Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jeepers Creepers

The other day my ex-neighbor called to warn me that someone was coming to look at their property -- not the house -- just the property.  I always get suspicious of home shoppers who do that.  I mean, if you are going to take the time to drive out there and ask permission to walk around the property, why not just set up an appointment to view the house?  My guess is that it's someone who is looking for large acreages to subdivide.  That's the only reason I can think of for why they wouldn't care about the house.  I moved here for the peace and quiet, so if some jerk buys the five acres just so he can build nine more houses on it and sell them, I'll go ballistic.

Anyway, I noticed that the truck they arrived in had some kind of business logo painted on it, but I'm blind, so I couldn't read it.   The next night another vehicle came creeping up the street with the same painted design on the side, so they came back a second time.  Even if they don't plan to subdivide, I don't want someone running a business out of that home.  Either way, it will be noisy and disruptive.  People who ran construction businesses out of their homes were what ruined the last neighborhood I lived in.  There's got to be a law against that.  There are residential zones and industrial zones for a reason, but it seems no one respects that anymore.

My daughter and I went for a walk in the morning, and a strange car was driving slowly up the street.  I always have to wonder about strangers who show up in our neighborhood and creep around.  My neighbor's house has been burglarized three times since it has been on the market.  The driver stopped and asked us if we had seen a black dog running around.  We said no, but we'd keep an eye out.  I got a better description of the dog and got a phone number from them to call if I found it.  They said they were dog sitting for their uncle and the dog got out.  I figured the dog would end up in my yard, because all stray dogs are attracted to my horses and all the bunnies around my place, but I didn't see it when I got home.

Later that afternoon I got in my truck to go to physical therapy and realized that the back wall of our garage was bare.  There used to be a bunch of NASCAR posters and clock covering the wall.  The previous home owner had left them there, and we kept them in case he wanted them back.  I asked my husband if he took them down, and he said he didn't.  That means we got robbed.

My husband took stock of his tools and they all seemed to be there.  All of our bicycles were there too.  Either the dogs rushed the burglars and they only got away with the NASCAR memorabilia, or that NASCAR memorabilia had some special value we weren't aware of, or the previous owner came back and helped himself without our permission to enter the property.

Since the burglar obviously didn't finish the job, he'll probably be back.  There are still a couple of NASCAR items he missed.  So, now I'm pissed, because this means I have to start closing and locking all doors to all buildings around my property, which I hate to do because it's so freakin' hot and my leg hurts like hell and I hate having to add in another step to my day of forgetting the keys and having to hike back to wherever they are located.  In the case of the garage, we have to keep the bays closed at all times, which really sucks, because I have to take the dogs out through the garage just about every 15 minutes and it's so much more convenient to just have a bay open.  People suck.  It seems that whenever my life is hard, people always have to do something immoral to make my life even harder.

I can tell you that if I do catch someone on my property, there will be hell to pay.  I'm so angry that I would welcome someone to give me a reason to beat them to a pulp.  Half the problem is my neighbor's house being up for sale.  It attracts a lot of strangers into the neighborhood, and most of them are up to no good.  I can't tell you how many times I walked into my front yard to find someone who doesn't belong here just sitting in their car staring at me.

Thinking back to the strangers I've seen recently, there was a strange man walking back and forth in front of my house after dark, and I was getting annoyed with him, because he was distracting my dogs when I'd take them out to pee.  I assumed he was a new neighbor.  All three dogs barked viciously at him and pulled on their leashes, which is a bit more aggressive than how they usually react to passers by.  Dogs sense people's intentions, so it could have been him.  It wasn't the people with the lost dog, because the garage was closed when they were creeping around.  There have also been several times when I noticed the horses alerting on our driveway, but when I looked out the windows, I didn't see anything.  Stewie has growled at the garage door a few times, but I ignored it because he's usually hearing just a bird that got into the garage and is trying to build a nest.  Now I know better.

I suspect next week we won't have any problems with creepers in our neighborhood, because we are potentially going to break some heat records.  One day is supposed to reach 120 degrees F.  Even the most dedicated burglars can't handle that.

Last night I took the dogs out after they ate their dinner, but before they could finish going to the bathroom, I heard a commotion down at the barn.  I peered around a tree to see the horses trying to pull the hose out of the water trough, which was overflowing.  I had to get down there and shut off the water ASAP, but couldn't with three dogs on leashes, so I dumped the dogs in the house with their leashes still on, and dragged my bum leg down to the barn to shut off the water.  But before I could get there, I stepped on a thorn that was 1/8" wide, and it went all the way through my shoe up into my heel.  I screamed at the top of my lungs and had to hop on my bad leg to get to the water before our well ran dry.

