Friday, May 12, 2017

One Step (in Poop) at a Time

The past few days have been challenging.  Scrappy got very sick and had all the symptoms we get when we have the stomach flu.  Of course, that happened right after I spent two days straight vacuuming, sweeping and mopping all the floors in the house.  I felt such a sense of accomplishment until I woke up the next morning to find diarrhea, skidmarks, and/or vomit in every room in the house.  Belly bands don't do much to help with those problems.

I was running circles trying to get him outside in time.  At one point I stepped in poo, and when I ran to get a clean pair of shoes to take him outside, I found that he had already vomited on them.  I needed to find a third pair of slip-on shoes and keep them up high.

Since he couldn't keep anything in, there was no point in feeding him, so he had to fast for a day.  I felt so bad for him because he was weak and shaky.  He still wanted to eat, but the only way his stomach was going to settle out was to starve it.  My husband pointed out that all of these health problems the dogs have had lately were triggered by the changes in the dogs' diets and medications made by our vet.  I was chalking it up to the dogs just being old, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he was right.  I originally took the dogs in to get some tumors removed.  I've been in several times since them, and still no tumors have been removed.  I don't know how the vet sucked me into treating them for all these other issues, but both dogs were healthy and doing fine until she got involved.  So, I'm using my common sense for now on instead of following instructions from a vet.  I've already missed way too many days of my life thanks to these dogs being sick.

Part of the reason why I suddenly decided to move forward in getting a pedicure and hair cut this week was because I've spent such a huge amount of time taking care of the dogs these past few months that I'm no longer taking care of myself.  Scrappy was his sickest on the day of my pedicure.  I was stressed out that I would come home to a disgusting mess, so my pedicure wasn't as relaxing as it should have been.  My husband was home, but he was also sick, so I didn't expect him to take the dogs out every five minutes.  The pedicure took an hour and a half, and I did come home to several accidents.  I thought, "At least I'm not having to deal with a hoof abscess in one of my horses, because that would really put everything over the top."

That night I walked out to feed the horses and found Rock limping.  I looked up to the heavens and said, "Really???"

The good news is that the farrier was coming out the next morning, so I decided let him deal with it.  That night I had a nightmare in which Lostine sneezed and some of her internal organs flew out her other end.  She collapsed, and I called the vet.  The vet said she'd cut them off, and Lostine would be fine.  I asked what it was exactly that Lostine expelled, and the vet said it was her uterus and intestines!

The next morning I went out to feed the horses their breakfast and found that Bombay had an injury on his side where someone kicked him, and it was covered in flies.  Again... really???

The horses are always injuring themselves the day of farrier appointments, and I'm usually too busy cleaning stalls before 7:00 AM to get them clean for the farrier for me to notice.  Then the farrier points out the injuries and I feel like an idiot for not seeing them.  He's also good at pointing out that my horses need grooming.  He's like the person who writes "Wash Me" on a dirty car windshield after you just cleaned house for two weeks straight.

He said the abscess had popped during the night, so he just cleaned it out and treated it.  He mentioned that it was good to see me walking without a cane.  I thought about it and realized that I hadn't had any pain in my leg since my pedicure, which included a foot and leg massage.  Maybe getting massaged is the key to being able to walk?

Scrappy got some breakfast this morning and has managed to keep it down all day, so his health is improving, but now I feel like I've got the flu.  Pet moms don't get sick days.  I keep hoping that all the dogs will be in good health long enough for me to focus on my own health.  Things like exercising and eating right have fallen on the wayside ever since this cycle of endless bodily functions with the dogs began weeks ago.  My doctors and dentists are always telling me exactly what I'm supposed to do to improve my health, and I always promise I'll follow through, but then life gets crazy, as usual, and before I know it, six months or a year has passed and I'm back in their offices trying to explain why I'm in worse health than I was in at the last appointment.

Oh yeah, and my market never called me to pick up my order of Kombucha tea, but they did listen when I told them what flavors I like, because the cooler was fully stocked this morning with all the flavors I love.  They even ordered some new flavors and brands they hadn't stocked before, so now our fridge is full of refreshments.  It'll be so nice to drink something other than water for a change.  In fact, with everyone in our household being sick simultaneously, I'm very suspicious of the water.  Time to change all the filters.

Oh no.  I spoke too soon about Scrappy keeping his breakfast down.


ellie k said...

Sometimes it seems like you, your husband or the dogs have been sick every since you moved in that house. Do you have gas water heater or something else that might be giving off fumes to make one sick?

Camryn said...

I've never tried that type of tea. I have a horrible addiction to sweet tea. I feel for you & Scrappy! Couldn't imagine having to deal with all the poo and vomit.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

ellie - I've noticed that too. It seems I didn't have any health problems before we moved here and now it is like I've aged 30 years. We don't have anything gas here. It's all electric. I know we have a lot of allergies to the plants here. I suspect the water, because everything has to be filtered.

Camryn - I just read that diarrhea and vomiting are symptoms of kidney failure, which means he won't get better like Midge did.

Grey Horse Matters said...

You're going through a really tough time with everything. I feel for you and hope it all gets sorted out soon.

ellie k said...

Have your water tested again, something might have seeped into your well.

Linda said...

I understand about vets tinkering too much and making things worse. Our own philosophy is that any dog over 10 does not get tumors removed. So, even though we feel some lumps on Maggie, our 11 year old lab, we're not taking her in to the vet. She still runs and swims and has great quality of life and we don't want to upset the balance. Horses as well. I took Red in for a teeth float at 34 years and he lost 2 teeth that day. I should have left well enough alone.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Linda - I agree and usually follow that philosophy, except that Midge's tumors bleed constantly. They aren't just lumps under the skin. They are open wounds. Not only is she at risk of getting infections, but the other dogs are attracted to her tumors and they keep chewing on them, which makes them sick. I also have to keep scrubbing blood stains out of the carpet and furniture. I'd rather have the tumors surgically removed and have the skin sewn up than to keep the status quo.