Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The News is Good

The news about my Corgi Midge's surgery is good.  The vet found no evidence of cancer in her x-rays, and her white blood cell count is normal.  She's sending off two tumors to the lab for testing, mainly because I'm interested in what exactly they were.  All of her blood work looked good except, like Scrappy, her kidneys are starting to fail.  The other new-to-us issue is that her heart is slightly enlarged.  They removed the mass on her back, the one in her breast, and another tiny one on her muzzle.  They extracted one tooth, saved another, and all the rest of her teeth looked good once she got the tartar off.  That's pretty amazing for a dog that is 14 years old.

Normally, I wouldn't put a dog that old through this kind of surgery, but the tumor on her back kept getting infected, breaking open and bleeding.  It was a maintenance nightmare.  I got tired of having to pull the other dogs off of Midge because they were obsessive about licking it.  I'm looking forward to not having to keep shaving the hair around it and cleaning it every day.

She has a cone of shame mainly to keep her from scratching and rubbing the incision that is on her muzzle, but she's too senile to figure out how to adapt to it.  She always has to sniff the ground before relieving herself, but the cone won't let her, so she just keeps smashing the cone into the ground repeatedly.  Our house is too small with too much furniture, so she can't navigate it with the cone on.  I had to rescue her at 2:00 in the morning because she managed to get herself trapped between the rowing machine and the piano.  I removed the cone this morning so that she could eat, and I'm leaving it off until she gives me reason to put it back on.  So far, so good.

The vet and her assistant did a really good job of taking care of Midge and me.  I had let them know that I had an appointment between 3:00 and 4:00 PM, so the vet called me around 2:30 to let me know how the surgery went.  When I got to the vet hospital, the vet tech went over the post-op instructions with me, and then the vet went over the x-rays with me, as well as covering post-op care a third time.  They wrote everything down for me, and kept asking if I had any questions.  I appreciated their thoroughness.  The vet tech even carried Midge to my truck for me, and was patient when I couldn't find my keys.  Midge hates being put in a kennel, so she was barking constantly from the moment she woke up, but everyone at the vet's office was patient with her.

As I suspected, all of the horses had thrush.  I spent some time the other day picking out all 12 hooves and treating them.  By the time I was done, I couldn't stand upright, so now I'm thinking that my spine is the main suspect in my cripplehood.  I had brought a bunch of grooming equipment into the barn in a bucket, because I wanted to work in the shade.  Rock grabbed a hold of the bucket and flipped it up five-feet into the air.  It spun, spilling all of the grooming products out onto the barn floor, and then the bucket itself hit the ground with a loud clatter.  Gabbrielle threw her head up and a became tense, but all three of the other horses ran toward the bucket as if it were a pinata spilling candy all over the place.

I thought, "That's amazing.  Just a few years ago all three of my Arabian horses would have bolted and trampled me in the process if something like that happened."

I believe that Rock has been teaching the Arabs how to be curious and have courage.  I suspected that might happen when we got Rock and I saw how relaxed and solid he is.  I knew there was a chance that it could rub off the other way, and the Arabs could teach Rock to be fearful.  Fortunately, that didn't happen.


Linda said...

I've long believed it is a good idea to put "rock" solid horses in with every herd. They do take on the wisdom of a strong leader. Glad MIdge doesn't have cancer! Woohoo! Sounds like wonderful vets.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good news about Midge. I hate those hard shell cones as much as the dogs do. They do have soft ones that tie around their necks. I've used them a lot and they work well. Hopefully,she won't even need one any more.

Rock sounds like he has a curious sense of humor!