

I had to keep the ride short, because something snapped in my hip when I mounted.  What happens is that my muscles get used to stretching a certain way when I limp, and then when I need to throw my leg over the saddle, the muscle isn't flexible enough to do so.

When I returned to our backyard, I was taken by surprise by Stewie barking and charging us.  Midge was also there, but she was too blind and deaf to notice us.  My husband had taken the dogs into the backyard off leash.  He ordered Stewie to sit, and Stewie stopped in his tracks, and then ran to my husband.  Rock wasn't scared, but I was worried that Stewie would get stepped on.  He's a small dog as is, but from horseback he looks really tiny.

Love those clouds.

Lostine has been taking forever to finish her hay, so I'm thinking she may have dental problems.  I remember last year Bombay had a lot of dental problems, and I was warned that the following year it would be Lostine's turn to get a lot of work done.  I don't know if my vet even has an equine dentist to assist her this late in the spring.  She only partners up with a dentist in the spring and fall.  I'll just call on Monday and try to set something up.  It's really hard to focus on the horses when the dogs are requiring so much veterinary attention.

I've tried explaining to people how hard it is for me to get anything done or go anywhere with the dogs in their current states, but nobody really gets it.  I've been having miserable acid stomach issues, and have been trying all these different things to stop it.  Then it hit me that my problem is that I can never just eat a meal.  The dogs are constantly interrupting me to take them outside, and then my food gets cold or warm or soggy or whatever, and I don't want to finish eating or drinking it.

It's really important that I get to eat a meal in peace every once in a while or all that acid is going to chew right through my stomach.  My husband tells me to just eat and ignore the dogs, but that's hard to do when they are peeing or pooping or vomiting on the carpet right in front of me every time I eat.  If I put them out in the kennel, they bark the entire time, so I can't relax.  If I go into a separate room and close the door, they scratch at the door, so that I can't relax.  If I put them in crates, they chew and scratch at the bars until they bleed, so I can't relax.

My neighbor's wife was trying to get me to make time to go out to dinner with her husband, because she was worried that he was lonely, and I tried explaining to her how hard it is for me to leave the dogs alone in the house for very long.  I do go out to eat every once in a while, but only in local restaurants and only when it's not storming, and only when the dogs are stabilized.  She and her husband will only eat in restaurants in an upscale neighborhood that is an hour drive away one way.  I would need three hours and a spare $100 to go out to eat with him.

Then I talked to her husband and I was explaining how hard it is for me to take care of all these horses and dogs with my arthritis pain, and he said that he noticed that every time he drove past my house, either me or my husband was outside with the dogs on a potty walk.  That's saying a lot, because he did a lot of driving back and forth when he was here.  When my hip is locked up and my leg can't move, it's difficult getting up and down, going in and out every few minutes with those dogs and their incontinent bladders and upset stomachs.

But, people just don't get it.  When I bring up the subject, I'm not looking for sympathy.  I know nobody cares.  I also know that talking about your health problems is the quickest way to clear a room.  However, when I do bring it up, it's because I'm looking for some understanding so that people will stop asking me for favors and stop expecting me to operate at a faster rate or on a level higher than I am capable of doing.  I can't do what most people can do, because I'm handicapped by both my health and my circumstances.  Still, I find that after I explain my situation, people still pressure me to do things that are out of my realm of capabilities.  Sometimes these favors are stuff I can do, but not without sacrifice.  I pay for it in some way -- either through pain or through loss of time or through having to deal with the consequences of not being home to handle the constant dog problems.

I'm at a point where I don't want to let anyone inside my house, not just because of the mess and stench, but because when people see my dogs, I get comments like, "They look fine to me."

I want to respond by saying, "Oh, then you wouldn't mind dog sitting for a while?", grabbing my keys and telling them I'll be back in an hour or two.  See how well they handle it.

I'm thankful for that occasional horseback ride so that I can get away from it all.


Crystal said...

Ya that is frustrating. I have intermittent hip and back pain, most people don't know that is bothers me almost everyday but I just don't share cause I don't want their stories of what to do to help it.

Its just the way it is now for you and that's what it is, I'm glad you have a Rock to just ride whenever you can have time to.

Linda said...

Glad you got a reprieve from the heat and got a ride in. We've had one of the coldest and wettest years on the books. They told us that with global warming we could expect a rise in Temps and we were all looking forward to it, but it definitely has not panned out that way.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The name "global warming" makes it sound like temps should rise, but it actually leads to a general instability of weather and temps, so either extreme is suspect.