Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Two Horse Tack Breast Collar with Bling

Rock got a new Two Horse Tack western breast collar with bling to match his bridle and reins.

He was happy to model it, but a little perplexed over why we didn't go for a trail ride after I got him dressed.

Sorry, Rock.  I don't ride horses in triple-digit temperatures.

"But I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go, Mom."

I am looking forward to riding him in it and see how it helps keep the saddle in place on hills.

The breast collar is fully adjustable from all three branches, and has scissor clips on all three ends as well.  I love scissor clips.  They save so much time.  Two Horse Tack also provides a girth loop in place of the clips for people who have girths without D-rings.  You can choose between no rust stainless steel or brass hardware.

I'm thinking I will also try it with Gabbrielle to see if the breast collar helps keep the saddle from sliding down her side when she sucks in right as I mount.  That's her favorite trick, but I'm tired of falling on my rump.

If it weren't so hot outside, I would have done photo shoot with her too.  Just holding the breast collar up to her, I could see that white with blue jewels looks awesome on a grey horse with freckles.

Rock kept following me around like a puppy dog, so we got some close ups.

I just noticed in the picture above that Rock slid the bit all the way over to the left side of his mouth so that the joint is showing.  I didn't know he could do that.  Hmmm.  He's multi-talented, I guess.  It makes me wonder if he sucked the entire D-ring into his mouth.  The bit really isn't that wide.  I guess I'd better tighten the cheek pieces on the bridle.  Give a horse a centimeter and he'll take ten miles.  Ha ha!

I also see that I probably could have either tightened the bottom strap on the breast collar or clipped it further back on the cinch.  I think the center ring is supposed to sit lower too, all of which can be done.  I was distracted by my camera malfunction and didn't pay close attention to how I fit the tack on him.

Two Horse Tack has both Beta Biothane and leather tack items.  If you look at the main western breast collar page on their website, you'll see that there are many creative choices for designing your tack.  You can choose a solid color or two colors layered together, bling, reflective Day Glo, camouflage, or leather.  They can provide over the neck straps, matching tie downs, and tie down rings.

If you look at the general breast collar page, you'll see that they have English, western, jumping breast collars, and one piece breast straps.

If you aren't in the market for horse tack, they also have dog collars and leashes.

Rock had no problem reaching around to scratch an itch on his side...

I have no doubt that the breast collar is comfortable for him.  It beats the hot and heavy lamb's wool and synthetic breast collar I've had for years.  When I moved from a cold climate to a hot one, I swapped out my thick sweaters for lightweight sleeveless blouses.  I should probably do the same for my horses.

He looks like a parade horse now.

So pretty.  As far as cleaning goes, they say that soap and water should do the trick, but you can also run this tack through your washing machine inside a laundry bag or pillowcase, or on the top rack of your dishwasher with no dry cycle.

If you would like to sign up for the Two Horse Tack Newsletter, you can do that by clicking on the link.

This coupon for 10% off is still good for any item in the store...


lytha said...

Ha, right before you said Parade Horse I thought he looks like a parade horse!

What a beauty he is. So happy for you that you have him, and that you can go enjoy trails on him with minimal issues. His mane looks so silky, I want to touch it. Also, like my horse, it's on the wrong side: )

ellie k said...

He acts like a big puppy following you around, I bet he would come in the house if given the chance. Beautiful horse and tack

CMO Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio said...

If you need more adjustment on the strap to the girth, a leather punch works fine on the biothane. He looks beautiful :)

Camryn said...

Bling suits him wonderfully. Love my nose buckle halters from them. Though customer service left a lot to be desired.

Judi Daly said...

I love their products. Our horses have bling bridles and halters. I also have their stirrup leathers--which are the best I ever bought. I got my dog a plain collar, too. Everything still looks like new, too!

Crystal said...

Very nice looks really nice on him. I have never used a lot of biothane but being so easy to clean is a definite plus in my books, even if I prefer the look of leather lol

Linda said...

Dang, everything looks good on Rock! So, no riding in triple digits? What's wrong with you? Lol. We're hitting 90 today and I'm staying inside!