Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mr. Snorty

After having Mr. Tippy Tappy Scrappy keep me awake most of the week with his toenails on the tile, I passed out last night from exhaustion and never let the horses out of their stalls.  That made them restless, so they woke me at 5:00 AM by banging on whatever they could to make noise.  That meant they got fed early and I was able to make it out onto the trails early.

Rock was feeling slightly anxious, which of course, is barely noticeable when it comes to Rock.  He was snorting quietly all the way down the trail and his muscles were tense.  He did alert on something off in the distance a few times, but I couldn't see anything.  That doesn't mean nothing was there, though.  Rock usually knows what he's talking about.  Sometimes I think he is Super Horse, who can see, hear, and smell for miles.

Since there didn't seem to be anything in our immediate environment that should have disturbed him, I chalked it up to him being locked in his stall all night and having to deal with high winds, occasional rain, thunder and lightning over the past couple of days and nights.

My husband had left a wheelbarrow full of dried weeds on the driveway, and some of them had blown out.  Rock stopped to eat them, and he got a couple of spurs in his pits for it.  That didn't deter him from trying to snatch snacks throughout the trail ride.  I used to be able to stop him from snacking by smacking him on the side of the neck with the rein, but he grew immune to that.  Then I used to be able to stop him from snacking my smacking him with the quirt.  Now he just ignores the quirt.  So, I have to spur him, and he usually reacts to that by jumping.

Rock has never been influenced by the other horses kicking or biting him.  It's as if he doesn't feel pain.  He'll just come at them like a bulldozer while they are attacking him.  His persistence wins out and the other horses are intimidated by his toughness.  He's like that monster in the movies that just won't die.  So, that makes it difficult for me to train him.  He acts like a whip is just a fly on his flank.  However, I have noticed that he responds to anger.  If he does something to me or one of the other horses that pisses us off and we come at him with that emotion, he'll respect it and run away.  So, I use my angry tone of voice when he snatches snacks, even if I'm not angry.  On the way home he tried to go for the same dried weeds on the driveway, but I was able to convince him that would be a bad idea.

Our Jacaranda tree is in bloom...

So is the Tipuana Tipu...

I didn't even know that they bloom.  My other one has never bloomed.  Maybe there are blooming versions and non-blooming versions, or maybe they just need to grow tall enough to bloom.  I like the purple Jacaranda flowers better, and I was choosing between a Jacaranda and a Tipu for the round pen shade tree.  I chose the Tipu because it had a little more foliage to create shade.

The tree still doesn't cast a shadow in the round pen until after 5:00 PM, though.  I know some day it will, but I was hoping for now.  Fortunately, Gabbrielle hasn't been too violent so far this spring, so I haven't had to send her to Exile Island.

I was betting that the snowbirds who live in the house above my round pen were going to stay there year round this year, but a couple of days ago I noticed that their shades were closed and realized that they hadn't closed their window shades all winter.  Even at night when I'd let the horses out of their stalls, I'd see their TV set casting light through the window.  Sure enough, their car was gone, so they did go back to where they came from.  So, now with two vacant houses on the block, I'm free to ride on my own property without having to worry about who's going to pop out of the bushes.  Hopefully, the high temps will hold off a little longer so that I can take advantage of it.


Crystal said...

Those purple trees are pretty, I miss having trees that bloom (well except our crabapple)

Nice to finally be able to ride at home for a change, too bad there is not more shade earlier

TeresaA said...

I love the purple tree too- we're just starting to leaf out.

Mrs Shoes said...

Here the trees are just starting to bud now.
Good to see that those young trees you put in are doing well!