Then I hopped back to the house, removed my shoe and the thorn from my foot, and put on a different pair of shoes, because the other half of the thorn was still embedded in the shoe and I couldn't get it out.  I took the dogs out again, and there was one of those home shoppers creeping up the street staring at me.  I realized that they were probably out of their car and looking at the property next door when I screamed.  I remembered saying loudly, "Bleep bleep that hurt!"

That's the other thing I hate about that house being up for sale.  No privacy.  Someone is always over there at the worst possible times when I'm frazzled and rushed, trying to get my chores done, and I'm often cussing and cursing because I keep getting hurt.  It's almost impossible for me to feed the horses, clean up manure, and fill water troughs without getting hurt somehow, some way.  And that's always the time there's someone next door watching me.  It's so annoying to be struggling to multi-task and get all this work done before dark, only to have people staring at me like I'm a crazy woman.  How about pitching in and relieving me of some of my pain?  Make yourselves useful.  If you're wandering around my neighbor's property without an appointment, but really watching my every move while I'm in what is supposed to be my private back yard, you obviously have time on your hands.

My physical therapist seems disturbed that I haven't seen any improvement in my leg pain yet.  He questions me extensively and is always puzzled by my answers.  Apparently, it is physically impossible for me to have the types of symptoms I have.  For instance, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, yet I'm fine in cold weather and in pain in hot weather.  He said it should be the opposite.  Also, there is this one stretch I do in which I have to set my left ankle on top of my right thigh, and that is very painful for me.  I have to use my hands to lift and lower my leg, and I'm shaking the entire time the leg is up there because it's so painful.  However, all the other stretches I do for the hamstrings don't have any effect on me.  I'm starting to think the problem is twisting my knee, but apparently knee pain should not cause my hip to hurt.

He wants me to record everything I do during the day, how long I do it -- including how long I sit, where I have pain, what kind of pain it is, and rate the pain.  I barely have enough time to do what I'm responsible for throughout the day, none-the-less have time to write it all down.  But I know it's necessary if I expect him to help me.  The thing is that everything happens so fast, and before I know it, my day is over and I can't even remember what I did.


Camryn said...

Perhaps instinctively compensating for the knee pain could be causing pain in your hip? Just a thought. Hope they figure it all out sinner rather than later.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

so sorry to read you are having so much pain, I have both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and I find my pain is increased more by the CHANGE in weather than by hot or cold, in fact at times I too find heat to be more uncomfortable that cool.Perhaps rather than telling you that you cannot feel what you feel he would be better served to investigate further? Also making you feel badly that you are in pain is absolutely counterproductive check out this great resource
Explain Pain Might be of help. Also thank you for your kind support and comment on my memorial to Johnny Handsome. It is heartening that even though I have been away from blogging, my lovely friends are still here for me

Mrs Shoes said...

OMG Nuz, that's a lot to hold up under, I'm so sorry to hear about the robbery. So many strangers in & around close to us all the time would drive me over an edge. Hope the developers HATE the property next door to you. :-(

lytha said...

You know about the disintegration of our relationship with our next-door neighbors this year. Yesterday they crossed a line, and I fought hard to not let it ruin my day. It's Corpus Christi and THEY MOWED their lawn. On a religious holiday! That does not happen, ever. It's disrespectful and ILLEGAL. Then, they turned on a radio and had music playing all day, that I could hear through my shut windows (it was bloody hot). I really wanted to mow my lawn (as I often do on a Sunday but cannot, illegal) but I dared not be so rude. It sounds so silly to you, I'm sure, but-

OMG I have to shut my window right now because their hens are having a screaming contest as they do several times per day. Their rooster is nowhere as annoying as those screams. It used to be so nice here. I am grateful that we still don't have to lock our doors.

Linda said...

I hope they aren't developers, too. That would be awful. I have nightmares about the same thing happening to us. Seattle has gotten so expensive, some people are moving over here and commuting. We used to commute to Seattle ourselves, and know how easy it is to do with the airport nearby. With the internet, a lot of people only have to go into work 1-3 days a week and can work from home the rest. Things are changing.

120 degrees?? I lived in Las Vegas when I was a kid and we saw Temps like that. We'd watch from our window as the steam came off the asphalt. There was no going outside on those days.