Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Midge's Turn

Last fall I tried getting Midge in for surgery to remove two tumors and a cracked tooth, but the vet and I couldn't stabilize her diabetes.  She just kept swinging back and forth between diabetic symptoms and hypoglycemic symptoms.  This went on for months, so I gave up.  It was time for me to focus on some of my own health problems.

But before I could do that, Scrappy took a turn for the worse and I spent a lot of time taking him in to see the vet for a variety of tests and medications.  Once he was on the correct dosage, I was then able to get myself in for a few medical appointments.  However, when one doctor informed me that the previous diagnosis I've had for the past year was wrong, I got discouraged and thought, "What's the point?  Why even try to get answers?"

So, I decided to turn my attention back to the dogs, because now Stewie was having problems with constipation.  He was constantly waking us up at night saying he needed to go, and then doing nothing.  So, I shopped around for new dog food for him.  I bought a bunch of sample sizes of both wet and dry high fiber food to see what works and what he likes.  The first one I opened was a resounding success.  He loved the food, and his digestive tract became regular again.

However, I stupidly decided to let Scrappy have some of this new food too, and that led to one super embarrassing moment and a lot of sloppy messes to clean up.  So, I had to return him to his old lunch snack.

Around the same time all this was going on, I kept noticing a disgusting smell around the house that reminded me of a dirty dishrag with bacteria on it.  I detest that smell.  If I go into a restaurant and smell dirty dishrag on the table, I will leave.  I looked around and realized it was emanating off of Midge.  At first, I thought it was her breath.  I thought that cracked tooth had abscessed, so I made a mental note to get her in to see the vet.

As the weekend passed, the smell got worse and worse to the point where I was gagging if she was within ten feet of me.  My husband said the smell was coming from the sore on her back.  He said that each time he took her outside, flies would flock to the bandage over the sore.  I remembered my husband telling me that he had to put a bandage on it, because it was bleeding again.  I had meant to clean it, but forgot.

By now the smell was so bad that it was impossible to pinpoint its origin, so I drew a bath to wash Midge.  Only nothing is ever that simple for me.  I discovered that our bath water handle was broken, and we couldn't get any hot water, so I had to bathe the poor dog in cold water.  I did it quickly and immediately took her out into the sun on the porch to dry off.  Then I cautiously brought my nose closer to her sore, and yeah, the smell was definitely coming from the sore.  It was infected with a capital I.  So, I called the vet first thing Monday morning, along with a plumber to fix the bath water problem.

I called a new plumber, because the last three plumbers I used totally ripped me off.  This guy was no different.  He told me he was going to have to charge me the maximum because Moen plumbing fixtures are a pain in his ass, and he's been known to take three and half hours to repair one, and he had to break a bunch of other parts along the way in order to fix it.  I was like, "Whatever.  At least you're experienced with the brand."

He fixed it in 15 minutes and charged me the full amount of the estimate for three and half hours of labor and extra parts.  Jerk.  This is what I hate about repairmen who come to my house.  The first thing they do is look around and say, "Are those your horses?"


Next thing they do is overcharge me, because if I can afford horses, then I can afford to pay them triple or quadruple what they'd charge anyone else.  If my husband is home, I usually try to hide our Cadillac, because that's the other trigger that gets these men salivating.  I miss living in a small town where everyone knows each other, and reputation is everything.  Here in the city, everyone is a con artist.

Anyway, while I was begrudgingly paying the jerk, I opened the door to the office where I had locked up Scrappy to keep him separated from Midge in order to prevent him from licking her sore, and the plumber and I got slapped in the face by the hot, disgusting stench of fresh dog crap.  I had taken him out just twenty minutes before and he didn't need to go then.  That was when I knew I had made a mistake in changing his diet.  Then later that night Scrappy and Stewie came racing out of the master bedroom like their pants were on fire.  I said, "I'll bet Scrappy just took a dump in my closet."

Right again.

So, on the morning of Midge's vet appointment I was contemplating taking Scrappy in too, but didn't.  It's almost like every time that I make the decision to get the vet's help in fixing one dog's problem, another dog always has to get sick.  I was expecting to receive a lecture on not doing a good enough job taking care of Midge, so I admitted right off that bat that this infection was totally my fault for not keeping the area shaved and clean.  Much to my surprise, the vet said that we were doing a really good job because we managed to stabilize Midge's diabetes, so now she can perform the surgery on Midge's back, breast, and teeth.

She warned me, though, that the tumor in her breast may be cancer, so the first thing they will do is take a chest x-ray, and if it is cancer, she won't do the surgery.  We'll just have to decide whether to put her to sleep or keep applying bandages a little longer.  I appreciated that she wouldn't do the surgery, because a lot of vets would do it anyway just to make a buck, knowing that the dog doesn't have much longer to live.

So, next week is Midge's week.  In the meantime, I'm giving her antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  I started myself on the medications that the latest specialist recommended, and amazingly my leg has been feeling much better.  I felt well enough that I probably could have gone for a short horseback ride yesterday and today if I didn't have these appointments in the mornings.  I'm also trying to get a contractor to install a new, stronger, and longer fence up on the hill to replace the one that the storm blew down.  I'm hoping there might be some option that allows me more privacy as well as serving the purpose of halting trespassers in their tracks.  So far no one has returned my calls.  I suspect no one wants to work in this heat, but I'm not going to wait until all the snowbirds get here to start this project, because then all the contractors will be too busy.

Next on my list is to get a pedicure and get my hair done.  I also have to decide if I want to renew my gym membership.  I enjoy working out there once I get there, but the stress of having to find a free hour or two during the day to get to the gym makes me question if it is worth it.  Plus, there's this old guy who has been harassing me lately, and that puts a damper on my fun.

I had sat down for a few seconds on one piece of equipment, only to discover that it was causing me too much pain, so I moved to a different piece of equipment.  I had just gotten there, so I wasn't even sweaty, but this guy gave me the evil eye, grabbed a washcloth and cleaning fluid, and wiped down the equipment I had just been sitting on for only a few seconds.  So, when I finished using the second piece of equipment, I made a point of wiping down the seat and back while this guy watched me closely.  He then interrupted his own workout to grab the washcloth and sprayer again, and he wiped down the roller that I had placed my ankles against!

I was like, "Seriously, dude?  You think I'm that dirty and disgusting?"

But I kept my cool, because I know some people have OCD when it comes to cleanliness.  It annoyed me that he was following me around re-cleaning equipment that I had just used even though he had no intention of using that equipment himself.  So, the next time I went to the gym, the same guy was there, and it was obvious that he was zeroed in on me.  There were all these pimply-faced, sweaty teenage boys working out on the same equipment, but he wasn't concerned about them.  He was totally focused on me.  So, I wiped down everything, and still he tried to sneak in a few swipes as he walked past equipment I just used.

So, as a result, I've kind of lost my enthusiasm for going to the gym.  I'll probably just workout at home and train myself to lock up the dogs somewhere before I begin.


TeresaA said...

I really hope that Midge is okay. your vet sounds like a good one.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope that Midge will be ok and she doesn't have cancer. I despise professionals that I have to hire because I also know they are charging me more once they see the farm and the horses. People always try to take advantage. As for the gym I wouldn't let Mr. Clean stop me from rejoining. Either confront him or report him to the people running the place. Good luck with the pups.

Mrs Shoes said...

...or, like a smartass, you could leave the machines sweaty and stare right at him until he rushes over to clean it. Then just nod like, "that's your job, right man?"