Friday, June 16, 2017


I may have met our burglar.  I'm not sure, but it's hard not to be suspicious of everyone at this point.  Here's what happened:  I was cleaning up manure at 5:30 AM before sunrise and noticed Bombay watching something up toward my neighbor's front yard.  I went over to see what he was looking at, but I'm not as tall as him, so I couldn't see anything.  Gabbrielle came over to join us.  I waited and waited, expecting to see a wild animal appear, but I continued to see nothing, so I went back to work.

A short time after that, I turned around to find two medium sized dogs running up to me wagging their tails.  I looked them over and saw that they had custom collars and tags.  I didn't have my reading glasses, so I couldn't read the tags.  As I was thinking things through on how to deal with this, I suddenly heard a truck engine and tires turning around either in my neighbor's driveway or the turnout across the street from their house, and saw a vehicle moving slowly up the street.

I hopped and limped as fast as I could to get to the front of the house to wave down the driver.  I couldn't move fast enough and he passed me.  I waved anyway, hoping he'd see me, and he just happened to turn his head to look over his shoulder.  He braked.  I yelled, "Are you looking for dogs?" but doubted he could hear me over his loud engine, so I pointed in the direction the dogs were headed.  He got out of his truck, the dogs came running, he lowered his tailgate, and they jumped into the bed of his truck.  I went back to my chores.  I think he said thank you, but couldn't hear anything.

It wasn't until afterward that I started thinking about how odd the whole experience was.  First off, why didn't I hear his truck coming down the street?  He must have been stopped or parked in front of my neighbors' house.  Was he home-shopping before sunrise?  Or had he just driven up the street before I came out and got out of his truck to look around for his dogs?  But his dogs had been right in the area where I first heard his truck.  Surely, he would have seen them, so why was he driving off?  Did he try dumping them?  But if that were the case, why not remove their collars with identification tags?

Maybe he's one of these people who drives his dogs somewhere, lets them out, and then drives off so that they will chase his truck and get their exercise?  I've seen people do that.  If that's the case, I want to discourage him from doing it in my neighborhood.  It's hard enough getting my dogs to focus on their bathroom breaks without other dogs running down the street.  Perhaps me and my horses distracted his dogs from following him.

Then there was the matter of his truck.  It was painted neon green and blue advertising a car racing team.  I've seen that truck before.  There is someone who lives 2 to 3 miles away from me as the crow flies who has a truck, a trailer, a race car, and an RV with that same paint job.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  The only thing stolen from my garage was NASCAR memorabilia and now there is someone with a car racing team suspiciously appearing out of nowhere before the sun even rises.  Wouldn't it be a great idea for a burglar to bring his dogs with him to a burglary so that if he gets caught trespassing he can just say he was catching his dogs, which happened to run into my garage?

I was nearly burglarized several years ago by a group of young people who arrived at my house with two dogs.  The dogs were supposed to distract my dogs while they robbed me, but I spotted them coming.  They didn't expect me to be home, so they ran back to their truck, called to their dogs and drove off.  They came back later when I shut my garage bay, because they thought I had driven off then, but I thwarted their second effort too and called the police.

As usual, the police were worthless.  I recognized the ring leader as a vacuum salesman who had been in my house demonstrating his products a few days earlier.  I saw him reading my appointment book and writing something down.  I was supposed to be somewhere on the day he showed up, but my son came down with the chicken pox, so I canceled.  Anyway, all the police did was call the vacuum company and ask the guy's boss if he's ever been in trouble with the law, and his boss said he was a good guy, so the police dropped their investigation.  You can see why I like to take the law into my own hands.  That's just one of many times the police have let me down by being lazy.  But I understand that they couldn't do much since no crime had been committed.

Anyway, I'm not sure if the guy driving off without his dogs was up to no good or not, but you can bet I'm going to keep an eye out for him.  I went over to my neighbors' house to make sure it hadn't been broken into, but it looked fine.


lytha said...

So scary. And they're thinking, "If she has such nice collectibles in her garage, she must have way better stuff in the house!" Wait, I'm wrong, I think car people keep their car stuff in their garages. Dogs are supposed to be the best defense against thieves, but it seems Bombay is.

Dom said...

This is really sketchy... I would be suspicious too :(

aurora said...

We no longer answer the door when uninvited people come knocking, or if they catch us outside we firmly tell them we aren't interested in their religion/political views/insurance/books or whatever and head back inside. Too often, soliciters have ulterior motives. A person can't be too careful these days. Your situation sure sounds suspicious...

Linda said...

That's very scary, but it sounds like you trust your instincts. I always take notes when I see suspicious cars around here. Mail burglary is the most common crime in our rural location.