Monday, July 31, 2017

Almost Out of Limbo

This is the week I've been waiting a long time for.  I finally get to see a couple of specialists about my two most crippling health problems.  I feel like I've been in limbo these past few months, not being able to make any solid decisions on how to solve my physical challenges, not knowing exactly what is wrong and if there are cures.  I'm hoping to get more information so that I can make educated decisions on a day to day basis having a better idea about my future.

I'm angry with my general practitioner right now because he has blown off all of my messages and the pharmacy's messages to prescribe two of my medications that have no refills left.  I just saw him last month in person, and two times the month before that, so it's not like I'm due for a physical.  He knows I don't have time to see him again between all the physical therapy and specialists I'm supposed to be utilizing.  I don't know what his problem is, but I've decided to get a new doctor because of this.  I don't need this kind of stress, and any doctor who causes his patients more pain and stress isn't any doctor in my book.

My husband has been cleaning up the manure for me recently, and I'm thankful for that because Rock developed a nasty hoof abscess, and me not having to shovel manure has provided me enough energy to work on his hoof.  Rock has been a bit of a jerk, though.  He's not the world's best patient.  Each time I put together a soaking solution for him and affix the soaking boot, he waits for me to get distracted, and then he kicks the boot right off his foot.  So, I told him he's on his own.  I can't bend over and cradle his leg in between my legs long enough to apply a poultice wrap.  I could barely do that when I was strong and healthy.

My husband injured his hand doing chores, so it got inflamed.  We were debating whether it would be worse for me to drive us on our errands with me being in pain and my leg shaking uncontrollably each time I step on the brake, or with his hand being in pain when he steered.  The physical therapist told me to only drive and ride in trucks since it hurts so much to get in and out of cars, but now I can't get in the passenger side of the truck without someone pushing on my butt to give me a boost.  I can get in the driver's side by myself, though.  I need to get running boards installed or keep a folding step ladder in the truck.  It seems that with every passing week, I have to make some kind of adjustment in my routine to make up for the uselessness of my leg.

At the same time that I have been struggling to walk with my leg pain and Rock has been struggling to walk with an abscess, Stewie has been sick with digestive issues.  It's obvious that he's in pain.  Of course it all started over the weekend when the vet's office is closed.  I'm not sure what's up with these animals only getting sick and injured on weekends, but I'm sick of having to play vet because the vets aren't available.  By the time Monday gets here, they usually show signs of improvement.  I figure if I call to set up an appointment, we'd be lucky to see the vet by Wednesday, and by then the animal will be recovered.

I'm always looking for ways to lessen my pain, which means cutting down on the number of steps I have to take when I walk.  One problem I had was wasting a lot of time and energy having to hunt around for a pair of shoes when the dogs needed to go outside, so I bought a bunch of slip on shoes and stationed a pair next to each door.  That worked great until all this rain and flooding started, and now I have to walk around in rain boots.  They are covered in mud, so I have to leave them in the garage, which means that each time I need to put them on again, I have to turn them upside down and shake out the scorpions, spiders, and toads.  Oh yeah, and we get to sweep all the mud out of the garage that I track in with both those boots and my Mule's tires.

I did the same thing with reading glasses that I did with shoes... bought a pair for each room in the house to cut back on the searching.

Another problem spot I had was that I would have to hunt around for the dogs' leashes.  We have hooks by each door, but sometimes the leashes were by one door, but not the other, or there was only one leash by one door and all three dogs wanted to go outside.  What's the big deal, right?  Well, don't be so quick to judge.  One day you too might have the pleasure of feeling like your leg is broken with each step you take, and have two blind and deaf dogs who are impossible to wrangle up to take outside before they lose control of their incontinent bladders all over your freshly laundered carpet.  Anyway, Walmart helped me fix that problem today by selling me three very affordable 96 cent leashes, so now I have a set of three to hang by each door of the house that leads outside.  That way if I've got all the dogs waiting by one door, chaos doesn't have to break out while I limp to the other door to search for leashes.

I've been avoiding shopping at Walmart until either I can get a handicapped parking sticker or find something to relieve my pain.  It's too big of a parking lot and too big of a store for me at the moment, but I risked it today because my leg was feeling better than usual.  By the time I got inside, the inflammation from simply walking through the parking lot was enough to knock the breath out of me.  I kept going and pretended like nothing was wrong, but people were staring at me like they expected to see a bullet hole in my leg.

After I paid for my purchases, I parked my cart just inside Subway and got in line to order my lunch.  I had a thought that I should pull the cart further into the store, but I was trying to be considerate and not have my cart take up space where Subway customers needed to stand.  Then a little voice told me that someone was going to steal a bag out of my cart, so I kept my eyes on it all the time I was telling the lady what I wanted on my sandwich.  Sure enough, this teenage boy walked up looked inside my cart, peeked at the items in the bag closest to him, and then looked around to see if anyone was watching him.  His eyes met mine and I gave him a look that said, "Go ahead.  Make my day."

He stumbled backward and took off in the direction he just came from.  I wasn't fooled, though.  I continued to keep my eyes on my cart, and he came right back, paused by my cart, looked at me, and quickly walked off again.  He was smart enough not to come back a third time.

The only problem with getting a handicapped sticker is that I'll never get to use it.  Since so many seniors and veterans live in my community, a huge number of people are physically handicapped.  I rarely see available handicapped parking spaces.  Markets are extra difficult to traverse here, because of all the people on scooters.

I still haven't hired a house cleaning service.  I desperately need to mop my floors, but I have to sweep them before I can mop because there are chunks of mud and dog hair all over the place.  Vacuuming the tile doesn't work so well, because the vacuum cleaner somehow always breaks down when I do that.  I'm usually in too much pain to sweep more than a couple of rooms at a time, so by the time I'm done with sweeping all the floors in the house, I have to start over sweeping where I started because all the mud and dog hair has come back, and I never get to mop.  So, I offered to pay my daughter to help me get all the floors finished in one day.  I figure if two of us work together, we'd have a better chance of actually completing the project.

Because of the flooding, we now have a mosquito problem.  The poor horses are covered in bites and rubbing themselves on anything they can find.  Thank God I got their West Nile Virus vaccines this spring.  I considered holding off on their shots until fall this year, but instinct was telling me to get it done before summer.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope the specialists can help you and relieve some of your pain. My sister actually sounds a lot like you and she wound up going to Pain Management which seems to help a bit.

ellie k said...

I have been hobbling around for the last two weeks, I fell and broke my foot. I am trying to get my house ready to sell. After my husband died I find I cannot take care of a house this big and a half acre yard. My grand daughter came and cleaned for me last week. She was happy to help but I still gave her some money. She is getting money together for her FFA calf and its care for the year. High school kids are usually ready to earn a few dollars this time of year.

Mrs Shoes said...

About the bitey things in your boots - I have a distaste for arachnids... to put it kindly. To stop worrying about spiders in my boots, I stretch an old nylon knee high sock over the opening when they're off my feet.