Friday, July 21, 2017

A Lorazepam Kind of Day

I had one goal for the day:  Come hell or high water, I was going to the gym.  So far, I've only made it to the gym one day this week and I only have a one-month membership.  Life just keeps getting in the way of me being able to take care of myself.

Earlier in the week, I planned to go to the gym mid-afternoon, but something always came up that prevented me from going, so today I planned to hit the gym first thing in the morning, giving myself the entire day to deal with postponements.  I got all of my chores done and was on my way out the door when my husband said that Lostine wasn't looking so good.  I knew she had an upset stomach, because she wasn't eating, but now she had progressed to stretching her legs out in opposite directions.

So, I aborted my plans to go to the gym and hiked down to the barn to administer a variety of medications and supplements to Lostine.  She wasn't eating the powdered Bute on the psyllium, so I had to wet it down to make mash.  However, this morning our water system sprung a leak, so my husband shut it off.  I had to hike all the way back to the house to fill the bucket in the kitchen sink.  On my way in the door, I was so disoriented by the heat that I slammed the door on my foot and screamed.

I let my husband take the mash to Lostine and put her in a stall while I rested my foot and leg and re-hydrated.  Or at least I tried to rest.  Midge was tippy-tapping on the tile floor, pacing nervously back and forth.  I couldn't take it anymore, and I grabbed the nail clippers and started trimming her toenails, only she wasn't having any of it.  She fought me the whole way.  It was during that struggle that I was reminded just how bad my dog stinks.  I hobbled into the bathroom and ran some water, and then bathed all three dogs and attempted to brush their teeth.  I'm completely fed up with disgusting dog smells.  I recently steam-vacced the carpet, but that didn't get the urine smell out, so I've been spraying the carpet with Febreeze and airing the house out every time the temperatures drop and we get a decent breeze.

By the time I was done with the dogs, Lostine was down on her side in the corner of the stall.  She looked stiff and wasn't moving.  My husband and I ran out of the house, but Lostine jumped up as soon as I opened the gate to get into the barn.  I walked her around the arena, but just didn't have it in me to keep walking her with my leg pain.  I considered getting in my Mule and leading her beside it, but with the way the day was going, I figured that would be a recipe for disaster.  I told my husband there wasn't anything more I could do for her, and she would just have to either pull out of it or pass away.  With it being a Friday afternoon, I doubted I could get my vet out.  She doesn't seem to make room in her schedule for emergencies anyway.  She likes to do the maintenance appointments, and I think she prefers that her clients call other vets for the emergency situations.

We kept an eye on Lostine and she did get better throughout the afternoon.  I spent most of my time dealing with the dogs.  It seemed that every time I tried to get anything done, some dog had to go outside immediately.  All I wanted to do was to rest my leg so that I could get to the gym, but I was up and down and up and down non-stop because of the dogs.

At one point Scrappy was taking too long to pick a spot to relieve himself, so I dropped his leash and I went to the end of the driveway to pick up the mail.  When I returned to Scrappy, he was in the garage standing behind my husband's car, and he was stuck there because his leash was caught on something.  Right then my husband came running out of the house and jumped into his car, because he was late for an appointment.  I scooped Scrappy up before he was run over.  It scared me to think what would have happened if I returned to the garage just a few seconds later.

It got to be evening and I still hadn't made it to the gym.  I was thinking of trying to get there before closing time, but first I had to feed the animals their dinner.  I fed the dogs a little early and took them outside to relieve themselves.  There was a really pleasant wind and I could see that the dogs were enjoying it just as much as I was.  Even the horses were out chasing each other around celebrating this sudden cool down.

The sky was cloudy, but quiet.  The wind got stronger and stronger, and I began to feel alarmed.  I felt the first few sprinkles of raindrops and gathered the dogs to head back into the house, but before we took a step in that direction, a sudden flash of lightning struck overhead so close to us that I screamed.

I began dragging the dogs toward the garage, but they were scared and digging their heels in.  Then the deafening thunder hit and I screamed again.  Next thing I knew, my husband was taking the leashes from me, but they were wrapped around my legs.  He was yelling at me to get in the house, but I couldn't because I was all tangled up with the dogs.  Then the sky opened up and blinding rain was flying at us sideways, completely soaking our clothes.  I began spanking dogs to get them moving while my husband tried dragging them.  They were petrified, and there was no bringing them to their senses.  I climbed out of the tangle of leashes.

We got inside and the windows had no visibility because they were soaked as if someone was power washing them.  We were hearing things crashing against the house, but couldn't get outside to investigate because of the lightning.  We received nearly an inch of rain in an hour, and lost all our TV reception.  Our front pathway was under water...

A small tree branch snapped and fell on our telescope...

The fence at the back of our property blew down again...

The riding arena was flooded...

See the Jolly Ball floating in the water?

The horses huddled in the barn, even though it was flooded...

Our 16-foot trailer was blown several feet to the side of where it was previously parked next to the wheelbarrow.  I suspect it slid with the block of wood a ways, and then eventually fell off it.

The arroyo in our backyard was flooded with more water than we had ever seen...

I had a metal fold up chair sitting on the trail that leads to the arroyo to discourage people from trespassing, and the chair was swept away by the flood waters.  I spotted it later upside down in some debris...

I tried to step in at the edge to attempt to grab it, but my rain boots got sucked down into the mud about a foot and a half deep and the floodwaters were flowing super fast.  I pulled my legs out and figured I'd dig the chair out of the mud in the morning.

When the big storm cell moved through and we had another one on the way, I went to the barn to just throw some hay in the horses' feed barrels.  I wasn't going to attempt to clean up manure of give them grain.  Rock and Lostine grabbed the first two barrels that I filled, and I needed to enter the barn to fill the other two, but Bombay and Gabbrielle were blocking the aisle.  Gabbrielle's butt was facing me and quivering.  She was so terrified that she was shaking all over.

I feared that she might kick me if I brushed past her, so I tried to be careful, but Bombay was being super aggressive about barging up to me to rip the hay out of my arms.  I yelled at him several times, but he was determined to eat out of my arms, so I smacked him on the nose and yelled, "Back!"

Gabbrielle started spinning around and alerted on something on the hill, so I had to dodge having her knock me down.  I quickly shoved the hay into the feed troughs and then looked up to see all these people standing in my backyard on the hill filming the floodwaters.  No wonder my horses were so nervous.

My husband ran down there to check out the flood himself, and all the people beat it out of there.  I guess our reputation precedes us.  Absolutely, no trespassers.  I can appreciate that people want to keep an eye on this particular arroyo, because it is the widest and deepest one coming out of the mountains, and if it overflows, it affects everyone.  But there are plenty of places where people can watch it without trespassing in my backyard.  I figured they got me on film smacking my horse across the face, and that will end up on the Internet for everyone to judge.

By the time I was done dealing with all of that, I knew the gym just wasn't going to happen for me today, so I popped a Lorazepam to calm my nerves, and now I'm ready for bed.

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Mrs Shoes said...

Holy cow Nuz, that's one hell of a day - no wonder you needed the tranq!