Thursday, May 25, 2017

Starvation, Purgatory, and Other Things

My wish for the dogs to remain stable while I recover was ignored by the universe.  Midge swung in a hypoglycemic direction and was on the verge of having a seizure, so my husband had to feed her in the middle of the night.  I increased her food in the morning, but she was still disoriented and staggering around, so I had to decrease her insulin levels again.  Each time I adjust her insulin, she's fine for a few days, and then she swings in the other direction.  I was supposed to take her in for another blood panel once she was stable for a full week, and that only happened the week that I was sick, so I couldn't take her in to see the vet.  Now she's back to being unstable again.  That means no surgery for her.  At least my husband is home on vacation to help keep Scrappy from licking and chewing her tumor.  Midge has also been vomiting.  I've never had to clean up so much vomit and diarrhea in my life as I've had to do this past year with my dogs.

The horses also took a turn for the worse after their vaccinations and dental work.  The only horse who has been eating all week is Gabbrielle.  The other three are not interested in their food.  Their bad reactions have never lasted this long.  I guess we are all getting older and not tolerating routine preventative medicine anymore.  Poor Lostine begged my husband for a hug the other morning, and she's been hanging her head down to the ground.  Bombay is getting skinnier by the day.  If they don't start eating soon, I may have to go buy a couple of bales of alfalfa just to entice them.  They'll eat their hay pellets, which have alfalfa in them, but they won't touch the grass hay.

This has been the worst year when it comes to my animals getting ill after seeing veterinarians.  Scrappy's treatment for his tumor and kidney failure have been working, and he is now down to the bottom of the bottle of medicine.  If I want him to stay the course, I have to take him in for another test, so I reluctantly set that up.  The vet assistant called me later to tell me I couldn't feed Scrappy anything 12 hours before the test.  He's not going to be happy about that.

I still haven't rescheduled an appointment for my annual hair cut and coloring.  I tried to sneak in a couple of appointments to take care of myself amongst all the vet appointments, but then had to cancel because I was sick.  My pedicure didn't turn out so well.  I was looking for some place close that had decent reviews, but the nail polish they used is starting to chip just two weeks after it was applied.  There's a really good place my husband took me to on my birthday a couple years ago, but it's a long drive and the technicians don't speak English, which stresses me out.  It drives me crazy when people talk to me and I can't understand what they are saying, so going to that particular spa isn't very relaxing.  However, that nail polish stayed on until the entire new nail grew in.

I'm hoping to have time to see my general practitioner to get a couple of referrals, one to a specialist and one for physical therapy.  He offered those referrals to me in the past and I turned them down because I had horseback riding on the brain and didn't want any other medical appointments getting in the way of my riding time.  However, now that it is too hot to ride and now that my ability to function is at an all-time low, I may as well get the help I need.  Since I spent a week in bed, now my leg gets super inflamed every time I put any weight on it, so I have to exercise until things right themselves.  I figure I may as well get help from a pro in doing the right kind of exercises.  Maybe they can give me leg massages there too, because I already learned that helps after my spa pedicure.  I was walking without any pain for two days afterward.

I'm also hoping to get to see Warwick Schiller this weekend at The Mane Event in Scottsdale.  It depends on whether my leg is working or not, and I'm still having some trouble sitting for long periods of time.  I need to lie down a lot.  I've also been having bouts of vertigo.  I was trying to clean up dog poop the other night, and something happened to make me turn my head quickly.  Everything began spinning and I felt myself going down.  I was going to fall in a pile of dog poop, so I grabbed the 3-foot high wall next to me, and I must have looked like a water skier leaning back and swinging from side to side while hanging on.  I hoped my neighbor wasn't looking out his window, because he would have really thought I was nuts.

I'm not sure what the vertigo is about.  It could be a side effect of laying down too much or from allergies or from sleeping too much or from not eating enough.  I hardly ate anything during that week I was sick.  I've had to slowly re-introduce my body to food.  The good news is that my pants are fitting looser.  It seems the vertigo always happens to me in the late spring, so I'm guessing it's a side effect of allergies or allergy medications.

This morning I heard sirens, which is unusual for this neighborhood, even though we are only a half mile away from a fire station.  I didn't bother to go investigate.  Then we had two power outages.  My husband called me outside to see that one of our neighbors had a bunch of fire trucks and power company trucks at his house.  These are neighbors I don't really care for, because they have huge bonfires with flames that shoot up taller than their house that create smoke that packs in all over the neighborhood, making it hard to breathe and creating an unpleasant smell.  They've also been doing a lot of construction at their place and the whole neighborhood has been having to listen to tractors and trucks for months.  My attitude is that if the job isn't done within a couple of weeks, bring in more manpower.  I hate it when neighbors have ongoing construction with no end in sight.

It turned out that they damaged some main electrical equipment to the neighborhood, so once again, we all had to suffer because of them.  It's tough not having electricity in the summer.   No fans and no air conditioning.  All I can say is.... Stupid is as Stupid does.  Or... Once a pain in the ass, always a pain in the ass.  I'll bet they are the same people who let their dogs run loose to piss and crap all over my property.  People who don't think beyond the nose on their own face usually never extend their view until they get to the Pearly Gates and watch the movie of their life to see how their behavior affected others.


Camryn said...

Glad the Mini's vaccine reaction was short lived. They'd wanted to eat but, necks wouldn't cooperate, poor guys. I just finished a bunch of entail work, next step my general practitioner. Like you I'm doing one at a time. I've had myself on the back burner far to long.

TeresaA said...

I would love to see WS- I hope you can go!
That moon shot is amazing

lytha said...

If you see warwick schiller you have to tell him why his solution won't work, about horses who need to be first! I will blog it soon but here's my reasons:

1. You rely on having 4 horses who are EXPERTLY trained (and riders who are willing to go to a lot of trouble to help you, but that might be possible). These horses must all be compliant about LEAVING THE GROUP - turning around and going back the way they just came.

2. The last horse to turn around has seen all the others turning around and yet must be EXPERTLY trained enough to continue forward until asked to turn around and join the group again, so it must be good about being left behind.

3. All of the horses must be trained expertly enough that they agree to CONTINUALLY turning around on trail and backtracking. Backtracking is frustrating for most trail horses, they want to go A to B, not continually switch back and forth. I've tried this before with horses and they just say screw you, I'm either gonna stand here or we're gonna go somewhere!

It upset me (obviously!) because he overlooks the basic mentality of trail horses, and how groups of horses behave on trail.

The solution is, and always shall be, to play the leapfrog game with your group as often as possible. That way no horse has to leave, no horse gets left, and the frustration is very minimal. Of course you still need to find a group of people willing to leap frog, and have a very safe, wide trail to do it on. So....

As I think about this, I realize that all CMO horses must be good at leaving the group, and being left, and backtracking. These things occur to every single horse at every single CMO event. It is intrinsic to the sport. It is a very, very disciplined sport for horses, they really have to have these skills, and a lot just barely scratch by, to our frustration. In that perfect world, CMO exists EVERYWHERE: ) Most fun I've ever had.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

lytha - I did attend two of his clinics this weekend, but the only time I saw him at his booth answering questions, he was surrounded by people. You could probably bring this up to him through Facebook or his email. He's really good at finding the root of the problem by asking the rider the right questions, and then offering up the best answer for her horse.