Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mr. Trippy

Apparently, we have a low pressure system over us, so we're not supposed to even reach 80 degrees F today.  I had grand plans to ride as many horses as possible, but my body hasn't been cooperating, as usual.  The best I could do was a short, slow trail ride on Rock.

I was in pain, but riding Rock is usually relaxing, so I considered riding to be my physical therapy.  However, Rock kept tripping, stumbling, and even went all the way down on either his front end or hind end multiple times.  I was trying to figure out what was going on in the picture below, and I think this was me trying to pull him up out of a trip...

Obviously, something was going on with him, so I cut the ride short to check his hooves.  On the way home, he whipped his head around to bite something on his side and the reins got caught up on his bit in an odd way, so I didn't have any leverage.  I decided to just not pull on the reins at all until I could dismount and fix it.  I think this is the first dismount that my helmet cam has ever caught...

I set my camera to take a picture every 60 seconds.  The white thing is PVC pipe going out to the trees by the round pen.

I picked out all of his hooves, and did find a pebble in his left front and stickers in his feathers on his right front, but he seemed to be stumbling worse on his hind end.  Maybe another abscess is forming.

I saw a couple of dust devils out on the trails.  Fortunately, they didn't hit us.  A tarantula wasp saw my red shirt and flew at me, so we had to dodge it.  Most of the dangers were in the air rather than on the ground today.  It's too cool for the rattlesnakes to be out.

The dogs are doing 100% better.  No one has vomited or had diarrhea in days, and they aren't asking to go outside more than once every couple of hours.  Scrappy even acts like he's regained some of his eyesight, and he's been chasing Stewie around the house.  They look like a couple of puppies.

For Mother's Day my daughter came over and we went out to brunch, and then we went shopping in the city at my favorite outlet store where I can get the only brand of jeans that fit me for $20 a pair, where they normally cost between $100 and $150 online and retail.  I love the fit on NYDJ jeans, but they don't last more than six months because the material thins out and rips, and then I have to knot the knees and throw the jeans to the horses to play with.  There's no way I'm going to pay over $40 for any pair of jeans, nonetheless ones that wear out so quick.  So, you can imagine my joy when I find NYDJs for twenty bucks a pair.

My daughter gave me a decorative plate with my initials on it, and my son wrote me a story and chatted with me on the phone.  My husband stayed home to deal with the dogs when my daughter and I were shopping, so it was nice to get out and take my time looking for what I need as opposed to having to race home to take the dogs outside.

Oh yeah, and I saw Betsy the Bobcat in my backyard again the other day.  Rock pointed her out to me.  I didn't have time to get my camera, so I'll show you squirrel pic instead...

Hello?  Is anybody home?


Camryn said...

Happy to hear the little ones are all doing better. Hope the reprieve is long lasting. Had a great Mothers Day here as well. Except for Worrying about Pippin

Crystal said...

Yay glad the dogs are doing better and you got to get out for a day thats always a treat.

Linda said...

It does sound like an abscess. Hate those things. What a great Mother's Day! Good find on the jeans. So, your son gave you a story? That is cool!