Wednesday, August 23, 2017

No Progress For You

I think somebody cursed me, because every time I attempt to make progress toward a goal, something ridiculous comes out of left field to pick me up near the finish line and set me back down on square one.  I'm truly astounded by the impossibility of some of the things that have happened to me.

I tried to finish sewing the final seam to my knit top I'm making from scratch, however after I got done pinning the seam together, I held up the top only to discover that I pinned the right side to the wrong side.  Now I get to unpin everything, re-pin it, recheck it, and sew it.  My only saving grace is that I checked it before sewing it, because I detest having to rip thread out of seams.

That incident wasn't too surprising, but it did cause me to lose my enthusiasm for getting that project done anytime soon.  I set it on the back burner to address some other day -- like maybe a year or two from now.  I get discouraged easily.

Last night I was looking forward to watching "Bachelor in Paradise" on TV, but that got thwarted by the President's visit to my area.  The TV station aired his speech with the promise that it would show "Bachelor in Paradise" just after 10:00 PM.  I have a hard time staying awake after 10:00 PM, but I told myself I could handle it.  10:00 PM came and the station began airing the show, only to interrupt with news of the riots in Phoenix.  They covered it live with the promise of airing "Bachelor in Paradise" after midnight.

I stayed up, started watching the show a second time, only to fall asleep.  The dogs kept waking me up by shaking their collars because they needed to pee an excessive amount last night, and every time I sat down to watch the show, there would be a commercial break.  Then I'd fall asleep and wake up again either when the next dog needed to go outside or when there was a loud, jarring commercial.  I gave up and went to bed around 1:15 AM.  Such a simple goal thwarted multiple times.  And no, I can't record it.  I'll have to find it online.

Our rock hunting group has a fun activity they do in which once a month someone paints and hides a special rock.  Whoever finds it gets a prize and is responsible for painting, hiding, and buying the prize for the next month's hunt.  I came very close to finding the special rock in June.  I knew it was in a tree in a certain park, and I checked every tree except for one at the back of the parking lot, because my leg was in too much pain to walk that far.  I thought about driving over to the tree, but a lot of people were around and I didn't want to attract attention with my weird behavior.  Plus I was exhausted, so I drove home.  Well, guess what?  I found out last week that the special rock was indeed hidden in that tree at the back of the parking lot!

The family who found it was supposed to organize the July hunt, but they disappeared off the face of the earth.  So, everyone was putting pressure on the group leader to start an August hunt, but she's been so busy and she's having a lot of pain and mobility problems like me.  I felt bad for her, so I volunteered to sponsor this month's hunt.  I spent all day yesterday painting a rock and getting the proper messages written on it.  It was perfect.

Then this morning I picked it up to move it, because I was getting ready to go hide it, and the paint stuck to the surface it was sitting on.  I tried to carefully detach it, but all the paint tore right off the rock.  I was literally right back where I started the day before with a blank rock.  I wanted to cry.  I'm going to be super busy after tomorrow, so I only have one more day to work on this project, and I'm regretting volunteering.  I should have known better, because nothing is ever easy for me.  Everything has to be a massive fiasco.

Now I'm trying to get a hold of a lady in the group who said I could raid her rock stash, but I can't connect with her.  The problem was that the rock I used was too smooth.  I need one that is big enough to write messages on, but also porous to hold the paint.  I hate it when everyone is depending on me, and something ridiculous happens to prevent me from making progress.  So much for trying to be a good Samaritan.  This will teach me to ever do good again.

Some huge dog has been pooping in my yard.  I haven't seen the dog -- just the poop.  It's way too big to be coyote poop.  I was getting sick of having to clean it up every day.  Then last night when letting the horses out of their stalls, I shined my flashlight on a huge toad.  This was the biggest toad I have ever seen.  If I ball up my hands into two fists and put them side-by-side, this toad is bigger than that.  I think it's pregnant.  Anyway, then this morning I walked past the spot where I saw the toad the night before, and in it's place was another huge Saint Bernard sized turd!  It's the toad who is leaving these messes.  So, it looks like I'm going to have extra clean up to do until monsoon season is over and the toads go back into hibernation.

Off topic from not making any progress, but on the topic of wildlife, I've got a new wild bunny who runs up to greet me every time I drive down to the barn.  This bunny will charge right up to the front of my Mule and block me from going any further.  Picture that famous image of the young man in Tiananmen Square holding grocery bags and blocking the military tank from reaching its destination.  I stopped with the Mule's engine running and watched the bunny.  Then I said, "You might want to move now..."

The bunny heard my voice, hopped around to the driver's side of my cart and urged me to get out and feed it something.  The poor thing is so skinny.  When I do give it some grain, the bigger, fatter bunnies chase it off and eat it all, so I'm going to have to set up another chair and guard the food so that my bunny actually gets most of it.  Unfortunately, my outdoor chair got destroyed in a storm, so I'll have to find a replacement.  Hmmmm.  I guess this little story did turn out to be about not making progress after all.  You see what I mean?  I can't even drive to the barn because a little rabbit blocks my progress, and I can't feed the rabbit because a storm destroyed my chair.  Please reverse this curse.  I need to accomplish something... anything!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Well, that's a lot of mishaps. I'll bet the little skinny bunny is adorable though. I'm sure you'll fatten him up in no time. I can't believe a toad could make those gigantic poops. Never even thought about it to tell you the truth.